Journal of the Siam Society 1941-1950

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Vol. 33.1 1941

Sebha Recitation and the Story of Khun Chang Khun PhanBidya, H.H. PrincePDF
An Appreciation of the Cahiers de l'Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-OrientSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Notification of the Royal Institute concerning the Transcription of Thai Characters into the RomanAnonymousPDF
Notes biographiques sur Monseigneur BrigotBurnay, JeanPDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 33.2 1941

Obituary, J. E. DaviesDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
The Origin of the Ticalde Campos, J.J.PDF
A propos de l'Auteur de la Recension Bradley de la Grande Chronique d' AyuthiaBurnay, J.PDF
Fairy Tales of Common Origin (Notes)Seidenfaden, E.PDF
Early Trade Relations between Denmark and Siam (Notes)Seidenfaden, E."
The Name of Lopburi (Notes)Seidenfaden, E."
On a Find of Neolithic Implements (Notes)Seidenfaden, E."
On the Rhododendron Microphyton (Notes)D."
A reply to Dr. Coedes' review of Buddhist Art in Siam (Notes)Le May, Reginald"
Accessions to the LibraryPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 34.1 1943

Note sur les Jeux de Cerf VolantsSchweisguth, P.PDF
Further Appreciation of the CahiersSeidenfaden, E.PDF
The Peoples of the Menhirs and of the JarsSeidenfaden, E.PDF
Fairy Tales of Common OriginSeidenfaden, E.PDF
A Mystery Temple in Surat Province (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
Anthropological Gleanings (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik"
Common Religious Beliefs (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik"
The Svayamvara of Sita (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 34.2 1943

Uber Thai SprichworterGuehler, U.PDF
The So and the PhuthaiSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
A Medical Retrospect of ThailandHofbauer, R.PDF
The Society of Literature of ThailandPDF
Institut Indochinois Pour L'Etude De HommePDF
Accessions to the LibraryPDF

Vol. 35.1 1944

His Royal Highness Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (Memoriam)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
The Empire of the South SeasCoedes, G.PDF
Studie Ueber alte Metall-TrommelnGuehler, UlrichPDF
Une Nouvelle Inscription d'AyuthyaCoedes, G.PDF
The Early Postal History of ThailandLindenberg, Paul P.PDF
Obituary: Adey MoorePDF

Vol. 35.2 1944

Thai CultureWan Waithayakon, H.R.H. PrincePDF
Further Studies of old Thai CoinsGuehler, UlrichPDF
Vatican Papers of the XVII CenturyCarretto, P.PDF
Jetawan (a further note)D. (Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince)PDF
Accessions to the LibraryPDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 36.1 1946

In Memoriam HM King Ananda MahidolPDF
The Rama Jataka; a Lao versionDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Some Investigations on the Evolution of the Pre- Bangkok CoinageGuehler, UlrichPDF
Mon Influence on Thai Institutions (Notes)Seidenfaden, ErikPDF
Notes on the Bulletin of the Institut Indochinois: Pour L'Etude de L'Homme, Vols. I-IV, 1938-1941 (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik"
Address to Prince Dhani on his Sixtieth BirthdayPDF
Annual ReportPDF
Annual ReportPDF
Obituary: Prince BidyalankaranaPDF
Obituary: G.B. McFarlandPDF

Vol. 36.2 1947

The Old Siamese conception of the MonarchyDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
The Golden MeruSaroj Ratananimman, PhraPDF
The Travels of Ludovico di VarthemaGuehler, UlrichPDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 37.1 1948

Notes on old Siamese CoinsGuehler, UlrichPDF
The Shadow-Play as a Possible Origin of the Masked-PlayDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Kickball and some other Parallels between Siam and MicronesiaEmbree, John F.PDF
The Aesthetics of Buddhist SculptureFeroci, C.PDF
A Literary Device Common to Homer and the East (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Kingship and Enthronement in Malaya (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
A Ceylonese Version of the Story of Rama (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
Buddhism in Ceylon (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
A Portrait of Constance Phaulkon (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince"
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 37.2 1949

An Introduction to the Study of Archaeology from the air Part 1: TechniqueWilliams-Hunt, P.PDF
King Mongkut's Autograph Letter to Pius IXDhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Essay on the Symbols and Marks of old Siamese CoinsGuehler, UlrichPDF
Impressions of Doi Pulanka and the Miaos New YearPendleton, Robert L.PDF
A Letter Written by Sir Robert H. Schomburgh H.B.M.'s Consul in Bangkok in 1960Guehler, UlrichPDF
List of MembersPDF
Annual ReportPDF
Wilhelm Credner (Obituary)Guehler, UlrichPDF

Vol. 38.1 1950

Giant Early Man from Java and South ChinaSeidenfaden, ErikPDF
Evolution of the Conception of Law in Burma and SiamLingat, R.PDF
King Mongkut as a LegislatorPramoj, Seni, M.R.PDF
Les Nirat ou poemes d'adieu dans la litterature SiamoiseSchweisguth, P.PDF
The Junk in Pali (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrincePDF
Numismatics (Notes)Guehler, Ulrich"