Past Lectures

The video of past lectures (since November 2006) can be purchased for 350 baht. Please contact Khun Arunsri for more details.

Date Speaker Title


21 November 2019 Mr Hans Kemp Divine Encounters: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia
16 November 2019 Mr Sakchai Guy Antique Court Textiles
14 November 2019 Mr Rush Pleansuk and Mr Philippe Moisan From Historical to Contemporary Design by SuMphat Gallery
7 November 2019 Mr Imtiaz Muqbil The Greatest Story in Global Tourism HiSTORY
31 October 2019 Mrs Anita Bose Ramayana: Footprint in Southeast Asian Culture and Heritage
22 October 2019 Mr Peter Welz Retranslation | Final Unfinished Portrait
17 October 2019 Dr Alexander J. Klemm Nation and Representation: Western Filmmaking in Siam from 1908 to 1938
10 October 2019 Mr Kong Rithdee Do translators dream of electric thesaurus?
24 September 2019 Prof Dr Maria de Fátima Reis and Captain (Navy) José Mª Blanco 500th Anniversary of the Circumnavigation of the World by Magellan and Elcano: The Impossible Adventure
21 September 2019 Her Excellency Mary Jo A. Bernardo-Aragon and Dr Piemsak Hongjamrassilp The 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Philippines and Thailand
19 September 2019 Mr Paul Bromberg Thai Silver and Nielloware
14 กันยายน 2562 พระมหาราชครูพิธีศรีวิสุทธิคุณ (ชวิน รังสิพราหมณกุล) พระราชพิธีสิบสองเดือนที่เกี่ยวข้องกับพราหมณ์
5 September 2019 Ms Dafna Nevo Tangled in Time A Journey Through Papua New Guinea
29 August 2019 Dr Jacques P. Leider Mrauk U and the Kingdom of Arakan (Rakhine)
15 August 2019 HE Mr Evgeny Tomikhin Russia in Asia: Historical Milestones and Modern Partnership
8 August 2019 Mr Visanu Euarchukiati An Immersive Tour of Egypt, from Aswan to Alexandria
1 August 2019 Mr Kirill Kuznetsov The Russian Geographical Society, Its Eminent Researchers and Current Projects
18 July 2019 Prof Dr Piriya Krairiksh Ramayana in Myanmar
13 July 2019 Prince Adnan Aurangzeb and Prof Dr Ashraf Khan Glorious Gandhara – A Cradle of Buddhist Civilisation
9 July 2019 Mr Garrett Kam Keris Crossing Cultures: Indonesian Daggers in Southeast Asia
4 July 2019 Mr Bangkok Chowkwanyun The Science at the Heart of Buddhism
29 June 2019 Dr Pariwat Thammapreechakorn, Mrs Pimpraphai Bisalputra, Dr Thanyakarn Wong-on, and Dr Dawn Rooney A CERAMICS WORKSHOP
27 June 2019 Dr Pasuk Phongpaichit and Dr Chris Baker A History of Love: Three Thai Literary Classics and their Human Messages Today … and Fifty Jātaka
20 June 2019 Mr Etienne Clément Has the Time Come to Return Some Works of Art to Their Countries of Origin?
29 May 2019 Mr. George van Driem The History of Tea and Thailand’s Place in Tea History
16 May 2019 Mr. Dominic Faulder Anand Panyarachun and the Making of Modern Thailand
11 May 2019 Dr. Bunchar Pongpanich Ancient Maritime Beads of Southern Thailand
2 May 2019 Dr. Bruce G. Weniger History of the Early HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Thailand and Highlights of the Country’s Key Contributions to Global Prevention
30 April 2019 Mr. Shaiful Shahidan and Professor Dr. A. Ghafar Ahmad Kuala Lumpur: Past and Present
25 April 2019 Mr. Patrick Kersalé The Angkorian Music and Musical Instruments (from the 7th to the 13th century)
21 March 2019 Prof. Dr. Frank J. Hoffman Environment, Non-Attachment, and Enlightenment "text copyright by Vietnam National University"
14 March 2019 Mr. Eggarat Wongcharit Unbound Craft
7 March 2019 Mr. Manit Sriwanichpoom Rediscovering Thai Masters of Photography (during 1950–1970)
28 February 2019 Ms. Jarupatcha Achavasmit Textiles: Tradition and Technology
14 February 2019 Professor Stephen Martin A Creative Karma? The Fall of Ayutthaya and Mozart’s Flute Music
7 February 2019 Dr. Nicolas Revire “The Birth of the Buddha”: From Angkor to Bangkok
29 January 2019 Dr. Lilian Handlin Mahosadha’s Cunning and the Cretan Labyrinth
16 January 2019 Mrs. Patricia Bjaaland Welch Pig Tales


13 December 2018 Mr. Chulathat Kitibutr LANNA STYLE IN MY VISION
29 November 2018 Dr. Yongtanit Pimonsathean Chinatown Bangkok: The Two Decades of Conservation Efforts
17 พฤศจิกายน 2561 คุณไข่ สมชาย แก้วทอง วิถีแฟชั่นของไข่ (บูติก)
15 November 2018 Mr. Steve Van Beek News from the 90s: Bangkok 1890-1899
8 November 2018 Mr. Paul T. Carter Examination of Ancient Khmer Defensive Warfare Practices
1 November 2018 Dr. Jacques de Guerny Bronze Drums of Southeast Asia
25 October 2018 Mr. Eric Lim Bangkok’s Hidden Treasures – the other side of Bangkok
11 October 2018 Acharn Sulak Sivaraksa 130 Years of Phraya Anuman Rajadhon and Phra Saraprasoet
4 October 2018 Mrs. Anita Bose Patachitra of Odisha and Jagannath Culture
20 September 2018 Prof. Dr. Ashley Thompson Roads Taken and Not Taken in the Work of Michael Vickery (1931-2017)
6 September 2018 Dr. Sandro Calvani “Nudging” the hill tribes of the Golden Triangle towards sustainable livelihoods, away from illicit crops
30 August 2018 Dr. Miguel Castelo-Branco The Protuket: the Thai-Portuguese Catholic Community, From Ayutthaya to Bangkok
23 August 2018 Ms. Jasmine Chia Redeeming the ‘Human’ in Human Rights for Thai Farmers in Israel. What is the value of portraying ‘natural right’ as an account of the world vs. a project to be realized? A case study on Thai agricultural workers in Israel
18 August 2018 Ms. Eileen Deeley Unveiling the Secrets of the Mogao Caves
16 August 2018 Dr. Noel Hidalgo Tan The Invisible Paintings of Angkor Wat
2 August 2018 Mr. Kisnaphol Wattanawanyoo Bangkok’s Mobile Street Vending: Beyond Food and Beyond Quaint Practices
26 July 2018 Prof. Tongthong Chandransu From Ayutthaya to Bangkok: Continuation amid drastic Change
12 July 2018 Mr. John Silva Boxer Codex: A plan to invade Siam
7 กรกฎาคม 2561 คุณปเรตร์ อรรถวิภัชน์, คุณพิมพ์ประไพ พิศาลบุตร และ คุณสมชัย กวางทองพานิช “ลูกจีน หลานมอญ สมัยกรุงธนบุรี”
28 June 2018 Mr. Duangrit Bunnag Bangkok Manifesto
14 June 2018 Associate Professor Rasmi Shoocongdej Mystery of the Prehistoric Log Coffin Culture in Highland Pang Mapha, Mae Hong Son Province
7 June 2018 Prof. Paolo Piazzardi Italians at the Court of Siam: Celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Italy
31 May 2018 His Excellency Francisco Vaz Patto Uma Amizade Duradoura: Over 500 Years of Enduring Friendship
24 May 2018 Mr. Christopher Rompre Screening of “The Man Who Built Cambodia” (NO RECORD)
23 May 2018 Dr. Kannika Suteerattanapirom and Dr. Pornthum Thumwimol Bangkok: Past and Present
26 April 2018 Ms. Twitee Vajrabhaya 'The Architecture of Possibilities'
19 April 2018 Dr. Jaturong Pokharatsiri Gentrification in Bangkok: Transforming rundown areas into ‘hip’ neighbourhoods
5 April 2018 Mr. Etienne Clément A challenge for the present and the future: Preserving the Underwater Cultural Heritage
22 March 2018 Ms. Malina Palasthira Design for a Small Planet
16 March 2018 Mr. Mathar Bunnag Gratitude to My Past
13 March 2018 Trevor L. Merrion and William Bradford Smith Great and Good Friends: 200 Years of U.S.-Thai Relations
8 March 2018 Mr. Geoffrey Longfellow The Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation
27 February 2018 Ms. Jane Puranananda The Siamese Ambassador and the Sun King relations between Ayutthaya and the Court of Louis XIV
22 February 2018 Victoria Vorreiter Hmong Songs of Memory Traditional Secular and Sacred Hmong Music (NO RECORD)
15 February 2018 Ms. Michele Zack The Lisu: Far from the Ruler
1 February 2018 Dr. Kanit Muntarbhorn Evidence-Based Gastronomy and Thai Food Dish History
25 January 2018 Dr. Jessica Vechbanyongratana A Brief Economic History of Land Rights in Thailand: From the Sukhothai Period to the End of King Chulalongkorn’s Reign
18 January 2018 Mrs. Patricia Bjaaland Welch Year of the Dog
11 January 2018 Dr. Surat Lertlum Common Heritage through Ancient Communication Networks in Mainland Southeast Asia


