Journal of the Siam Society
Volume 87 1999

jssA TRIBUTE TO HIS MAJESTY KING BHUMIBOL ADULYADEJ on the completion of his sixth cycle
Photograph of His Majesty Visiting the Society
Thai Poetic Tribute: Boromorachasianwat, by Dr. Saksi Yaemnadda
Excerpts on "Self-Reliance Theory of Development" from Concepts and Theories of His Majesty the King's Initiatives. Bangkok: Royal Projects Development Board, the United Nations Development Programme & the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation, 1997.

Napat Sirisambhand and Alec Gordon
Thai Women in late-Ayutthaya Style Paintings.

Keith Branigan and Colin Merrony
The Gardens of the Royal Palace at Ayutthaya.

Ian Hodges
Time in Transition: King Narai and the Luang Prasoet Chronicle of Ayutthaya.

Volker Grabowsky
Forced Resettlement Campaigns in Northern Thailand during the Early Bangkok Period.

Ronald D. Renard
The Image of Chiang Mai: the Making of a Beautiful City.

Hjorleifur Jonsson.
Moving House: Migration and the Place of the Household on the Thai Periphery.


Michael Smithies
Notes on an Article by Rui d' Avila Louirdo.

Michel Lorrillard
Response to a Question Asking the Meaning of Vientiane (Vieng Can).

Ronald D. Renard
On Wat Sa Bua Kaeo.


Waldon Bello, Shea Cunningham and Li Kheng Poh
A Siamese Tragedy: Development and Disintegration in Modern Thailand
Michael Smithies

Charles Higham and Rachanie Thosarat
Prehistoric Thailand - From Early Settlement to Sukhothai
Ian Glover

Craig A. Lockard
Dance of Life: Popular Music and Politics in Southeast Asia
Terry E. Miller

Michael Vickery
Society, Economics, and Politics in Pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th and 8th Centuries
David Chandler

Penny Van Esterik
Women of Southeast Asia
Nicola Tannenbaum

Hiromu Honda and Noriki Shimazu
The Beauty of Fired Clay: Ceramics from Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
Peter M. Ahn

John Guy
Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the East
John Villiers

Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing
In the Realm of the Diamond Queen
Ronald D. Renard

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