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Vol. 59.1 1971

Loose Structure: Fact or Fancy? Thai Society Re- examinedBunnag, JanePDF
Social Criticism in Modern Thai Narrative FictionSodemann, UtePDF
Likay: A Note on the Origin, Form and Future of Siamese Folk OperaSmithies, MichaelPDF
Kinship Terms of the Black Tai PeopleFippinger, Dorothy CrawfordPDF
A Fleeting Encounter with the Moken (the Sea Gypsies) in Southern Thailand: Some Linguistic and General NotesCourt, ChristopherPDF
Kedah-Siam Relations, 1821-1905Ahmat, SharomPDF
The Akha Swinging CeremonyChob Kacha-anandaPDF
Stone Memorials of the Lawa (Northwest Thailand)Kauffmann, Hans E.PDF
An Inscription in Old Mon from Wieng Mano in Chieng Mai Province: Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.6Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
The Inscription of Vat Traban Jan Phoak (Face I, 1380 A.B.; Face II, 14th century, date uncertain): Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.7Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
The Inscription of Vat Jan Lom (1384 AD): Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.8Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
A Note on PunPenth, HansPDF
Supernatural Beliefs and Practices in ChiengmaiSanguan Chotisukharat (translated and introduced by Gehan Wijeyewardene)PDF

Vol. 59.2 1971

DedicationUnger, LeonardPDF
Rubber and the economy of Southern SiamStifel, Laurence D.PDF
A transition in historical writing: the works of Prince Damrong RachanuphapBreazeale, KennonPDF
A very small part of world affairs: Siam's policy on treaty revision and the Paris Peace Conference of 1919Oblas, Peter BPDF
The Rice Industry of Mainland South East Asia 1850-1914Owen, Norman G.PDF
The 1820 Land Concession to the Portuguesede Mendonha e Cunha, HelderPDF
An Eighteenth Century inscription from Angkor WatChandler, David P.PDF
Seventeenth Century Japanese Documents about SiamIshii, YoneoPDF
A stone inscription from Wat Dong Bunnak (Phan)Penth, HansPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.9 : The Inscription of Ramkamhaeng of Sukhothai (1292 A.D.)Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Patrons and pau liangWijeyewardene, GehanPDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF
Obituary Dvivin ThwalyasakdiPDF
Obituary Praya ViduradharmabinetPDF


The New Look of Southeast Asian PrehistorySolheim II, Wilhelm G.PDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.10: King Lodaiya of Sukhodaya and his contemporariesGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Cambodia's Relations with Siam in the Early Bangkok Period: the politics of a Tributary StateChandler, David P.PDF
Treaty Revision and the Role of the American Foreign Affairs Adviser 1909-1925Oblas, PeterPDF
Le systeme de la Famille YaoChob Kacha-anandaPDF
Lisu Settlement PatternsDessaint, Alain Y.PDF
Men of the Sea: coastal tribes of South Thailand's west coastHogan, David W.PDF
Some Social and Religious Institutions of the Lawa (N.W.Thailand) Part IKauffmann, Hans E.PDF
Village Mons of BangkokSmithies, MichaelPDF
The Five Precepts and Ritual in Rural ThailandTerwiel, B.J.PDF
Blessing Feasts and Ancestor Propitiation among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu)Walker, Anthony R.PDF
Old Phrao (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
Nang Talung: The Shadow Theatre of Southern Thailand (Notes)Smithies, Michael, and Euayporn KerdchouayPDF
Obituary Maha Cham ThongkamwanPDF
Obituary Prince Sithiporn KridakaraPDF

