Private Functions


Occasionally, with permission granted by the Council of the Society, exclusive events and private functions are held on the premises, with the lush gardens and the Kamthieng House providing a serene and picturesque setting.

Depending on the size of the event, some of the most requested areas for theme parties and special events are:

The Kamthieng House Museum


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plThe Kamthieng House, a 160-year old traditional teakwood house situated within the grounds of the Siam Society is one of the best surviving examples of Northern Thai architecture. The house provides a superb example of a traditional Northern Thai house built on wooden stilts.






pmIt also serves as an ethnological museum. The house has been stocked with artifacts associated with the rural way of life in traditional agricultural communities. This includes a fascinating collection of beautifully hand-woven materials, ornate wood carvings, traditional musical instruments and sacred items.

Under the house, at ground level, a rich assortment of fishtraps, irrigation devices, ploughs and rice-harvesting equipment made of wood, reeds and bamboo are on display.

The Kamthieng House comfortably accommodates a private event of between 25-30 persons.

Saengaroon House

Next to the Kamthieng House, Saengaroon House features the traditional architectural style of homes of Central Thailand.

The Auditorium



po For events of a larger size, the Main Auditorium accommodates between 180 to 200 persons, or up to 350 persons if the Auditorium is used in conjunction with the gardens adjacent to the hall.

A few exclusive private functions and events hosted by many of Bangkok's leading corporations (many of whom are patrons of the arts and contribute significantly to the activities of the Siam Society) have been held in The Main Auditorium.

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