Journal of the Siam Society
Volume 102 2014

The Minute Books of the Council of the Siam Society Inscribed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register


Symbolism in the Design of Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram (Wat Pho)
Chatri Prakitnonthakan

On the Trail of King Taksin’s Samutphāp Traiphūm
Barend Jan Terwiel

Archaeological Identification of the Majapahit Royal Palace: Prapañca’s 1365 Description Projected onto Satellite Imagery
Amrit Gomperts, Arnoud Haag, and Peter Carey in collaboration with Djoko Umbaran

The Chronicle of Phra Nang Chamaridewi of Amphoe Li
Hilary Disch

William Louis Abbott in Thailand: A Research Resource on Southern Thailand in the 1890s
Paul Michael Taylor

Amsterdam: The VOC Warehouse at the Mouth of the Chao Phraya River
Patrick Dumon

Final Part of the Description of Ayutthaya with Remarks on Defence, Policing, Infrastructure, and Sacred Sites
Chris Baker

Report on a Symposium: Weaving Royal Traditions Through Time: Textiles and Dress at the Thai Court and Beyond
Paul Bromberg

The Ai-Lao and Nan Chao/Tali Kingdom
Grant Evans

Some Annotations to The Chiang Mai Chronicle: The Era of Burmese Rule in Lan Na
Ken Kirigaya


Gambling, The State and Society in Thailand, c. 1800-1945 by James A. Warren
Reviewed by Paul Bromberg

The Memoirs and Memorials of Jacques de Coutre: Security, Trade and Society in 16th- and 17th-century Southeast Asia translated by Roopanjali Roy, edited with an introduction by Peter Borschberg
Reviewed by Chris Baker

The Ideal Man: The Tragedy of Jim Thompson and the American Way of War by Joshua Kurlantzick
Reviewed by Jeffery Sng

Isan Writers, Thai Literature: Writing and Regionalism in Modern Thailand by Martin B. Platt
Reviewed by Charles Keyes

Illuminating the Life of the Buddha by Naomi Appleton, Sarah Shaw, and Toshiya Unebe
Reviewed by Rebecca Hall

In Royal Fashion: The Style of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand by Melissa Leventon and Dale Carolyn Gluckman
Reviewed by Jane Puranananda

How Theravāda is Theravāda? Exploring Buddhist Identities edited by Peter Skilling, Jason A. Carbine, Claudio Cicuzza, and Santi Pakdeekham
Reviewed by Patrick McCormick

Enlightened Ways: The Many Streams of Buddhist Art in Thailand edited by Heidi Tan
Reviewed by Paul Bromberg

The Philosophical Constructs of Wat Arun by Chatri Prakitnonthakan
Reviewed by Chris Baker

Modern Thai Buddhism and Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu: A Social History by Tomomi Ito
Reviewed by Claudio Cicuzza

What’s What in a Wat. Thai Buddhist Temples: Their Purpose and Design by Carol Stratton
Reviewed by Bonnie Brereton

Art of Southeast Asian Textiles: The Tilleke & Gibbins Collection by Linda S. McIntosh
Reviewed by Paul Bromberg

Royal Porcelain from Siam: Unpacking the Ring Collection edited by Anne Håbu and Dawn F. Rooney
Reviewed by Heidi Tan

Buddhist Storytelling in Thailand and Laos: The Vessantara Jataka Scroll at the Asian Civilisations Museum by Leedom Lefferts and Sandra Cate
Reviewed by Bonnie Brereton

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