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Title Authors/Names Call no.
The genius of China : 3,000 years of science, discovery & invention Temple, Robert GEN 509.51 T286G
การละเล่นพื้นบ้านไทย ฐาปนี GEN 790.09593 ฐ312ก
พิธีกรรมและความเชื่อท้องถิ่น ฐาปนี GEN 390.09593 ฐ312พ
ดีไซน์ + คัลเจอร ประชา สุวีรานนท์ GEN 089.95911 ป231ด
สืบสัมพันธ์ความร่วมมือ ทางวิชาการไทย-ฝรั่งเศส = la Thailande : Continuite du partenariat avec la France กาโบด, หลุยส์ GEN 327.593044 ส736
ปราสาทพระวิหาร  ทำไม ? มาจากไหน สุจิตต์ วงษ์เทศ GEN 930.1 ส423ป
Qingming shang he tu = Scenes along the river during the Qingming Festival Zhang, Zeduan OSR 759.951 Z64Q
พระรามชาดก นิยะดา เหล่าสุนทร REF 895.91 น643พ
Falcon L'imposteur de Siam : Commerce, politique et religion dans la Thailande du XVIIe siècle Forest, Alain GEN 959.3023 F716F
Development and decline of Beijing's Hui muslim community Zhou Chuanbin GEN 305.6971051 Z479D
The shift in Zakat practice in Indonesia : from piety to an Islamic socio-political-economic system Salim, Arskal GEN 297 S165S
Islamic law in Southeast Asia : A study if its application in Kelantan and Aceh Bustamam-Ahmad, Kamaruzzaman GEN 340.590959 B982I
Islamic statehood and Maqasid Al-Shariah in Malaysia : A zero-sum game? Phar, Kim Beng GEN 340.590959 P536I
Imaging Muslim women in Indonesian Ramadan soap operas Ida, Rachmah GEN 320.9598 I38I
Muslims and tolerance : Non-Muslim minorities under Shariah in Indonesia Tanthowi, Pramono U. GEN 320.9598 T169M
Muslim women and sports in the Malay world : the crossroads of modernity and faith Radzi, Widati Mohammad GEN 320.9598 R34M
Perspectives on polygamy in post-reform Indonesia Minza, Wenty Marin GEN 320.9598 M668P
Sexual culture among young migrant muslims in Bangkok Amporn Marddent GEN 320.9593 A635S
Defending the majesty of Islam : Indonesia's front Pembela Islam, 1998-2003 Jahroni, Jajang GEN 297 J25D
The flaming womb : repositioning women in early modern Southeast Asia Andaya, Barbara Watson GEN 305.40959 A543T
The Lao phrase book Brier, Samson A. GEN 495.9183 B54L
Buddhism explained Mills, Laurence-Khantipalo GEN 294.391 K45B
The great elephant escape Van de Water, Antoinette GEN 599.67 V361G
A Thai herbal : traditional recipes for health and harmony Salguero, C. Pierce GEN 615.321 S35T
Merchants of madness : The methamphetamine explosion in the golden triangle Lintner, Bertil GEN 363.450959 L761O
Mother's beloved : stories from Laos Outhine Bounyavong GEN 895.919 O94M
Not out of hate Ma Ma Lay GEN 823.914 M111N
Music through the dark : a tale of survival in Cambodia Lafreniere, Bree GEN 959.604 L169M
Many lives Kukrit Pramoj, Mom Rajawongse, 1911-1995 GEN 895.913 K96M
Jewels within the heart : verses of the Buddha’s teachings (Dhammapada) Mills, Laurence-Khantipalo GEN 294.382322 K45J
The native tourist : a holiday pilgrimage in Myanmar Thanegi, Ma GEN 915.910453 T43N
Through the eyes of the King : The travels of King Chulalongkorn to Malaya Lim, Patricia Pui Huen REF 915.95 L736T
The living Mekong Paul, Delia GEN 915.9 P324L
Divided over Thaksin : Thailand's coup and problematic transition Funston, John GEN 320.9593 D618
Drifting toward the Southeast : the story of five Japanese castaways : a complete translation of Hyoson kiryaku (a brief account of Drifting toward the Southeast) as told to the court of Lord Yamauchi of Tosa in 1852 by John Manjiro Nakahama, Manjiro GEN 952.025 D779
The caves of Dunhuang Jinshi Fan REF 704.9489 J61C
Cave temples of Mogao : art and history on the silk road Whitfield, Roderick REF 704.9489 W595C
ประวัติศาสตร์เมืองแพร่ 2550 องค์การบริหารส่วนจังหวัดแพร่ REF 959.3 อ114ป
ประวัติศาสตร์เศรษฐกิจ วัฒนธรรม แอ่งเชียงใหม่-ลำพูน รัตนาพร เศรษฐกุล GEN 959.36 ร377ป
Border landscapes : the politics of Akhaland use in China and Thailand Sturgeon, Janet C. GEN 306.364 S78B
Making democracy : leadership, class, gender, and political participation in Thailand Ockey, James GEN 320.9593 O16M
Buddhist meditation in stress management Koster, Frits GEN 294.3443 K67B
The mummies of Urumchi Barber, E. J. W. GEN 393.3 B37M
Of gods, kings, and men : the reliefs of Angkor Wat Maxwell, T. S. GEN 959.6 M39O
พุทธในไพร กมลา ติยะวนิช GEN 294.309593 ก167พ
War in Shangri-La : a memoir of civil war in Laos Brown, Mervyn GEN 959.4041 B879W
The Assembly of the Poor in Thailand : from local struggles to national protest movement Missingham, Bruce D. GEN 303.6 M678A
In the shadow of Angkor : contemporary writing from Cambodia Stewart, Frank GEN 895.9308 I35
How to behave : Buddhism and modernity in colonial Cambodia, 1860-1930 Hansen, Anne Ruth GEN 294.39109596 H36H
Sons of the Buddha : the early lives of three extraordinary Thai masters Kamala Tiyavanich GEN 294.3092 K15S
Spreading the Dhamma : writing, orality, and textual transmission in Buddhist Northern Thailand Veidlinger, Daniel M. GEN 294.309593 V426S
Democratizing water governance in the Mekong region Lebel, Louis GEN 333.70959 D383
Pesticides in southeast asia : environmental, biomedical, and economic uses and effects Kunstadter, Peter GEN 632.95 P476
Genders & sexualities in modern Thailand Jackson, Peter  A. (Anthony) GEN 305.4209593 G325
Imagining the course of life : self-transformation in a Shan Buddhist community Eberhardt, Nancy GEN 305.895919 E34I
Anatomy of a crisis : education, development, and the state in Cambodia 1953-1998 Ayres, David M. GEN 379.596 A985A
Gathering leaves & lifting words : histories of Buddhist monastic education in Laos and Thailand McDaniel, Justin GEN 294.37509593 M35G
Ambiguity of identity : The Mieu in North Vietnam Nguyen Van Thang GEN 305.8 N576A
Mindfulness with breathing : a manual for serious beginners Buddhadasa, Bhikkhu, 1906-1993 GEN 294.3443 B927M