Vol. 60.2 1972

Thailand and Viet-Nam: Some Thoughts towards a comparative historical analysisSmith, R.B.PDF
Paper Currency: The Government Note Issues in the Reign of King ChulalongkornBrown, Ian G.PDF
Land Tenure Patterns and Agricultural Development in N.E.Thailand : A Case Study of the Lam Pao irrigation area in Changwat KarasinDemaine, H., and Dixon, G.J.PDF
Some manuscripts in Grantha script in Bangkok – IIMarr, J.R.PDF
kan in Modern Standard ThaiBee, PeterPDF
The Emergence and Development of the Nirat Genre in Thai poetryManas ChitakasemPDF
The Manora Dance-Drama: An IntroductionGinsberg, Henry D.PDF
Religious Institutional Diversity-Social Structural and Conceptual Unity: Islam and Buddhism in a southern Thai coastal fishing villageBurr, AngelaPDF
Matrilineal Descent Groups and Spirit Cults of the Thai-Yuan in northern ThailandTurton, AndrewPDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF
Obituary Elisabeth Cula ChakrabongsePDF
Obituary E.W. HutchinsonPDF
Obituary Reginald LeMayPDF

Vol. 61.1 1973

Historical Development of the Greater Chao Phya Water Control Project: An Economic PerspectiveSmall, Leslie E.PDF
The Abridged Royal Chronicle of Ayudhya of Prince ParamanuchitchinorotWyatt, David K. (translator and editor)PDF
The Khmer inscriptions of Tenasserim: a Reinterpreta tionVickery, MichaelPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No 11, Part I: The Epigraphy of Mahadharmaraja I of SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
A Note on Old TakPenth, HansPDF
The Buddha's RadianceWoodward, Hiram W. Jr.PDF
Two Dvaravati FigurinesLyons, ElizabethPDF
Ethnic Identity of the Mons in ThailandFoster, Brian L.PDF
Special Publications for Free DistributionChun Prabhavi-vadhanaPDF
Review Article: Griswold and Prasert EHS 1-8Chand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF

Vol. 61.2 1973

Lao Popular Buddhism and Community DevelopmentVongsavanh Boutsavath and Chapel1ier, GeorgesPDF
Dek Wat and Thai Education: The Case of Tambon Ban KhemAyabe Tsuneo (Translated by E. Tiffany and Toshikazu Arai)PDF
Muang MatrifocalityDavis, RichardPDF
The Case of K.S.R.Kulap: A Challenge to Royal Historical Writing in Late Nineteenth Century ThailandReynolds, Craig J.PDF
The Epigraphy of Mahadharmaraja I of Sukhodaya. Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.11, Part IIGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Man and Environment in Rural ThailandHafner, James A.PDF
Une tentative d'interpretation du mot pangat en vieux-khmer (Notes)Uraisi VarasarinPDF
In-law Tales: A Note on Northeastern Thai Ethnography (Notes)Klausner, William J.PDF
Notes and Comments (Notes)Griswold, A.B.PDF
Review Article: Griswold and Prasert EHS 9 and 10Chand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 62.1 1974

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-IWalker, Anthony R.PDF
The Dress of the Pwo Karen of North ThailandHinton, E.M.PDF
The Alliance of Anthropological and Sociological Concepts and Methodologies in Field Research in ThailandJacobs, MiltonPDF
The 1901-1902 Holy Man's RebellionMurdoch, John B.PDF
Myth, Legend and History in the Northern Thai ChroniclesSwearer, Donald K.PDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 12, Inscription 9Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.13, The Inscription of Wat Pra YunGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
The wai kru ceremony of the nang yai (Notes)Smithies, Michael, and Euayporn KerdchouayPDF
A Note on Ap Nam Ap Tha (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
Review Article: Persian Mission in the Reign of King NaraiWyatt, David K.PDF
Review Article: Robert Jones Titles and RanksVickery, MichaelPDF
Review Article: Background to Sri Vijaya Story IChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF

Vol. 62.2 1974

The Society of SiamPuey UngphakornPDF
Riverine Commerce in Thailand: Tradition in DeclineHafner, James A.PDF
The First Phibun Government and Its Involvement in World War IICharnvit KasetsiriPDF
The Fall of the Phibun Government, 1944Batson, Benjamin APDF
The First American Advisers in Thai HistoryThamsook NurnnondaPDF
Inventaire des documents sur le Siam conserves aux archives de ParisBreazeale, KennonPDF
Royally Sponsored Human Sacrifices in Nineteenth Century Cambodia: the cult of nak ta Me Sa (Mahisasuramardini) at Ba PhnomChandler, David P.PDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.14, Inscription of the Siva of Kamben BejraGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
A Khmer Kiln Site-Surin ProvinceBrown, Roxanna; Childress, Vance; and Gluckman, MichaelPDF
The Divisions of the Lahu PeopleWalker, Anthony R.PDF
A Note on the History of Wat Umong Thera Jan (Chiang Mai) (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
A Note on the Date of the Traibhumikatha (Notes)Vickery, MichaelPDF
Review Article: Background to Sri Vijaya Story IIChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 63.1 1975

Dhamma Desana BahusaccadikathaNanasamvara, (Suvadhano), Somdej PhraPDF
Education during the time when His Highness Prince Dhaninivat was Minister of Public InstructionPin Malakul, M.L.PDF
Buddhism as Universal Religion and as Civic Religion: Some Observations on a Tour of Buddhist Centers in Central ThailandReynolds, Frank E.PDF
Tug-of-War for Merit: Cremation of a Senior MonkKeyes, Charles F.PDF
The Lisu Concept of the SoulDurrenberger, E. PaulPDF
Reflections on Ban Akha Mae SalongHanks, Lucien M., and Hanks, JanePDF
Mrs. Hamilton King's Bangkok Diary, 1911Strobridge, William F.PDF
The Bowring Mission: The Mellersh NarrativeTarling, NicholasPDF
The Inscription of Vat Khema Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.15Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
The Inscription of Vat Brah Stec, near Sukhodaya, Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.16Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Tambralinga and the Khmer EmpireO'Connor, Stanley J.PDF
A Brick from Old Wat Pa Dang (Chiang Mai) (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
Review Artile: Northeastern Thai VillageKeyes, Charles F.PDF
Review Article: Background to Sri Vijaya Story IIChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF

Vol. 63.2 1975

Workshop on Southeast Asian LanguagesPDF
Why and How the Small Languages should be studiedHaudricourt, A.G."
The Problems of Group Versus National Identity in the Development of National Languages in Southeast AsiaLlarnzon, Teodoro A"
Language in Minority /Majority Group Relations: The Case of the Diversity of the Malay DialectsAsmar Haji Omar"
The Standardization and Promotion of Bahasa MalaysiaHassan Abdullah"
Bahasa Indonesia in Relation to the VernacularsHalim Amran"
The Case of Diversity in Cambodian DialectsKhuon Sokhamphu"
Les dialectes pears dans leurs rapports avec les langues nationalesMartin, Marie Alexandrine"
Influence of Burmese Language on some other languages of BurmaBernot, Denise"
Linguistic Problems in Minority /Majority Group Relations in Southeast Asian Countries: An Annotated Bibliography-MalaysiaBuang Zahrah"
Annotated Bibliography of Researches and Studies on the Minority /Maiority Languages in LaosBounlieng Phommasouvanh"
Linguistic Problems in Minority /Majority Group Relations in Southeast Asian Countries: Selected Works (Philippines)Hidalgo, Cesar A."
The Case of Diversity in Cambodian Dialects: BibliographyThong Thel"
Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-IIWalker, Anthony R.PDF
Lahu Trade and CommerceSanit WongprasertPDF
Popular Literature in ThailandDe Fels, JacquelinePDF
Contemporary Lao LiteratureSaveng PhinithPDF
Contemporary Cambodian LiteraturePiat, MartinePDF
Dramatic Achievements of King Rama VIPin Malakul, M.L.PDF
The Thai Tales of Nang Tantrai and the Pisaca TalesGinsburg, Henry D.PDF
Slavery in Nineteenth Century SiamCruikshank, R.B.PDF
Sources in Thai History: The Papers of Prince Damrong (Notes)Batson, Benjarnin A.PDF
The Duties of the Corps of Royal Scribes: An Undated Khmer manuscript from the colonial era (Notes)Chandler, David P.PDF
Again: The Fortifications of Chiang San (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
An Inscribed Buddha Image at Wat Suwanna Wihan (A.D.1501) (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
Review Article: HilltribesWalker, Anthony R.PDF
Wolf Ladejinsky (1899-1975) (Obituary)Spinks, Charles NelsonPDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 64.1 1976