14 December 2017 Mr. Thweep Rittinaphakorn Highlights of Burmese Decorative Arts
7 December 2017 Prof. Sumet Jumsai Contemporary Architecture in Thailand
21 November 2017 Mr. Garrett Kam Fiery Farewell: Cremation Rituals in Bali
16 November 2017 Dr. Frederick B. Goss Literature in Gold: The Rama Story as Depicted on Thai Lacquerware Cabinets
9 November 2017 Dr. Thanik Lertcharnrit Recent Archaeological Investigations in the Iron Age of Central Thailand
18 October 2017 Mr. James Stent, Dr. Sarasin Viraphol and Mr. Joe Horn-Phathanothai, moderated by Dr. Chris Baker China's Banking Transformation: The Untold Story
21 September 2017 Mr. Paul Carter Thai Forward Air Guides in Laos during the Second Indochina War
7 September 2017 Dr. Nicolas Revire What’s in a Name? The Status of Dvāravatī Today
31 August 2017 Dr. Trongjai Hutangkura A New Interpretation on the Eastern Limit of Ptolemy’s World Map and its Influence on European Worldview in the Evolution of Southeast Asian Mapping
24 August 2017 Dr. Anna Bennett A Mauryan–Śunga Period Ringstone: 3rd-1st Century BCE, found in Peninsular Thailand
10 August 2017 Dr. Wannasarn Noonsuk Ancient Peninsular Siam and its Neighborhood
3 August 2017 Prof. Georges Dreyfus The Dalai Lama and the institution of the Reincarnated Lama in Tibetan Buddhism
27 July 2017 Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri Remembering Benedict Anderson: His Life and Impact on Thai and Southeast Asian Studies
28 June 2017 Dr. Chris Baker and Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit A History of Ayutthaya
8 June 2017 Dr. Danny Marks The Multiple Causes of the 2011 Bangkok Floods
27 พฤษภาคม 2560 รศ. บุญรักษา สุนทรธรรม และ คุณวิษณุ เอื้อชูเกียรติ บันทึกสุริยุปราคาแหลมเจ้าลาย พ.ศ. 2418 ค้นพบใหม่จากลอนดอน
25 May 2017 Dr. Lia Genovese André Malraux: The looter of Banteay Srei who rose to high political office
23 May 2017 Ms. Annissa M. Gultom and Mr. Bambang Eryudhawan Jakarta: Past and Present
16 May 2017 Mr. Imtiaz Muqbil ASEAN Travel & Tourism: The Next 50 Years
9 May 2017 Dr. Claus K. Meyer Comparative Perspectives on Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Siam
20 April 2017 Mr. Visanu Euarchukiati Records of Arthur Schuster’s eclipse observation expedition from UK to Siam in 1875
28 March 2017 Mr. John Ang Reconnecting the Disconnected Through Textiles
23 March 2017 Assoc. Prof. Chedha Tingsanchali Stylistic Variations of Indian temple architecture in Southeast Asian Art
9 March 2017 Dr. Noel Hidalgo Tan Rock Art: The Unseen Art of Southeast Asia
7 March 2017 Prof. Michael Herzfeld Whose Heritage? The Vanishing Vernacular in Bangkok
2 March 2017 Dr. Ian G. Baird Chao Sone Bouttharobol: A Man with Strong Connections to the Champassak Royal House and a History Spanning Parts of Laos, Thailand and Cambodia
16 February 2017 Dr. Rattana Lao Time-Space Compression: Globalisation and Thai Higher Education
9 February 2017 Dr. Chawarote Valyamedhi THE RITUAL ASPECT OF THAI DANCE CULTURE
2 February 2017 Dr. Navamintr Vitayakul Preserving Samsara II: Photographic Memories from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
26 January 2017 Prof. Tongthong Chandransu Royal Funeral and Royal Cremation in Thailand
19 January 2017 Professor Donald Quicke Mimicry – how animals and plants deceive one another
12 January 2017 Mrs. Patricia Bjaaland Welch The Symbolism of the Rooster in Chinese Culture


15 December 2016 Mr. Colin Robert Mackay A History of Phuket and the Region – A local and international perspective on the history of Phuket and its surrounding region
17 November 2016   Sombat Sayam : the Siam Society collection (Exhibition and Book Launch)
13 October 2016 Ms. Melissa Leventon Fit For A Queen: Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Creations by Balmain
6 October 2016 Mr. Etienne Clément Looting, pillage and international legislation – When the destruction of cultural heritage is much more than material damage
29 September 2016 Ms. Phacharaphorn Phanomvan The Role of Heritage Industries in Social and Economic Development
22 September 2016 Dr. Anurag Viswanath Finding India in China: Travels to the Lesser Known
15 September 2016 Dr. Llewellyn “Lew” Toulmin The Exotic Life, Mysterious Disappearance, and Massive Search for Jim Thompson, the “Silk King of Thailand”
8 September 2016 Prof. Lynn Meskell UNESCO World Heritage: A New Global Order of Things
25 August 2016 Mr. Lupt Utama The Medals within the Medal : an unexpected journey from France to Siam, the medal commemorating King Chulalongkorn of Siam’s first visit to Europe in 1897
4 August 2016 Mr. Tarun Chopra Temples of India – Abode of the Divine
21 July 2016 Dr. Paul Michael Taylor The Thai Collections of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington (NO RECORD)
23 June 2016 Mr. Noh Anothai When Poet Translates Poet: A Reading from Sunthorn Phu's Nirat Phra Baht in English Verse Translation
16 June 2016 Mr. Teddy Spha Palasthira The Siamese Trail of Ho Chi Minh
11 มิถุนายน 2559 คุณทวีป ฤทธินภากร เครื่องแต่งกายสตรีไทใต้คง ผลพวงการผสานวัฒนธรรมไท-จีน
31 March 2016 Mr. Etienne Clement, Ms. Patrizia Zolese, Ms. Mara Landoni and Dr. Pornthum Thumwimol Monument conservation in Asia. Festschrift seminar honouring Pierre Pichard
24 March 2016 Ms. Saranya Saratham and Mr. Visanu Euarchukiati Charpentier and Kosa Pan: The famous French Baroque composer met King Narai’s Ambassador
18 March 2016 Dr. Brenda Chan The Circulation of Thai Television Dramas in China
17 March 2016 Dr. Chris Baker Siam’s first poem: the mysteries of a 15th century military epic (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
25 February 2016 Dr. Prapod Assavavirulhakarn Working Princess H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Dedicated Life and Works (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
4 February 2016 Dr. Damian Evans Using Airborne Laser Scanning to Uncover, Map and Analyse Ancient Landscapes in Cambodia & Beyond
28 January 2016 Professor Barend Terwiel An early 18th century Siamese illustrated scroll: a treasure recently discovered in Germany
7 January 2016 Thanphuying Tasniya Punyagupta The formative years of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn at Chitralada School (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)


17 December 2015 Dr. Brooke Schedneck Thailand’s International Meditation Centers
19 November 2015 Dr. Navamintr Vitayakul Preserving Samsara: Photographic Memories from Syria and Nepal
12 November 2015 Ms. Judy Jensen Sacred Glass: The Wat Chong Klang Project
5 November 2015 Dr. Susan Conway Tai Magic: Arts of the Supernatural
3 November 2015 Mr. John Guy A Tale of Two Textiles: Design and Exchange in 18th Century World Trade (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
22 October 2015 Assist. Prof. Dr. Podjanok Kanjanajuntorn Land Use, Water Management and Religious Beliefs in the Urban Landscape of Post-Dvaravati, West-Central Thailand (ca. 11th-14th Centuries AD)
15 October 2015 Dr. Christophe Pottier Ayutthaya at Angkor: an archeological perspective (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
8 October 2015 Mr. Richard Borsuk and Ms. Nancy Chng The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of a Giant Southeast Asian Conglomerate (No record)
24 September 2015 Dr. Weerachai Nanakorn Status of the Thai Native Orchids (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
3 September 2015 Mr. Jeffery Sng and Mrs. Pimpraphai Bisalputra In Search of the Sino Siamese
27 August 2015 Dr. Dhiravat na Pombejra Life, work and gossip in the Dutch settlement: Isaack Moerdijck’s dagregister of 1644 (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
18 August 2015 Mr. Philip Jablon The Life, Death and Rebirth of the Stand-Alone Movie Theater in Thailand and ASEAN
11 August 2015 Phon Kaseka and Sisowath Men Chandevy Phnom Penh: Past and Present
6 August 2015 Dr. Virginia Henderson and Mr. Tim Webster Yangon Echoes Inside heritage home
4 August 2015 Mr. John Burgess Temple in the Clouds: Ancient Faith, Modern Conflict at the Great Cliff-top Shrine Preah Vihear
28 July 2015 Dr. M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati Fifty-two Bhikkhuni Images: Thepthidaram temple for Rama III’s Daughter (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
16 July 2015 Dr. Lia Genovese The Plain of Jars of Laos: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
9 July 2015 Dr. Bhawan Ruangsilp Narai’s Daughter: Women and Ayutthaya’s Court Intrigues
20 มิถุนายน 2558 อาจารย์เทิม มีเต็ม รัตนมณี มหาจักรี ศรีสยาม: สมเด็จพระเทพรัตนราชสุดาฯ สยามบรมราชกุมารี กับเอกสารโบราณ (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
4 June 2015 Mr. Terence Tan Ancient Jewellery of Myanmar from Prehistory to Pyu Period
21 May 2015 Dr. Peter Skilling Cosmology at the Crossroads: the Harvard Traibhumi Manuscript (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
14 May 2015 Dr. Jeffrey A. McNeely Dr. Boonsong Lekagul: The Father of Thai Conservation
7 May 2015 Ms. Anak Agung Lindawati Kencana ‘WayangPurwa’ Transformations under Islam Influence: Religio-Cultural Acculturation
29 April 2015 Assistant Professor Dr. Piriya Krairiksh Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai, Revisited (The Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series)
25 April 2015 Asst. Prof. Dr. Sitthichai Smanchat ‘Shamu-Sarasa’ (Siamese Chintz) in Japanese Tradition
26 March 2015 Mr. Teddy Spha Palasthira The Last Siamese: Journeys in War and Peace
19 March 2015 Ms. Melissa Leventon Khaki in Fashion
17 March 2015 Professor Benedict R. O’G. Anderson Where have the Thai-Chinese Speech-groups gone?
26 February 2015 Acharn Sulak Sivaraksa Puey Ungpakorn: An Honest Siamese in a Class of His Own
21 กุมภาพันธ์ 2558 อาจารย์เทิม มีเต็ม วิถีชีวิตชาวคลองบางกอกน้อย ระหว่าง พ.ศ. 2477-2485
19 February 2015 Dr. Christophe Pottier Hide and seek in jungle: recent developments in the vision of Angkor
14 กุมภาพันธ์ 2558 คุณไพศาลย์ เปี่ยมเมตตาวัฒน์ สยาม ผ่านมุมกล้อง จอห์น ทอมสัน
12 February 2015 Mrs. Ruth Gerson Traditional Festivals in Thailand
29 January 2015 Dr. Chris Baker “...the King goes in to sleep with the spirit...” Rites, beliefs and kings in early Ayutthaya
22 January 2015 Dr. Ku Cheng Mei Dvāravatī’s Mahāyāna Buddhist Conception of Royalty
15 January 2015 Mr. Philip Bowring John Bowring: the Man Behind the Treaty
8 January 2015 Dr. Joyce White Archaeology of the Middle Mekong Basin: Will knowledge survive development and looting?


18 December 2014 Dr. Bunchar Pongpanich Beyond Beads: The Adornment Industry and Trading Hub along the Ancient Maritime Silk Route of the SEA peninsula
30 October 2014 Acharn Sulak Sivaraksa Centenary of Chamkad Balangura: A Siamese Hero in the Free Thai Movement of World War II
14 October 2014 Ambassador Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia Philippine Textiles and Costumes
9 October 2014 Mr. Thweep Rittinaphakorn (AKE) In Search of Identity: The Transformation of Shan Official Costume from the Late 19th – Mid-20th Centuries
2 October 2014 Dr. Brigitte Borell The Isthmus of Kra: Crossroads for Maritime Routes
25 September 2014 Ms. Pinaree Sanpitak Contemporary Thai Art: Bodies, Breasts, Stupas, Clouds, Flying Cubes and Hammocks
18 September 2014 Mr. Xavier Comas The House of the Raja: a culture in limbo
20 August 2014 Ms. Sandra Niessen Rangsa ni Tonun: The sacred Batak weaving tradition from ancient shamanic text to contemporary film
15 August 2014 Mr. John Guy Lost Kingdoms of Early Southeast Asia: Defining the Artistic Landscape of Early Southeast Asia
7 August 2014 Dr. Peter Borschberg Admiral Cornelis Matelieff in Asia, 1605-1608: the Siamese Connection
25 July 2014 Dr. Susan Fulop Kepner A Civilized Woman: M.L. Boonlua Debyasuvarn and the Thai Twentieth Century
17 July 2014 Dr. James A. Warren Colonialism Distilled: The Société française des distilleries de l’Indochine and the Siamese Government in the Early Twentieth Century
17 June 2014 Associate Professor Chatri Prakitnonthakan Symbolism and Meanings of Wat Arun
29 May 2014 Ms. Phalika Ngin The Secrets of a Royal Triad of King Jayavarman VII DECODED in Angkor
22 May 2014 Dr. Bhinyo Panijpan The Siamese Fighting Fish (Pla Kat)
14 May 2014 Mr. Francis Benteux LAOS Through the Eyes of the Extraordinary Marc Leguay
22 April 2014 Dr. Amaury Lorin Paul Doumer & French Indochina 1897-1902
6 March 2014 Dr. Wasana Wongsurawat Unsung Heroes: China and The Free Thai Movement
20 February 2014 Professor Benedict R. O’G. Anderson The Promise of Sick Oysters: Sangkhomsat Parithat’s Critical Thinking in Poisoned Times
30 January 2014 Dr. Olivier Evrard and Dr. Prasit Leepreecha On the Beaten Track: A half century of photography among highlanders of Northern Thailand
25 January 2014 Prof. Barend Jan Terwiel The Case of the Missing Manuscript How the Thais lost a National Treasure
9 January 2014 Mr. Ralph Isaacs SAZIGYO: A Printed Book About Woven Texts


