Journal of the Siam Society
Volume 100 2012

Note. This issue has also been published as a book with the title "Protecting Siam's Heritage".


Siam’s Threatened Cultural Heritage
James Stent

Section 1: History

A Brief History of Heritage Protection in Thailand
Piriya Krairiksh

A Record of Historical Conservation, 1964–2012
Sumet Jumsai

The Siam Society’s Role in Heritage Protection
Euayporn Kerdchouay

Long-term Strategies for Thai Heritage Preservation: Civil Roles in Lopburi Province
Phuthorn Bhumadhon

The Development of Law on Tangible Cultural Heritage: Case of the Law on Ancient Monuments, Antiques, Objects of Art and National Museums
Rewadee Sakulpanich

Section 2: Issues

Tourism and Heritage: A Tense Relationship
Surin Pitsuwan

The Crown Property Bureau and Heritage Conservation
Yongtanit Pimonsathean

Rattanakosin Charter: The Thai Cultural Charter for Conservation
Chatri Prakitnonthakan

Cultural Rights and Conservation of Old Bangkok
Tiamsoon Sirisrisak and Natsuko Akagawa

Reviving the Neglected Heritage of the Rattanakosin Era: The Case of the
Old Chao Phraya River Oxbow
Worrasit Tantinipankul

Reconnecting Bangkok’s Heritage Landscape: Urban Waterways and the Modern City
Montira Horayangura Unakul

The Crypto-Colonial Dilemmas of Rattanakosin Island
Michael Herzfeld

Mapping Living Heritage at the Phanom Rung Historical Park: Identifying and Safeguarding the Local Meanings of a National Heritage Site
Alexandra Denes

Atrocity Heritage Tourism at the “Death Railway”
Apinya Baggelaar Arrunnapaporn

Heritage Across Borders: The Funerary Monument of King Uthumphon
Woraphat Arthayukti and Edward Van Roy

Section 3: International Perspectives

Heritage Conservation in Asia: Shifts and Developments, 1972–2012
H. Detlef Kammeier

Exploring Shared Histories, Preserving Shared Heritage: Penang’s Links to a Siamese Past
Khoo Salma Nasution

Yangon’s Heritage: Steps Towards Preservation
Paula Z. Helfrich

Lessons from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation: International Best Practices in Thailand
Richard Engelhardt, Montira Horayangura Unakul and Julia Davies

Notes for contributors

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