Journal of the Siam Society 1911-1920

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Vol. 8.1 1911

Dipterocarpaceae of Northern ThailandRyan, F.D.PDF

Vol. 8.2 1911

Intercourse between Burma and Siam (as recorded in Hmannan Yazawindawgyi, Part I-VIII)Phraison Salarak, Luang (translator)PDF

Vol. 8.3 1911

L'imprimerie au SiamPetithuguenin, P.PDF
The Abbe de ChoisyGiblin, R.W.PDF
The Mission of Sir James Brooke to SiamFrankfurter, O.PDF
Annual report for 1911Frankfurter, O.PDF

Vol. 9.1 1912

List of the Commoner Birds Found in SiamGairdner, K.G.PDF

Vol. 9.2 1912

The Climate of BangkokHighet, H. CampbellPDF

Vol. 9.3 1912

Method for Romanizing SiamesePetithuguenin, P.PDF
Meteorological tablesHighet, H. CampbellPDF

Vol. 9.4 1913

The Romanisation of Siamese WordsVajiravudh, H.M. KingPDF

Vol. 10.1 1913

The Proximate Source of the Siamese AlphabetBradley, Cornelius BeachPDF
Recent Advances in our Knowledge of the Flora of SiamKerr, A.F.G.PDF

Vol. 10.2 1913

The Attitudes of the BuddhaFrankfurter, O.PDF

Vol. 10.3 1913

Immigration of the Mons into SiamHalliday, R.PDF
General Meeting of the SocietyFrankfurter, O.PDF

Vol. 10.4 1913

Proposed system for the transliteration of Siamese WordsFrankfurter, O.PDF
Notes on the Proposed System for the transliteration of Siamese wordsVajiravudh, H.M. KingPDF
Index to Journal Vols 1 to 10PDF

Vol. 11.1 1914-15

Unofficial Mission of John MorganFrankfurter, O.PDF
A Hybrid DipterocarpusKerr, A.F.G.PDF
Small Pox, Vaccination and the New Vaccination Law in SiamHighet, H. CampbellPDF
Report, Accounts, MeetingsPDF

Vol. 11.2 1914-15

The Story of the Records of Siamese HistoryDamrong, H.R.H. Prince (Translated by O. Frankfurter)PDF
An Early British Merchant in BangkokMoore,R. AdeyPDF

Vol. 11.3 1914-15

Intercourse between Burma and Siam as recorded in Hmannan YazawindawgyiPhraison Salarak, Luang (Translator)PDF

Vol. 12.1 1918

Notes critiques sur l'inscription de Rama KhamhengCoedes, G.PDF

Vol. 12.2 1918

Intercourse between Burma and SiamPhraison Salarak, Luang (Translator)PDF

Vol. 12.3 1918

Some Notes about the Chaubun; a Disappearing Tribe in the Korat ProvinceSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Ruins at Muang Sing, KanburiGairdner, K.G.PDF
Note on Nature and Origin of LateriteBelhomme, R.PDF
Meteorological data registered in Bangkok during the year 1918Highet, H. CampbellPDF
Journal Index and PricesPDF

Vol. 13.1 1919

Intercourse between Burma and Siam as recorded in Hmannan Yazawindawi (concluded)Phraison Salarak, Luang (Translator)PDF
Report, Accounts, MeetingsPDF

Vol. 13.2 1919

Siamese History Prior to the Founding of AyuddhyaDamrong Rajanubhab, H.R.H. PrincePDF

Vol. 13.3 1919

L'Inscription de Nagara JumCoedes, G.PDF
Sur une pretendue traduction des Annales SiamoisesFinot, L.PDF
Further Notes about the Chaubun, etc.Seidenfaden, ErikPDF