20 November 2013 Dr. Jay A. Waronker The Synagogues of India: Their Architecture, History, Context, and Meaning
19 November 2013 Asso. Prof. Peter Borschberg Jacques de Coutre on Southeast Asia: Insights from the 16th and 17th Centuries
14 November 2013 Mr. Thweep Rittinaphakorn (AKE) Textiles Appreciation: An Introduction to the Textile Collection of The Siam Society
31 October 2013 Dr. Michael Montesano The ‘Small World’ of the Village in Two Thai Novels of the Cold War (NO RECORD)
10 October 2013 Acharn Sulak Sivaraksa The Uniqueness of H.R.H. Prince Naris on the 150th Anniversary of His Birth
8 October 2013 Professor William Chapman A Heritage of Ruins: The Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia and Their Conservation
3 October 2013 Mr. Jakkai Siributr 'Karma Cash & Carry'
26 September 2013 Somsanith Nithakhong Royal Embroidery of the Luang Prabang Court
24 September 2013 Ms. Gridthiya Gaweewong Detecting “small narratives” in Thai contemporary art that reflect wider global issues
17 September 2013 Tatsuki Kataoka (Ph.D) Religious activities of philanthropic foundations of Thailand: A preliminary research report on Ngi Tek Tung foundation
29 August 2013 Ms. Dale Carolyn Gluckman From Court to Courtyard: Women’s Dress in 19th Century China
15 August 2013 Mr. Nicolas Revire Facts and Fiction: The Myth of Suvannabhūmi in Mainland Southeast Asia
1 August 2013 Mr. Nic Dunlop From Cambodia to Burma: A Photographic Journey
18 July 2013 Ms. Linina Phuttitarn Reviving Salak Yom in Lamphun
16 July 2013 Dr. Thongchai Winichakul Buddhist-Christian Controversies and Comparative Religion in Siam, the 1850s-1980s
20 June 2013 Dr. Chris Baker The Ayutthaya Palace as a window on Siamese kingship
18 June 2013 Ven. Amaro Bhikkhu A Healthy Ego or Not Self – Eastern & Western Understandings of the Mystery of Self
13 June 2013 Acharn Panya Vijinthanasarn Panya Vijinthanasarn and Thai Art
23 May 2013 Mr. Bertrand Porte Conservation at the workshop of the National Museum of Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
16 May 2013 Prof. Takashi Suzuki Srivijaya
9 May 2013 Ms. Phacharaphorn Phanomvan Na Ayudhya Suvarnabhumī in Ancient International Trade
25 April 2013 Ms. Renuka Narayanan A Modern Hindu's View of Buddhism
18 April 2013 M.R. Chakrarot Chitrabongs To Commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of H.R.H. Prince Narisaranuvattiwongse
17 April 2013 Mr. Gerard Korsten, Mr. Leo Phillips and Prof. Dr. Chetana Nagavajara Behind the Beat: The role of the conductor in classical music
4 April 2013 Mr. Vichit Chinalai and Mr. Micky Heart "Hunting for the Lost treasure in one month at Linzingong Cemetery, Amarapura, Mandalay"
28 March 2013 Prof. Dr. Apinan Poshyananda Contemporary Thai Art: From Traces of Siamese Smile to Thai Transience
26 March 2013 Dr. Piriya Krairiksh Protecting Siam’s heritage
14 March 2013 Dr. Dhiravat na Pombejra Trade and diplomacy across the Bay of Bengal: Siamese elephants as gifts and merchandise in the seventeenth century
7 March 2013 Dr. Pierre Pichard Pagan Revisited
28 February 2013 Dr. Jingjai Hanchanlash Decade of Mekong Basin
7 February 2013 Dr. Bart Gruzalski Living Morally in a Breaking World: the Essence of the Ethics of the Buddha and of Socrates
24 January 2013 Mr. John Sterling Forssen Smith The Chiang Tung Wars in 19th Century Tai History
17 January 2013 Mr. Joe Cummings Thailand’s sacred tattoo tradition


22 December 2012 M.R. Romaniyachat Kaekiriya and M.R. Damrongdej Diskul Let pictures tell the story
20 December 2012 Acharn Sulak Sivaraksa 150 Anniversary of Prince Damrong Rajanubhab: a Unique personality in Thai History
29 November 2012 Mr. Christophe Pottier Reviewing Angkor: starting with the beginnings
20 November 2012 Ms. Maura Rinaldi KRAAK PORCELAIN: An Item of Trade
15 November 2012 Dr. Chris Baker and Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit Gender and sexuality in old Siam: Women and men in Khun Chang Khun Phaen
8 November 2012 Prof. Dr. Hans Leisen Ayutthaya – Borobudor - Angkor: Three World Heritage Sites with different challenges for conservation
18 October 2012 Dr. Sanjay Dhar Himalayan Buddhist Wall Paintings: Preservation Challenge and Issues
11 October 2012 Mr. Ronachai Krisadaolarn (Ronald Jay Cristal) Siamese Coins
13 September 2012 Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti and Dr. Edward Van Roy Mission to Myanmar: Saving the Funerary Monument of King Uthumphon
6 September 2012 Prapod Assavarirulhakarn, Peter Skilling, Claudio Cicuzza, and Arthid Sheravanichkul How Theravada is Theravada? New perspectives on an ancient tradition
23 August 2012 Mrs. Patricia Bjaaland Welch Chasing the Wild Goose
9 August 2012 Dr. Julispong Chularatana The Influence of Indo-Persian Culture in late Ayutthaya Art and Architecture
24 July 2012 Dr. Chedha Tingsanchali Introduction to Cham Architecture
19 July 2012 Asst. Prof. Dr. Adis Idris Raksamani Mosques in Bangkok: the Reflection of Muslim Identity
12 July 2012 Dr. Warren Y. Brockelman Tracking gibbons in Asia: Will they survive?
14 June 2012   The Philippines and Thailand in the History of Music in Asia
24 May 2012 M.R. Chakrarot Chitrabongs The Royal Cremation Ceremony
3 May 2012 Dr. Piriya Krairiksh Thailand’s Buddhist Cultural Heritage: The Preservation Challenge
29 March 2012 Professor Erich A. Berendt Learning, Cognitive Metaphors and Cross-cultural Implications: The Cases of Thai & Finnish Cultures
14 March 2012 H.E. Mr. Seiji Kojima The March 11 Earthquake / Tsunami and Japan’s Soft Power
13 March 2012 Professor Kenneth R. Hall Revisionist Study of Cross-Cultural Commercial Competition on the Indian Ocean Coastlines c. 1000-1500, and its Wider Implications
25 February 2012 Dr. Jongrak Kittiworakarn and Mr. John J. Toomey Chinese Tea Ceremony for the Year of the Dragon
23 February 2012 Mrs. Danielle Wiedmann The Power of the Healing Stones
16 February 2012 Dr. Yongtanit Pimonsathean Conservation of Old Town Phuket
26 January 2012 H.E. Dr. Jorge Torres-Pereira “The Portuguese and Siam and its South East Asia Context – Revisited”
19 January 2012 Dr. Stephen Turnbull Behind the Mask: The World of the Samurai
11 January 2012 Ms. Lia Genovese Madeleine Colani: pioneer at the Plain of Jars of Laos