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-IIIWalker, Anthony R.PDF
A Reassessment of the Annamese WaresSpinks, C. NelsonPDF
The Problem of Ceylonese-Burmese Relations in the 12th Century and the Question of an Interregnum in Pagan: 1165-1174 A.D.Aung Thwin, M.PDF
The American Foreign Affairs Advisers in Thailand, 1917-1940Thamsook NumnondaPDF
A Glance at Shamanism in Southern ThailandGandour, Mary Jane, and Gandour, Jackson T .PDF
Monks and Hierarchy in Northern ThailandFerguson, John P., and Ramitanondh ShalardchaiPDF
The Role of the Layman Extraordinaire in Northern Thai BuddhismSwearer, Donald K.PDF
Merit-Seeking in Public: Buddhist Pilgrimage in Northeastern ThailandPruess, James B.PDF
Social Processes and Social Structure in Chonburi, ThailandAmara PongsapichPDF
Patterns of Land Ownership in Central Thailand During the Twentith CenturyStifel, Laurence D.PDF
Review Article: Background to Sri Vijaya Story IIIChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Review Article: Lion Prince and Related Remarks on Northern Thai HistoryVickery, MichaelPDF
King Mangrai and Chiang Rung (Notes)Wyatt, David K., and Murray, DianPDF
Mom Chao Ajavadis Diskul (Obituary)Zuehlsdorff, VolkmarPDF

Vol. 64.2 1976

King Prajadhipok and the Apple Cart: British Attitudes towards the 1932 RevolutionTarling, NicholasPDF
American Diplomats in Southeast Asia in the Nineteenth Century: The Case of SiamBatson, Benjamin A.PDF
Les Droits des Minorities Nationales dans la Constitution Birmane de 1947Dasse, MartialPDF
A Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) Prayer at Childbirth: Lahu text and brief ethnographic noteWalker, Anthony R.PDF
A Lisu Shamanistic SeanceDurrenberger, E.P.PDF
A Note on Relationships between Buddhist Temples in ThailandBilmes, JackPDF
Maps for the Ancestors: Sacralized Topography and Echoes of Angkor in two Cambodian TextsChandler, David P.PDF
The Ayuddhaya Period Earthenwares, Some Contemporary Thai Kilns, Their Wares and Potting MethodsSpinks, C. NelsonPDF
Chronology of Nan HistoryWyatt, David K.PDF
Review Article: Van Vliet Short HistoryVickery, MichaelPDF
Review Article: Background to Sri Vijaya Story VChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Professor Sukich Nimmanhaeminda (1906-1976) (Obituary)Pin Malakul, M.L.PDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 65.1 1977

A lost chronicle of Ayutthaya: The 2/k 125 FragmentVickery, MichaelPDF
Law in traditional Siam and China: A comparative studySarasin VirapholPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 17: The 'Judgments of King Man Ray'Griswold, A.B., and na Nagara PrasertPDF
Socio-economic variation, expenditure patterns, and economic strategies in a northern Thai villageCalavan, Michael M.PDF
Some social and religious institutions of the Lawa (northwestern Thailand): Part IIKauffmann, Hans E.PDF
A-la' mi' shi-jaw ne' cai' ve: A Lahu Nyi ('Red Lahu') rite to propitiate the Rainbow SpiritWalker, Anthony R.PDF
A novel pottery manufacturing technique in western Loei Province, ThailandBayard, DonnPDF
Some unusual Thai and Chinese uses of ceramicsSpinks, C. NelsonPDF
Reflections on the Saddhamma-SangahaPenth, HansPDF
Review Article: Remarks on The Lion PrinceChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Sawankhalok globular jars: The first Siamese celadon ware to reach England, and other notable pieces (Notes)Spinks, C. NelsonPDF
Review Article: Translating Thai PoetryChand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Obituary: A tribute to Chao Phraya Sri DharmadhibesSanya DharmasaktiPDF

Vol. 65.2 1977

H.R.H. Prince Wan Waithayakorn, Kromamuen Naradhip BongsprabandhPrem Purachatra, H.H. PrincePDF
Two ancient shipwrecks in the Gulf of Thailand: A report on archeological investigationsHowitz, Fensak C.PDF
Historical geography of the canal system in the Chao Phraya river deltaTanabe ShigeharuPDF
Mulasasana Wat Pa Daeng: The chronicle of the founding of Buddhism of the Wat Pa Daeng traditionSwearer, Donald K., and Sommai PremchitPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 18: The inscription of Vat Jyan Hman (Wat Chieng Man)Griswold A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Medical arts at Wat Phra Chetuphon: Various rishi status,Matics, K.I.PDF
The individual and his environment: A central Thai outlookBilmes, JackPDF
Ceramics from Muang Phan, Chiang Rai ProvinceMiksic, John N.PDF
Thai phallic amulets (Note)Friedman, BrunoPDF
Historical notes on the region west of Chiang MaiPenth, HansPDF
Notes on Phuket ThaiGandour, Jackson T.PDF
Review Article: Two Shrine Chronicle TranslationsWoodward, Hiram W. Jr.PDF
Annual ReportPDF

Vol. 66.1 1978

The dating of Sukhothai and Sawankhalok ceramics: Some considerationsWoodward, Hiram W. Jr.PDF
The ancient coinage of southeast AsiaGutman, PamelaPDF
Atonement before absolution: British policy towards Thailand during World War IITarling, NicholasPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies NO.19: An inscription from Keng Tung (1451 A.D.)Griswold A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Thai involvement in PasaiThomas, Phillip L.PDF
Merit-making and ritual reciprocity: Tambiah's theory examinedBurr, AngelaPDF
Notes on recent excavations at Prasat Muang SinghSubhadradis Diskul, M.C.PDF
From an unfinished notebook: Preliminary research on Yao in Chiang Rai (Notes)Halliday, SimonPDF
Homage to the Abbot Prince Paramanuchit Chinorot (Notes)Matics, K.I.PDF
A visual aid for remembering Thai tone rules (Notes)Baldwin, George B.PDF
Review Article: Jataka Reliefs at Cula Pathon CetiyaNandana ChutiwongsPDF
Communication On Law In Traditional Siam and ChinaSanguan LewmanomontPDF
Obituary: Pimsai AmranandPDF

Vol. 66.2 1978

Kingship in AngkorMabbett, I.W.PDF
Rice and reconciliation: The Anglo- Thai peace negotiations of 1945Tarling, NicholasPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 20: The Buddhapada of Vat Pavaranivesa and its inscriptionGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Sharing the risk of being poor: Communal savings games in a Bangkok slumAngel, Shlomo; and de Goede, J.H.; and Sevilla, Ramon C.PDF
The Bangkok art scene in the early 1960s: A personal souvenirSmithies, MichaelPDF
The origin and meaning of the Thai 'City Pillar'Terwiel, B.J.PDF
Five nineteenth-century Burmese bronzes (Notes)Dowling, Nancy H.PDF
A note regarding two European statues in the Bangkok Museum (Notes)Griswold, A.B.PDF
Review Artilce: A Guide Through Some Recent Sukhothai HistoriographyVickery, MichaelPDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 67.1 1979

The musical traditions of northeast ThailandMiller, Terry E., and Jarernchai ChonpairotPDF
Towards a history of Siamese gilt-lacquer paintingWright, MichaelPDF
Thai interpolations in the story of AniruddhaManeepin PhromsuthirakPDF
Folk memories of the decline of Angkor in nineteenth-century Cambodia: The legend of the Leper KingChandler, David P.PDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 21: The second oldest known writing in SiameseGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 22: An inscription from Vat Hin Tan, SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
The So people of Kusuman, northeastern ThailandKania, Raymond S., and Kania, Siriphan HatuwongPDF
Concepts of power and moral goodness in the contemporary Thai worldviewMulder, NielsPDF
Thai poetry translation: A review and some new examples (Notes)Chand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.PDF
Urak Lawoi funeral in Phuket (Notes)Hogan, David W.PDF

Vol. 67.2 1979

Krung Thep at one hundred: Scape and gridSternstein, LarryPDF
Conservation of mural painting in Thailand: An outline of a comprehensive approach to the problemdu Guerny, MicaelaPDF
Hell scenes in Thai muralsMatics, K.I.PDF
Degagement du Phra Chedi de Wat Keo, ChaiyaBoisselier, JeanPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.23: An inscription of 1528 A.D. from SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 24: An inscription of 1563 A.D. recording a treaty between Laos and Ayudhya in 1560Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraPDF
The Hmong, opium and the Haw: Speculations on the origin of their associationGrandstaff, Terry B.PDF
Thai traditional medicine: Ancient thought and practice in a Thai contextMulholland, JeanPDF
Menace and reassurance in Malay circumcision: A note on some attitudes of Kelantan Thais (Notes)Kershaw, RogerPDF
Review Article: A New Tamnan About AyutthayaVickery, MichaelPDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 68.1 1980

Funerary rites and the Buddhist meaning of death: an interpretative text from northern ThailandAnusaranasasanakiarti, Phra Khru, and Keyes, Charles F.PDF
The religion and beliefs of the Black Tai, and a note on the study of cultural originsSumitr PitiphatPDF
An early Khmer sculpture from southern LaosPiriya KrairikshPDF
Recent DvaravatI discoveries, and some Khmer comparisonsQuaritch Wales, H.G.PDF
Islam in Thailand before the Bangkok periodScupin, RaymondPDF
A model for the alignment of dialects in Southwestern TaiHartmann, John F.PDF
Some social and religious institutions of the Lawa (northwestern Thailand): Part IIKauffmann, Hans E.PDF
King Mangrai and the Le-shih (Notes)Vickery, MichaelPDF
The orthography of the toponym Lan Na (Notes)Penth, HansPDF
Thai words in the Burmese language (Notes)Tin, H.PDF
Review Article: Political Change In ThailanFunstan, JohnPDF
Review Article: Persistence Of Thai Ethnicity In KelantanKershaw, RogerPDF
Review Article: The Sacred ImageSubhadradis Diskul, M.C.PDF

Vol. 68.2 1980

Islamic reformism in ThailandScupin, RaymondPDF
Determination of the original firing temperature of ceramics from Non Nok Tha and Phimai, ThailandMeacham, William, and Solheim, Wilhelm G. IIPDF
The prosodic structure of Rama II's kloon #Kuo, WilliamPDF
Government initiative and peasant response in the Siamese silk industry, 1901-1913Brown, IanPDF
Annual non-Buddhist religious observances of Mae Hong Son ShanDurrenberger, Paul E.PDF
Psychiatry in Thailand: a sociologist's viewBrummelhuis, Han TenPDF
The Phaungtaw-u FestivalSao SaimongPDF
Two observations concerning the stone inscription of Wat Phra Yun, Lamphun (CS 732)Penth, HansPDF
A brief description of holdings of the Manuscript Division, Payap CollageSwanson, Herbert R.PDF
Of teak and elephants: a teak-wallah reminiscesWood, R.W.PDF
A tribute to Reginald le MayHudson, RayPDF
Annualk ReportPDF
List of MembersPDF