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Title Authors/Names Call no.
Through woven heritage the textiles of Thailand The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage GEN 746.104 S563T
The Ming gap and shipwreck ceramics in Southeast Asia : towards a chronology of Thai trade ware Brown, Roxanna M. (Maude), 1946-2008 GEN 738.2 B879M
ศิลปะทวารวดี : ต้นกำเนิดพุทธศิลป์ ในประเทศไทย = Dvaravati Art : The Early Buddhist Art of Thailand กรมศิลปากร. สำนักพิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติ GEN 738.3 ศ528ศ
149 ปี ราชพิพิธภัณฑ์ จารุณี อินเฉิดฉาย GEN 069 ศ528ห
สัมมนาวิชาการ ศึกษายางรักเพื่ออนุรักษ์ ภูมิปัญญาไทย อันเนื่องมาจากพระราชดำริ สมเด็จพระเทพรัตนราชสุดาฯ สยามบรมราชกุมารี กรมป่าไม้ GEN 634.44 ศ528ส
Cultural heritage of Mathura : a bibliography Yadav, Jagdish S. GEN 954.220 C85
The early history of gold in India Nanda, Rajni GEN 954 N36E
Chinese jade throughout the ages; a review of its characteristics, decoration, folklore and symbolism Nott, Stanley Charles GEN 736.24 N65C
Heaven and hell in Buddhist perspective Law, Bimala Charan GEN 294.3423 L415H
Jain cosmology Caillat, Colette REF 294.424 C34J
Threads of imagination : Central Asian and Chinese silks from the 12th to the 19th century ; an exhibition for sale, Monday 15th February to Friday 12th March 1999. Spink GEN 746.0951 T531
The Bronze Dong Son Drums [Reference Book] Can, Ha Thuc OSR 786.9 B869
Elegance in relief : carved porcelain from Jingdezhen of the 19th to early 20th centuries Miller, Tony REF 738.20951 M55E
Uzbek embroidery in the nomadic tradition : the Jack and Aviva Robinson collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Minneapolis Institute of Arts GEN 746.4409587 M54C
Matsuo Basho Ueda, Makoto GEN 895.61 U22M
An introduction to haiku : an anthology of poems and poets from Basho to Shiki Henderson, Harold Gould GEN 895.61 H3I
Japanese haiku - GEN 895.61 J3
Cherry-Blossoms - GEN 895.61 C522
The four seasons Beilenson, Peter GEN 895.61 F6
Haiku harvest Beilenson, Peter GEN 895.61 H3
Saundarya-lahari (The ocean of beauty) of Sri Samkara-Bhagavatpada: with transliteration, English translation, commentary, diagrams and an appendix on Prayoga - GEN 294.5211 S257
Netsuke : a miniature art of Japan Okada, Yuzuru GEN 736.6819 O41N
An introduction to netsuke Bushell, Raymond GEN 736.6819 B978I
A few flies and I : Haiku by Issa Merrill, Jean GEN 895.61 F432
Chinese proverbs and sayings Lip, Evelyn GEN 398.9 L56C
The art of Champa Hubert, Jean-francois REF 730.9597 H831A
Chinese vernacular dwelling Shan, Deqi GEN 728.0951 S528C
Burmese Painting: A Linear and Lateral History Ranard, Andrew REF 759.9591 R185B
Living silence in Burma : Surving under military rule Fink, Christina GEN 320.9591 F499L