1 December 2011 Ms. Maura Rinaldi 16th Century Florentine Merchants in Portuguese Asia
15 November 2011 Mr. Mathias Jenny and Mr. Patrick McCormick Thai and Mon Literature: The Forgotten Role of the Mons of Siam
18 October 2011 Dr. Thant Myint-U Where China Meets India: Burma and the New Crossroads of Asia
20 September 2011 Dr. Chris Baker Old Ayutthaya as a city
16 August 2011 Venerable Ani Zamba How to realize one’s own human potential: a Buddhist perspective
4 August 2011 Mr. Chantharid Virochsiri Efforts toward Lopburi Old Town Planning
19 July 2011 Mr. Hikotaro Yazaki and Prof. Chetana Nagavajara PANEL DISCUSSION : What does a conductor do?
16 June 2011 Dr. Hema Goonatilake Sri Lanka-Thai Past Relations in Religion and Culture
24 May 2011 Dr. Worrasit Tantinipankul Siamese Heritage Protection: Krung Rattanakosin
12 May 2011 Dr. Panitee Suksomboon Thai Migrant Women in the Netherlands: Cross-Cultural Marriages and Families
29 April 2011 Professors John Miksic and Professor Johannes Widodo Capitals’ Archaeology: Urban Origins and Conservation in Singapore
26 April 2011 Professor Douglas Sanders PHALLIC AMULETS IN THAILAND from protection and good business to an exuberant folk art
24 March 2011 Ms. Sanny Boonsinsukh Qi Gong: a gentle breathing exercise which enhances mental and physical health with meditation
10 March 2011 Mr. Jumbhot Chuasai Camino, Pilgrimage Walk to Santiago de Compostela
3 March 2011 Mr. John J. Toomey An Art for Court and Cloister: The Relation of Thai Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Lacquer to That of Other Asian Cultures
26 February 2011 Ms. Beatrix Latham South East Asia Silvers
22 February 2011 H.E. Dr. Jorge Torres-Pereira, Professor António Vasconcelos de Saldanha and Miguel Castelo Branco The Portuguese-Siamese Treaty of 1820: Siam's first attempt of integration into the international community
16 February 2011 Dr. Thaw Kaung The End of Ayutthaya A Contemporary Myanmar Poetic Record on the Final War
10 February 2011 Ringu Tulku Rinpoche The three Yanas of Buddhism: What they are, why they are different and why they are the same
27 January 2011 Dr. Sumet Jumsai Cultural Crusade part III (final): Rattanakosin and beyond
20 January 2011 Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche Enlightened Buddhist Teachings of the Great Indian Masters
11 January 2011 Professor Alain Forest Is there anything new to say about Phaulkon?


6 December 2010 Venerable Ajahn Brahm Thai Society and the Teachings of the Buddha
25 November 2010 Henri Pompidor, PhD Contribution for the development of the choral music in Thailand
18 November 2010 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom Tibet: Religion and Way of Life
11 November 2010 Dr. Chris Baker and Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit The Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen
21 October 2010 Mr. Dacre Raikes O.B.E. Of Teak and Elephants: A teak-wallah reminisces
12 October 2010 Raja Tridev Roy and Prof. Fiddaullah Sehrai Gandhara of Pakistan
7 October 2010 Dr. Stewart McFarlane Confucianism and Chinese Culture
19 August 2010 Mr. Imtiaz Muqbil The Islamic Fasting Month of Ramadan
10 August 2010 Mr. John Burgess The Sdok Kok Thom Inscription: Window into the Angkorian Past
7 August 2010 Khun Orawan and Khun Charoen Othong Around the World by Bicycle
29 July 2010 Dr. Vittorio Roveda Iconography of emancipation from the Body
21 July 2010 H.E. Mr. Kyoji KOMACHI Thai-Japanese Relations: over 600 years, now and in the future
8 July 2010 Mr. John J. Toomey THE CONNOISEURSHIP OF TEA CERAMICS: China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan
24 June 2010 Mrs. Eileen Deeley The Buddha’s Relics and Buddhist Treasures from Famen Si
10 June 2010 Mr. Jamshed K. Fozdar True unification requires humanity’s acceptance of all religious teachings as a single continuous process
11 May 2010 Dr. Ayoub Abu Dayyeh Climate Change: From antiquity to the future!
26 February 2010 H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag, Prof. Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri, and Mrs. Patricia Lim Pui Huen THROUGH THE EYES OF THE KING: The Travels of King Chulalongkorn to Malaya
20 February 2010 Mr. Lee, UkHyung and Mr. John J. Toomey THE HEART OF KOREAN TEA: A journey of Beauty and Enlightenment through Zen Tea
28 January 2010 Prof. Susan Morgan The King and I and the Real Women Behind It


19 November 2009 Dr. Dhiravat na Pombejra and Dr. Bhawan Ruangsilp The Dutch East India Company in Thailand: behind the official documents
7 November 2009 Ven. Dhammananda The Discovery of Kapilavastu II
29 October 2009 Dr. Michael J. Montesano Who were the khahabodi? Why did they disappear? Buddhist Legacies and Social Categories in Mid-Twentieth-Century Thailand
22 October 2009 Dr. Leedom Lefferts Murals on the Move – The long painted scrolls of the Vessantara Jataka of Northeast Thailand and Lowland Laos
15 October 2009 Mr. John J. Toomey The "Sparkling" Jewels of Korea
8 October 2009 Dr. Robert B. Gozzoli Foreigners in Ancient Egypt (3000 BCE – 642 CE). Fear, Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Land of the Pharaohs
1 October 2009 Mr. John J. Toomey Dvaravati What Was It Then, What Is It to Us Now
22 September 2009 Dr. Bonnie Brereton Buddhist Murals from the Isan Heartland
17 September 2009 Mr. Paul Spencer Sochaczewski Alfred Russel Wallace: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles
3 September 2009 Dr. Edward Van Roy Thaw Songkandan: A Remarkable Woman in Thai History
13 August 2009 Mr. Jim Stent Threats to China’s Cultural Heritage; the Civil Society Response
16 June 2009 Ms. Victoria Vorreiter Songs of Memory: Traditional Music of the Golden Triangle
28 April 2009 Geoffrey Blate, Ph.D. A Review of Climate Change Impacts in the Greater Mekong Region
26 March 2009 Prof. Antonio Vasconcelos de Saldanha, PhD. The Portuguese Settlement in Ayutthaya in the 17th Century
26 February 2009 Donald M. Stadtner Kamma and Control: The Pagodas of Yangon, Old and New
19 February 2009 Thant Myint - U U Thant: An Unexpected Life. A lecture on the occasion of the centenary of his birth
12 February 2009 Dr. Maryvelma S. O’Neil Strangers in a Strange Land: Europeans and Americans in Bangkok c. 1850 to 1950.
27 January 2009 Mr. Grant Evans The Last Century Of Lao Royalty
22 January 2009 Dr. Pierre Pichard and Dr. Peter Skilling Art and Architecture In Sukhothai: Wat Si Chum
15 January 2009 Mr. Bryan Christy Extinction, Inc.: the Global Trade in Protected Wildlife is Big Business - and it's Going to Get Bigger


