Journal of the Siam Society 1931-1940

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Vol. 25.1 1932

The Coinage of SiamLe May, ReginaldPDF
The Ambrosial Confection khaothipBidyalankarana, H.H. PrincePDF
A Siamese Account of the Construction of the Temple on Khao Phanom RungSeidenfaden, Erik (translated by)PDF

Vol. 25.2 1932

The New Laws on Civil ProcedureEygout, H.PDF
Inventaire des Manuscrits juridiques siamois dits chabap luang et chabap rong song ratchakan (suite)Burnay, J.PDF
An Account of the Rites and Ceremonies observed at Elephant Driving Operations in the seaboard province of Lang Suan, Southern SiamGiles, Francis H.PDF
The Hill Tribes of Northern Siam (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
List of Journals and PublicationsPDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 26.1 1933

The French foreign mission in Siam during the XVIIth centuryHutchinson, E.W.PDF
History of Wat PavaranivesaLingat R.PDF
Additional note to a Siamese account of the construction of the temple on Khao Phanom RungSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Exchange ListPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 26.2 1933

His Majesty and the SocietyPDF
The Inscriptions of Wat Phra JetubonDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Prehistorical Researches in SiamSarasin, FritzPDF
Notes on a Trip from Prachuap (Kaw Lak) to MerguiKerr, A.F.G.PDF
Journey of Mgr. Lambert, Bishop of Beritus, from Tenasserim to Siam in 1662Hutchinson, E.W.PDF
Transcription from Siamese into Roman CharactersAnonymousPDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 27.1 1935

Phaulkon's House at LopburiHutchinson, E.W.PDF
Le Culte du Bouddha d'EmeraudeLingat, R.PDF
An Account of the Hunting of the Wild Ox on Horse Back in the Provinces of Ubol Rajadhani and Kalasindhu, and the Rites and Ceremonies which have to be observedGiles, Francis H.PDF
The Matanga-Llla. Translated from the original SanskritSastri, P.S.PDF
Notes on Khu Mu'angSeidenfaden, EricPDF
A Propos du Siam DirectorySmith, S.J."

Vol. 27.2 1935

Kulturgeographische Beobachtungen in der Landschaft urn Tali (Yiinnan) mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung des Nan Tsao ProblemsCredner, W.PDF
Tale Yunnan Region and Nanchao ProblemCredner, W.PDF
The Lawa in Northern SiamHutchinson, E.W.PDF
Four French State ManuscriptsHutchinson, E.W.PDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 28.1 1935

The Buddha's FootprintsBidyalankarana, H. R. H. PrincePDF
Anthropological and Ethnological Research Work in SiamSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Further Documents on the Romanization of SiameseSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
The Retirement of the French Garrison from Bangkok in the Year 1688Hutchinson, E.W.PDF
Remarks on the Land Routes across the Malay Peninsula (Notes)Indra Montri, Phya (Giles, Francis H.)PDF
Meetings, AccountsPDF

Vol. 28.2 1935

An account of the ceremonies and rites performed when catching the pla buk, a species of catfish inhabiting the waters of the river Mekhong on the Northern and Eastern frontier of SiamGiles, F.H.PDF
Sacred images in ChiengmaiHutchinson, E.W.PDF
The statement of Khun Luang Ha WatVivadhanajaya, H.S.H. PrincePDF
Vocabulary of Chawng words collected in Krat provinceIsarangura, Nai NoePDF
The Blow-pipe in North-Eastern Siam (Notes)Kerr, A.F.G.PDF
A Keran doggerel (Notes)Deignan, H.G."
Some loan words in Siamese (Notes)Dhani Nivat, Prince"
A further note about Khu Mu'ang (Notes)Dhani Nivat, Prince"
The earliest translation of The Gospel into SiameseHutchinson, E.W."
A propos des lois Siamoises (Notes)Burnay, J."
Les trois Bangkok recorders (Notes)Lingat, R."
Note explaining the origin of the name of the town Paknampoh in the province of Nakorn SawanGiles, Francis (Indra Montri, Phya )"
Who was Dharmaraja I of Sukhothai (Notes)Nakon P'rah Ram, P'rava"

Vol. 29.1 1937

The Coins of North SiamKneedler, W. HardingPDF
Tai PotteryNakon Phrah Ram, P'rayaPDF
A propos de la Relation du Pere Gerbillon et de sa lettre au Pere Galard des 1 juillet et 1 novembre 1686 (Notes)J.B. (Burnay?)PDF
Annual ReportPDF
Exchange ListPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 29.2 1937

Les noms a elements numeraux des principautes TaiRispaud, JeanPDF
The Statement of Khun Luang Ha WatVivadhanajaya, H.S.H. PrincePDF
The late Prince Purachatra (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
Annual ReportPDF


The Koh Lak traditionGiles, Francis H.PDF
An Ancient Chinese Blood Test for Proving ParentageGiles, Francis H.PDF
About a Love Philtre, known to Siamese as nam man prai-spirit oilGiles, Francis H.PDF
An Account of a Trip made to Angkor Wat in 1872McFarland, S.G.PDF
The Races of Indochina (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
The Rice Grains from Khu Mu'ang (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
Siguiret, Terriroires et Populations du YunnanHutchinson, E.W.PDF
Are Certain Indian Rites of Melanesian Origin (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 30.2 1938

Historical Account of Siam in the XVII centuryvan Vliet, JeremiePDF
A Critical Analysis of van Vliet's Historical Account, Parts I-IVGiles, Francis H.PDF
Recent Archeological Research Work in SiamSeidenfaden, E.PDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 30.3 1938

A Critical Analysis of van Vliet's Historical Account, parts VII and VIII (concluded)Giles, Francis H.PDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 31.1 1939

Early trade relations between Denmark and SiamDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
The Colonization of primitive peoples with special consideration of the problem of the SelungBernatzik, H.A.PDF
Some antiquities at Ta RuaSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Some antiquities on Doi SuthepSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Megaliths in BayabHutchinson, E.W.PDF
The word Jetavan in old SiameseDhani Nivat, H.H.PrincePDF
On Tai pottery (Notes)Le May, ReginaldPDF
On the coins of Northern Siam (Notes)Le May, Reginald"
On symbols of sovereignty in India (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
An analysis of das land der Tai (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik"
Other journalsPDF
Meetings, Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 31.2 1939

A French Garrison at Bangkok in 1687-88Hutchinson, E.W.PDF
Khmer art and the work of the Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-OrientMarchal, HenriPDF
The City of Thawarawadi Sri AyudhyaDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Materiaux pour une edition critique du Code de 1805Burnay, J.PDF
Siam's Tribal DressesSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Kralahom (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Megaliths in Thailand (Notes)Hutchinson, E.W."
Reviews of BooksPDF
List of MembersPDF
Front of Thai Language SectionPDF
Chue Lamnam MaeklongDamrong, H.R.H PrincePDF
Rueang Phra ChetawanDamrong, H.R.H PrincePDF
Sap AthibhaiWan Waithayakon, H.R.H. PrincePDF
Thamniam Sai Kosama Tae NaiDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Rueang KotNarisanuwattiwong, H.R.H. PrincePDF
Samokhom Wicha Prathet ThaiPDF

Vol. 32.1 1940

Early Portuguese Accounts of Thailandde Campos, JoaquimPDF
The Lawa of Umphai and Middle Me PingSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
On Hills-North East of Chiengmai (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
The Lion Skin on the Throne (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
The Chatri (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
Reviews of BooksPDF
Address to CouncilIndra Montri, PhyaPDF
Other JournalsPDF
Accessions to the LibraryPDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF