Journal of the Siam Society
Volume 98 2010


From the First International Symposium on Dvāravatī Research, Bangkok, 2009

The French contribution to the rediscovery of Dvāravatī archaeology

Fifty years of archaeological research at Dong Mae Nang Muang, an ancient gateway to the Upper Chao Phraya Basin
Stephen A. MURPHY and PIMCHANOK Pongkasetkan

Iconographical issues in the archeology of Wat Phra Men, Nakhon Pathom
Nicolas REVIRE

Nāga-Buddha images of the Dvāravatī period: A possible link between Dvāravatī and Angkor

Safe haven: Mon refugees at the capitals of Siam from the 1500s to the 1800s
Edward VAN ROY

Towards a definition of Isan mural painting: Focus on the heartland
Bonnie Pacala BRERETON


Prominent Mon lineages from late Ayutthaya to early Bangkok
Edward VAN ROY

From the archives

Bruguière’s journey overland from Penang to Ligor, thence to Bangkok, 1827
Kennon BREAZEALE, ed. and Michael SMITHIES, tr.


The Ambiguous Allure of the West: Traces of the Colonial in Thailand, edited by Rachel V. Harrison and Peter A. Jackson
Reviewed by Chris BAKER

Proper Islamic Consumption: Shopping among the Malays in Modern Malaysia, by Johan Fischer
Reviewed by Patrick JORY

Tourism in Southeast Asia: Challenges and New Directions, edited by Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King and Michael Parnwell
Reviewed by Steve VAN BEEK

Bangkok, a Cultural and Literary History. by Maryvelma O’Neil
Reviewed by Michael SMITHIES

Jungle Book: Thailand’s Politics, Moral Panic, and Plunder, 1996–2008, by ‘Chang Noi’
Reviewed by Craig J. REYNOLDS

Thai Forestry: A Critical History, by Ann Danaiya Usher
Reviewed by Thomas ENTERS

Thaksin, by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker
Reviewed by Edward VAN ROY

People of Virtue: Reconfiguring Religion, Power and Moral Order in Cambodia Today, edited by Alexandra Kent and David Chandler
Reviewed by John TULLY

Dependent Communities: Aid and Politics in Cambodia and East Timor, by Caroline Hughes
Reviewed by Benny WIDYONO

The Last Century of Lao Royalty: A Documentary History, by Grant Evans
Reviewed by Martin STUART-FOX

Creating Laos: The Making of a Lao Space between Indochina and Siam, 1860–1945, by Søren Ivarsson
Reviewed by Holly HIGH

Imagining Communities in Thailand: Ethnographic Approaches, edited by Shigeharu Tanabe
Reviewed by Anthony R. WALKER

Burmese Buddhist Murals: Vol. 1, Epigraphic Corpus of the Powin Taung Caves, by Christophe Munier and Myint Aung
Reviewed by Donald A. STADTNER

Books received for review


Thanpuying Lursakdi Sampatisiri, 1919–2010

Yoneo Ishii, 1929–2010
Charles F. KEYES

Constance Wilson, 1937–2010

Hans Penth, 1937–2009
Reinhard HOHLER

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