18 Dec 2008 Mr. John J. Toomey Cha Shin, Maum and Kokoro: Zen Unity and Local Variety in Three Ways of Asian Tea Culture
11 Dec 2008 Dr. Ian Glover New Evidence For Early Trade In the South China Sea Region
2 Dec 2008 Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit and Dr. Chris Baker The Spirits, the Stars, and Thai Politics
20 Nov 2008 Prof. M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati Funeral Of the Buddha In Thai Art: Texts and Interpretation of the Roles of Maha Kasappa and Dona Brahmana
16 Oct 2008 Dr. Predee Phisphumvidhi The Royal Cremation in Siam
18 Sep 2008 Prof. David Holmes Buddhism and the Caste System
9 Sep 2008 Mrs. Pamela Hamburger Klongs
28 Aug 2008 Mrs. Eileen Deeley The Silk Road
14 Aug 2008 Assoc. Prof. Prathoomporn Vajrasthira Old Bangkok: A Local History Of Places And People
7 Aug 2008 Mr. Smitthi Siribhadra Khao Phra Vihār
28 Jun 2008 Dr. Olivier Cunin New Architectural Research On The Bayon Temple
26 Jun 2008 Dr. Vittorio Roveda New Contributions To The Iconography Of Bayon
8 May 2008 Mr. Axel Aylwen Phaulkon and 17th Century Siam
22 Apr 2008 Dr. Sumet Jumsai Cultural Crusade – Part 2
5 Apr 2008 Prof. Dr. Juergen Wertheimer The prospects for comparative cultural studies
27 Mar 2008 Mrs. Patricia Bjaaland Welch Birds in Chinese Art
20 Mar 2008 Dr. Julispong Chularatana Iranians relations with Siam
28 Feb 2008 Mr. Smitthi Siribhadra H.M. Queen Sirikit’s Textile Institute Project
19 Feb 2008 Dr. Sumet Jumsai Cultural Crusade
14 Feb 2008 Dr. François Pommaret Contemporary Bhutan and the monarchy
31 Jan 2008 Dr. Pilai Poonswad Community involvement in hornbill research and conservation
24 Jan 2008 Dr. Roxanna M. Brown Matching Thai Ceramics and Ayutthaya History
16 Jan 2008 Dr. Pornsan Watanangura and Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri King Chulalongkorn and grand European Tours
10 Jan 2008 Dr. Donald M. Stadtner The Mon: Myth or Reality?


15 Dec 2007 Ms. Carol Cassidy Weaving success in Southeast Asia: Social entrepreneurship and the woven art of Laos
13 Dec 2007 Phakchok Rinpoche Common and uncommon sense in Buddhism
20 Nov 2007 Dr. Vittoio Roveda Buddhist Iconography of Bramanical Temples at Angkor
15 Nov 2007 Mrs. Patrizia F. Tshering Textile art of Bhutan the hand-woven textiles of Bhutan carry like on other art the unique tradions and culture of this small Himalayan Kingdom
10 Nov 2007 Mr. Teddy Spha Palasthira Hua Hin in the seventeenth century
25 Oct 2007 Mrs. Pimpraphai Bisalputra China for Siam Antique porcelain handed down through the ages in Siam bore silent witness to the heyday of Junk traders and the changing fortunes of the Chinese community in Bangkok
27 Sept 2007 Ms. Helen Grant Ross “New Khmer Architecture” 1953 – 1970 Elements of tradition transcended
20 Sept 2007 Dr. Peter Skilling Narrative and Representation: Monkey Business from Sanchi to Suphanburi
13 Sept 2007 Dr. Andrey Trentyev Buddhist of Tibet
16 Aug 2007 Dr. Peter Skilling Image and Interpretation: Life of the Buddha from Phanigiri, Andhra Pradesh
4 Aug 2007 Assoc. Prof. Pornpimol Senawong Thai Ties: Social customs and cultural traits that tie all Thais together
21 Jul 2007 Mrs. Eileen Deeley Qingming Shanghe Tu Daily life along the river in 12th century Song China
14 Jul 2007 Mr. Sam Sotha In the shade of a quiet killing place
5 Jul 2007 Prof. Dr. Helmut Lukas Christoph Carl Fernberger von Egenberg: The first Austrian in Pattani and Ayudhya
22 May 2007 Mr. Tran Ky-Phuong The Arts of the Champa Kingdom: the royal sanctuaries of My Son and Po Nagar Nha Trang in Central Vietnam
17 May 2007 Ms. Jane Puranananda Monk, Missionaries and Monarchs Unraveling The Myth of Anna and the King
26 Apr 2007 H.E. Mr. Yaichil Batsuuri Travel to Mongolia
19 Apr 2007 Dr. Sunait Chutintaranond King Naresuan: Fact to Fiction
10 Apr 2007 Dr. John Barry Bell Cosmological Symbolism and the Thai Temple: Image or Event?
1 Mar 2007 Dr. Michael Moreton Health Care in China
23 Feb 2007 Mr. Somtow Sucharitkul Killing Thotsakan-and other Assaults on Culture
15 Feb 2007 Dr. Edward Van Roy Taechiu Versus Hokkien in Thailand History: Before Bangkok
8 Feb 2007 Dr. Elisabet Lindgren Climate Change and Human Health
3 Feb 2007 Mrs. Eileen Deeley Celebrating the Chinese
1 Feb 2007 Ms. Marisa Cranfill The Thai Spirit House
20 Jan 2007 Dr. Santanee Phasuk Royal Siamese Maps
18 Jan 2007 Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Marilyn Gregerson Khmer-based orthographies and bilingual education programs for ethnic minorities in Cambodia


14 Dec 2006 Mr. Sulak Sivaraksa Commemorative Lecture on the Centenary of the Birth of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
28 Nov 2006 Mr. Smitthi Siribhadra New Dates for the Monument C 1 at the Sambopreikuk
25 Nov 2006 Mr. Thavatchai Tangsirivanich Ayudhya: a cartographic vision, 1459-1800
16 Nov 2006 Mrs. Rita Ringis Traditions of Mural Painting in Thailand
19 Oct 2006 Mr. Charles F. Chicarelli Buddhist Art: an Illustrated Introduction
14 Oct 2006 Dr. Karma Phuntsho Bhutan and Its Buddhist Heritage
30 Sep 2006 Dr. Chaweewan Hutacharern Fireflies: a remarkable insect in decline
17 Aug 2006 Dr. John R. McRae Which department stores Zen? Discounts and bargains in the study of Chinese Chan Buddhism
27 Jul 2006 Mr. Alex Kerr Lost Japan
22 Jul 2006 Dr. U Thaw Kaung Myanmar Court Dramas-the Ramayana, , Eenaung (Eenao), and Others
27 June 2006 Dr. Chris Baker and Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit Love and death in the epic poem: Khun Chang Khun Phaen
25 May 2006 Mr. Ulrich Wilhelm Lippelt Feng Shui “an irrational belief” or “a proper method to harmonize Nature’s energies for the benefit of mankind”
18 May 2006 Prof. Richard Gombrich Recent research on the Buddha
13 May 2006 Mr. Rajesh Vasudevan Shiva: the cosmic dancer
27 Apr 2006 Mr. Dean Meyers The Paknam incident revisited
20 Apr 2006 Ms. Saovapak Kositkhum To rule the universe: interpreting the Qing Dragon Robe twelve symbols of authority
25 Mar 2006 Mr. Garrett Kam Keeping in character: rules of the roles in Javanese court dance
18 Mar 2006 Dr. Christian Luezanits Holy Madness-Siddhas in Tibet
16 Mar 2006 Mrs. Eileen Deeley Fahai Si, a unique repository of Ming moral art
9 Mar 2006 Mr. Bill Lair and Mr. Roger Warner Bill Lair: Twenty-five years in Thailand and Laos, 1951 to 1976
4 Mar 2006 Mr. Tew Bunnag After the wave
16 Feb 2006 Dr. Heng Thung Revisiting the collapse of Angkor
12 Jan 2006 Dr. Kullada Kesboonchoo-Mead The rise and decline of Thai absolutism


