Journal of the Siam Society
Volume 103 2015

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Bonnie Pacala Brereton
Preserving Temple Murals in Isan: Wat Chaisi, Sawatthi Village, Khon Kaen, as a Sustainable Model
Paul A. Lavy and Wesley Clarke
Integrating the Phong Tuek Visnu: The Archaeology and Art History of a Forgotten Image
Donald Stadtner
Rajadhiraj’s Rangoon Relics and a Mon Funerary Stupa
Patricia Cheesman
A New Method of Classification for Tai Textiles
Vitthya Vejjajiva
Siam’s Old Singapore Ties
Paisarn Piemmettawat
Siam Through the Lens of John Thomson 1865-1866: A Photo Essay
Joachim Bautze
Emil Groote, Court Photographer to Three Kings of Siam
Paul Michael Taylor
Thailand’s ‘Chow Pah Negritos’ (Maniq) in 1897 and 1899: Smithsonian Records of W. L. Abbott’s Expeditions to the Trang-Phatthalung Border Highlands
Hiram Woodward
Bangkok Kingship: The Role of Sukhothai
Peera Panarut and Volker Grabowsky
Overview of Thai Manuscripts at the Nordsee Museum (Nissenhaus) in Husum, Germany
 Ken Kirigaya
The Early Syām and Rise of Mäng Mao: Western Mainland Southeast Asia in the ‘Tai Century’
 Ken Kirigaya
Lan Na under Burma: A ‘Dark Age’ in Northern Thailand?

Review articles on John Guy, Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia by Piriya Krairiksh and John Listopad

Reviews of books by Paisarn Piemmettawat, Peter Koret, Nicolas Revire and Stephen A. Murphy, Sarasin Viraphol, Maitree Limpichart, Emma C. Bunker and Douglas Latchford, Chetana Nagavajara, Benedict R. O’G. Anderson, and Naengnoi Suksri, Narisa Chakrabongse, and Thanit Limpabandhu.

Obituaries of Ronald Duane Renard and Grant Evans

Notes for contributors

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