Retranslation | Final Unfinished Portrait. A Talk by Peter Welz

Introducing his series “Portrait” and presenting extracts from his works



Mr Peter Welz (1972) lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin (1993-1995), at the Cooper Union in New York (1997) and at the Chelsea School of Art in London (1995-1998). He developed a particular perspective on moving bodies using video as a form of sculptural expression. His work is characterised by multimedia choreographic installations including painting, sculpting, video projection, fine arts and dance.

The artist’s interest in architecture and movement led him to work on the series “Portrait”, an ongoing visual study based on four subjects: Francis Bacon, Casa Malaparte, Michelangelo Antonioni, and AA Bronson. The first Portrait, an installation called “Retranslation | Final Unfinished Portrait” premiered at Musée du Louvre in Paris in 2005 after an inspiring collaboration with contemporary dance idol William Forsythe. The installation examines the unfinished self-portrait left by painter Francis Bacon after his death in 1992.

The Casa Malaparte series is dedicated to the masterpiece of modern architecture designed by architect Adalberto Libera on the island of Capri. It was the source of inspiration for Jean-Luc Godard’s film “Le Mépris” (1963). Peter Welz started manipulating the film by removing the portrayed bodies leaving only the naked architecture to interact with the space.

In his third Portrait, the artist worked with never-before-seen footage of the 1964 film “Deserto Rosso” (“Red Desert”) by Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. The scene shows the precise moment when the main character Giuliana, played by Monica Vitti is asked to cry.

The latest Portrait of the series was realised in 2019 together with AA Bronson. It follows Andy Warhol’s screen-tests using rotating cameras on tracks.

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