15 Dec 2005 Mr. Tew Bunnag “In partnership with the poor” rehabilitation in the South and development in the Bangkok slums
13 Dec 2005 Dr. Franciscus Verellen Community and ritual in medieval China: new sources on early Taoism
1 Dec 2005 Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri Zheng He-Sam Po Kong: history and myth in Thailand
19 Nov 2005 Dr. Pakpilai Thavisin and Dr. Pansak Sugkraroe Anti-Aging
5 Nov 2005 Mr. Benoy K. Behl The murals of India: illustrated lecture
29 Oct 2005 Mr. Narin and Mrs. Suthasinee Suvansarang A visit to Ajanta & Ellora caves of India: from behind and beside the lens
6 Oct 2005 Ms. Linda McIntosh Status, Myth and the Supernatural: Ritual Tai Textiles
1 Oct 2005 Mrs. Fumiko Boughey Zen and Chado, the way of Tea (Japanese tea ceremony)
22 Sep 2005 Dr. Edward Van Roy Khlong San: Biography of a forgotten Bangkok district
15 Sep 2005 Mr. Philip Cornwel-Smith Street Corner Siam: exploring Thai popular culture
8 Sep 2005 Dr. Chris Baker and Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit A history of Thai-land
6 Aug 2005 Mr. David W. and Mrs. Barbara G. Fraser Mantles of Merit: China Textiles from Myanmar, India and Bangladesh
19 Jul 2005 Mr. Reinhard Hohler Mysterious Mekong: a journey through the heart of Indochina
7 Jul 2005 Dr. Amarjiva Lochan Kesariya Buddhist Stupa: A Borobudur discovered in India
9 Jun 2005 Ms. Kai-Yin Lo House, Home, Family: The Chinese Way of Living and Being
31 May 2005 Dr. Chris Baker and Dr. Dhiravat na Pombejra A walk and a drink in Ayutthaya, 1636 (and four books)
19 May 2005 Mr. Doug Harrison and Mr. Lowell Barton Spice and herbs for Thai and Cajun taste
12 May 2005 Dr. François Lagirade Sangkachai or Kaccayana: “The Fat Thai Monk”
28 Apr 2005 Ms. Saovapak Kositkhum Mandarin squares: the Qing meritocracy on trial
21 Apr 2005 Dr. Joyce White The middle Mekong Archaeological Project: first look at new exploratory research in Luang Prabang Province, Laos PDR
24 Mar 2005 Prof. Michael Smithies Contrasting styles; two mid-19th century French travelers in Siam: Henri Mouhot and Ludovic de Beauvoir
22 Mar 2005 Dr. Donald M. Stadtner The enigma of the Mingun Pagoda – did the king really leave it unfinished?
24 Feb 2005 Mr. Arno Ooms Waiting to go home: the Dutch in Thailand, 1945 - 1946
22 Jan 2005 Prof. Sachchidanand Sahai The Bayon and the spread of Mahayana Buddhism in Cambodia through Thailand


16 Dec 2004 Dr. Pennapa Subcharoen, M.D. Thai traditional medicine in the new millennium
18 Nov 2004 Ms. Saovapak Kositkhum Clothes that ruled the universe: Interpreting the Qing Dragon Robe
2 Oct 2004 Ms. Gillian Green Textiles at the Khmer Court Angkor 9 – 13th Century
30 Sep 2004 Ms. Gillian Green The role of Pidan – pictorial silk hangings as a Cambodian Buddhist practice
16 Sep 2004 Dr. Nantarika Chansue Turtle release…merit making and how to make it right
1 Jul 2004 Group Captain Sakpinit Promthep History of aviation in Thailand
27 May 2004 Dr. Stephane Dovert Thailand and Foreigners
22 May 2004 Mr. Dieter Ande, Mr. John Conrade, Dr. Down Rooney, Mr. Barent Springsted, Mr. Thanvatchai Tangsirivanich, Dr. Heng Thung, Dr. Edward Van Roy, Ms. Julie Yeo Maps and prints of Southeast Asia: past and present (workshop)
20 May 2004 Mr. Vasilijs Mihailovs Symbolic analysis of Dvaravati coins
29 Apr 2004 Dr. Roxanna M. Brown Shipwreck evidence for dating Thai trade ceramics
8 Apr 2004 H.E. Mr. Yevgeny D. Ostrovenko Russian-Thai humanitarian relationship: historical and cultural aspects
25 Mar 2004 Dr. Jintana Thunwaniwat Introduction to Chinese music and its influence on Thai culture
18 Mar 2004 Mr. Walter Unger A journey to the sources of the mighty Yangtze
26 Feb 2004 Mr. Steve Van Beek Thailand before it became Thailand
19 Feb 2004 Dr. Ann Hersey Allison and Ms. Jane Porter Allison Is there bronze casting in Cambodia today?
14 Feb 2004 Prof. Khaisri Sri-Aroon and Mr. Pises Jiajanpong Buddha Images in Thailand (Lecture in Thai)
10 Feb 2004 Dr. Mehdi Mohaghegh and Dr. Nasrollah Pourjavady Iranian Mysticism
5 Feb 2004 Mrs. Sallypahn Dharmasaroj A Thai nurse relates her work and adventures in Amazonia
15 Jan 2004 Ms. Saovapak Kositkhum Living with Philosophy: the secret of Chinese cabinet maker


20 Nov 2003 H.E. Mr. Cristian Teodorescu Mihai Eminescu Romanian’s National Poet
1 Nov 2003 Dr. Piriya Krairiksh, Dr. Hans Penth, M.L. Surasawasdi Sooksawasdi, Dr. Preecha Noonsuk, Mr. Ptiya Bunnag, Mr. Michael Wright, Mrs. Virginia D. Crocco, Mrs. Natthapatra Chandavij Thai Buddhist Art from mid Fifteenth to mid Nineteenth century C.E. (Seminar)
16 Oct 2003 Mr. Asger Mollerup Astroarchaeology with emphasis on Prasat Phanom Rung
11 Oct 2003 Natural History Section Seminar Mekong: the river of life
9 Oct 2003 Mrs. Jahn Buhrman The Protestant Cemetery
25 Sep 2003 Dr. Saranarat Kanjanavanit Stream Detectives: biomonitoring and caring of local streams and rivers in Thailand
18 Sep 2003 Prof. Krisda Arunvongse Post Modern and Deconstruction Architecture
28 Aug 2003 Mom Bongkojpriya Yugala The Thai Royal Family: Reigns, Ranks and Customs
14 Aug 2003 Mr. Yvan Cohen A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse into the World of Photojournalism
7 Aug 2003 Dr. Montri Umavijani The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
18 Jul 2003 Mr. Rod Beattie Thailand – Burma Railway (1942 – 1945): An illustrated talk
10 Jul 2003 H.E. Mr. Daryl N. Johnson Thailand : Then and Now
5 Jul 2003 Mr. John Shaw A Study of Northern Thai Ceramics
12 June 2003 Ms. Alexandra Denes Recovering Khmer Ethnic Identity from the Thai National Past
5 June 2003 Mr. John Doty Modern Mapping of Thailand
29 May 2003 Dr. Merle Wallace Educational Reform in Thailand
22 May 2003 Mr. David Swartzentruber Wine in Thailand: Past, Present and Future
24 Apr 2003 Mr. Arnold Molina Azurin Indochina’s Persistent Intercivilizational Confluence and Conflict: from ancient Champa to the contentious present
27 Mar 2003 Mr. Tom Lyall Imperial Obsession: An Introduction to Chinese Snuff Bottles
20 Mar 2003 Mrs. Jacqueline Filliozat Caring for Pali Buddhist Manuscripts
13 Mar 2003 Mrs. Kathleen Forance Johnson Handloom Heritage: Structure, Pattern and Technology
6 Mar 2003 H.E. Mr. Pierre Vaesen Dr. Piyanart Bunnag Mr. Gerald Walewijk On the Eve of One Hundred Years of Belgian Diplomatic Presence in Bangkok: 1904 – 2004
1 Mar 2003 Seminar by Natural History Section The Forest Edge: Conflict and Cooperation over Nature in Khao Yai National Park
21 Feb 2003 Prof. Charles Higham The Origins of the Civilization of Angkor
30 Jan 2003 Dr. Chaiwat Satha-Anand Islam, a Misunderstood Religion?


19 Dec 2002 Dr. M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati Doris Duke’s “Thai Village” and her Collection of Southeast Asian Art
30 Nov 2002 Mrs. Esme Hedrick-Wong Natural Dyes For Contemporary Textiles
14 Nov 2002 Mr. Tom Radzienda A Promise for Siam
9 Nov 2002 Mrs. Mira Kim A Saturday Morning with Korean Tea
17 Oct 2002 Prof. Srisurang Poolthupya Sunthorn Phu
12 Oct 2002 Mrs. Eileen Deeley Buddhist Cave Temples of China
5 Oct 2002 Mr. Jaroslav Poncar German Contributions to the Preservation of Angkor (Exhibition)
3 Oct 2002 Mr. Ted Osius Environmental Challenges to the Mekong River
28 Sep 2002 Mrs. Eileen Deeley Chinese Symbolism
26 Sep 2002 Dr. Jennifer Took Anatomy of a Tai Native Chieftaincy in Southernmost China: the Anping Native Chieftaincy in Guangxi
21 Sep 2002 Mrs. Elieen Deeley The Philosophy and Language of Chinese Temple Architecture
17 Sep 2002 Ms. Sigrid Piroch American Historic Textiles
22 Aug 2002 Lieutnant General Boonsrang Niumpradit The Role of the Armed Forces in Modern Peace Operations: the East Timor Experience
20 Aug 2002 Dr. Donald M. Stadtner The Seven Weeks of the Buddha and Royal Shrines in Thailand and Burma
15 Aug 2002 Police General Chavalit Yodmani The Current Situation of Drug Problems in Thailand
1 Aug 2002 Mrs. Lee-Nah Hsu HIV/AIDS : building South East Asia’s future through regional resilience
24 Jul 2002 Ms. Rieki Crins Women in Bhutan
18 Jul 2002 Mr. Rod Beattie Thailand – Burma Railway (1942 – 1945): An illustrated talk
11 Jul 2002 Dr. Edward Van Roy The Bangkok Mandala: Mapping the First Reign (1782 – 1809)
20 Jun 2002 Dr. Hans Friederich Mae Khong: Environmental Problems
23 May 2002 Mr. Robert Dziubla AIKIDO The Japanese Art of self Defense
9 May 2002 Archarn Smitthi Siribhadra Thai textiles and Costumes
2 May 2002 H.E. Andreas von Stechow Germany, New International Responsibility
25 Apr 2002 Mrs. Ruth Gerson The Ghost Festival in Dan Sai, Loei Province
4 Apr 2002 Dr. Alois van Tongerloo The Religion of light as illustrated by the documentation from the Silk Road
28 Mar 2002 Dr. Heng Thung The Khmer Empire’s Impact on The president-Day forest of Cambodia
21 Mar 2002 Dr. Helmut Lukas “US” and “Them” “Inland People” versus “Dwellers of the Bright World”: The interethnic interaction of the Manig(“Ngo’Pa”) of Thailand as compared to the Anak Dalam (“Kubu”) of Indonesia
14 Mar 2002 Mrs. Julie B. Mehta Dance of life: The Mythology, history and politics of Cambodian culture
7 Mar 2002 Dr. Sanit Aksornkoae Mangroves: Ecology and Management
14 Feb 2002 Mr. Sjay Poddar Total energy through Vaastu Shastra
31 Jan 2002 Mr. Sunder Singh Khalsa Being at peace-the human possibility


19 Dec 2001 Dr. Susan Conway Silken threads lacquer thrones- Lanna court textiles
27 Nov 2001 Mr. Steve Van Beek The Mekong nobody knows
13 Nov 2001 Dr. Ian Glover An archaeological visit to Siam, November 1929, A film by Jean-Yves Claeys
1 Nov 2001 H.E. Leela Krishnamurthy Ponappa The tradition and modernity of India today
25 Oct 2001 Dr. Surin Pitsuwan A clash of civilizations? Or a Dialogue? The future of humanity after 11 September 2001
13 Oct 2001 Prof. Michael Smithies Dr. Sumet Jumsai na Ayudhya 19th Century books dealing with Siam and their authors The earliest known book published in Siam “Kham Son Christang”
4 Oct 2001 Prof. Michael Smithies Dr. Sumet Jumsai na Ayudhya Writers and Writings about Siam in the 17-18 Century M.L. Manich Jumsai’s collection of rare books
25 Sep 2001 Mr. S. P. Somtow Completing the circle : A homeward Journey
20 Sep 2001 Dr. Kwanchai A. Gomez Rice : The Grain of culture
23 Aug 2001 Ms. Pamela Gutman Between India and SEA : the art and architecture of Arakan
7 Aug 2001 Mr. Anders Berglund Thai money from earliest times to King Rama V
24 July 2001 Dr. Ronald D. Renard Karens : Past, Present, Future
20 July 2001 Mr. Benoy K. Behl The Art of the World Heritage Monument of AJANTA in India
19 July 2001 Dr. Anthony J. Lynam Integrating approaches for the conservation of Thailand’s wildlife in the 21st Century
14 June 2001 Mr. Roger Beaumont and Morgan McFinn Island Life and Urban Realities—A Literary Journey
31 May 2001 Mr. Michael Vatikiotis Debatable Land Stories From Southeast Asia
29 May 2001 Venerable Dhammarakkhita Emergence of Buddhist Meditation in the Global Village
24 May 2001 Mr. David A. Feingold The Hell of Good Intentions Revisited: Further Thoughts on the Political Ecology of Opium & amphetamines in the Trade in Minority Girls & Women in the Upper Mekong Region
17 May 2001 Mr. Amarjiva Lochan Washing Sins Away: The Faith and the Crowd at Kumbh Mela