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Vol. 69.0 1981

Funeral SermonPDF
Homage to Prince DamrongNielsen, JanPDF
Cula Sakaraja and the Sixty Cyclical Year NamesSao SaimongPDF
Once More, Inscription II-an Art Historian's ViewGosling, BettyPDF
Hindu Brahma in Thai LiteratureManeepin PhromsuthirakPDF
Kulab Saipradit: The War of LifeBatson, Benjamin A.PDF
Towards a Theory of Peranakan Chinese Identity in an Outpost of Thai BuddhismKershaw, RogerPDF
The Tin (Mal) Dry Rice Cultivators of Northern Thailand and Northern LaosDessaint, William Y.PDF
Sgaw Karen Color CategoriesSuriya RatanakulPDF
The Ranat and Bong-Lang : The Question of Origin of the Thai XylophonesMiller, Terry E., and Jarernchai ChonpairotPDF
Further Notes on Prasat Muang Singh, Kanchanaburi Province (Notes)Subhadradis Diskul, M.C.PDF
The Siamese Brass Cannon in the Figure Court of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London (Notes)Scrivener, R.S.PDF
Reviews: Dr. Reginald Le MayDavis, Mrs James E.PDF
Annual ReportPDF
List of Members"
Chester Gorman (Obituaries)PDF
Miss IB. Horner (Obituaries)Sulak Sivaraksa"
X.H.Vaj Kuam (1953-1980) (Obituaries)Strecker, David"
W.F. Vella"

Vol. 70.0 1982

Phrarachaphithi Sompot Krung Rattanakosin Khrop 200 PhiPDF
Prehistoric Human Finger-impressions on a piece of Rock from Songkla ProvinceKasem Gaew-Im and Mondana Gaew-ImPDF
The date of the early Funanese, Mon, Pyu and Arakanese Coinages ('Symbolic coins') Mitchiner, MichaelMitchiner, MichaelPDF
Marco Polo Documents Incorporated in the Felicitation Volumes of Southeast Asian StudiesBlack, JohnPDF
The Assassination of Resident Bardez (1925): A premonition of Revolt in Colonial CambodiaChandler, David P.PDF
The Rama Story in the Thai Cultural TraditionSingaravelu, S.PDF
The Tittira-Jataka and the Extended MahavamsaVon Hiniiber, OskarPDF
Visual Expressions of Tantric BuddhismNandana ChutiwongsPDF
Burmese Lokapalas: A Problem of IdentificationDowling, Nancy H.PDF
Kinship and Locality in Hua KokKemp, Jeremy H.PDF
The Relevance of Telephone Directories to a Lineage-Based Society: A Consideration of some Messianic Myths among the Hmong from the Ethnographic LiteratureTapp, NicholasPDF
Notes on a Letter from Prince Mongkut to Dr.S.R.House (Notes)Renard, Ronald D., and Swanson, Herbert R.PDF
A Note on the Military Participation of Siam in the First World War (Notes)Hart, KeithPDF
Annual Report List of MembersPDF
Peter James Bee 1927-1982 (Obituaries)Phillips, Herbert P.PDF
Richard Davis 1943-1981 (Obituaries)Wijeyewardene, Gehan"

Vol. 71.0 1983

Nirat KashmirBunjue OngkhapraditPDF
Some Early Siva Lingas in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Penninsular ThailandO'Connor, Stanley J.PDF
Southern Thai khlok: an Etymological SpeculationPitsamai IntarachatPDF
Energy Transition in a Market Township and its Environs on an Island in Southern ThailandCohen, ErikPDF
Thai Conjugal Family Relationships and the Hsu HypothesisMuecke, Marjorie A.PDF
Ahom and the Study of Early Thai SocietyTerwiel, Barend JanPDF
The Shan Rocket Festival: Buddhist and Non- Buddhist Aspects of Shan ReligionDurrenberger, E. PaulPDF
Pali Manuscripts of Canonical Texts from North Thailand – A Preliminary ReportVon Hinuber, OskarPDF
Redefining the Sangha's Role in Northern Thailand: An Investigation of Monastic Careers at Five Chiang Mai WatsGosling, David L.PDF
The Spirits Aren't So Powerful Any More; Spirit Belief and Irrigation Organization in North ThailandLando, Richard P.PDF
Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) Rites for Establishing a New Village,Walker, Anthony R.PDF
Notes on Angkor Wat (Notes)Sulak SivaraksaPDF
Hommage a l'inspirateur de la Thailande moderne, Pridi Banomyong (Obituary)Baron-Renault, BrunoPDF
Annual Report List of MembersPDF

Vol. 72.0 1984

A Prolegomena on Traditional Wisdom in Karen FolkloreSuriya RatanakulPDF
Why Were the Jatakas Hidden Away; at Wat Si ChumGosling, BettyPDF
Les Ambassadeurs Siamois a Versailles le ler septembre 1686 dans un bas relief en bronze d'A.CoysevoxJacq-Hergoualc'h, MichelPDF
Prolegomena to Methods for Using the Ayutthayan Laws as Historical Source MaterialVickery, MichaelPDF
The Interrogation of Zeya Suriya Kyaw a Burmese account of the Junk Ceylon Campaigns of 1809-1810Skinner, CyrilPDF
The 1902 Siamese-Kelantan Treaty: an End to the Traditional RelationsKobkua Suwannathat-PianPDF
Some Aspects of the Political and Economic Systems of the Nineteenth Century Northern Malay States: Kedah, Kelantan and TrengganuPhan-Ngam GothamasanPDF
The Sangha Organization in Nineteenth Century Burma and ThailandAye KyawPDF
The Sovereignty of Dhamma and Economic Development: Buddhist Social Ethics in Rural ThailandCohen, Paul T.PDF
Values of Thai Buddhists and Thai ChristiansHughes, PhilipPDF
A Note on Mr.Michael Wright's lecture on the historical Lankan Buddhist connection in Siam and Cambujia (Notes)Suriyakumaran, C.PDF
In Memoriam Mom Luang Boonlua Debyasuvarn (Obituary)Chetana NagavajaraPDF

Vol. 73.0 1985

Phra Thamma ThesanaSomdet Phra YansangwonPDF
A Soi in Bangkok-the Dynamics of Lateral Urban ExpansionCohen, ErikPDF
Christianity and Buddhism in ThailandHughes, PhilipPDF
A Scandal in Colonial Laos: The Death of Bac My and the Wounding of Kommadan RevisitedGunn, Geoffrey C.PDF
Literary Historiography and Socio-Cultural Transformation: The Case of ThailandChetana NagavajaraPDF
A Study of Samkok : The First Thai Translation of a Chinese NovelMalinee DilokwanichPDF
Sino- Thai CeramicsRobinson, Natalie V.PDF
Low Maps of SiamSternstein, LarryPDF
Reading the Landscape: Reflections on a Sacred Site in South ThailandGesick, LorrainePDF
The Missing Things in the Thai Noun Classifier SystemPlaczek, JimPDF
Mai Han AkatPenth, HansPDF
The Lawa Lesomle PoetrySuriya RatanakulPDF
Notes on the History of Iron in ThailandBronson, BennetPDF
Note on Betty Gosling's Article: Why Were the Jatakas Hidden Away at Wat Si Chum? (JSS Vol. 72). (Notes)Wright, MichaelPDF
Burmese Sources for Lan Na Thai History (Notes)Aye KyawPDF
Jao Mae KamthiengUn ChutimaPDF
The William-Hunt Collection of aerial photographs of the Archaeological Research Trust for ThailandMoore, ElizabethPDF
M.C. Sipban Sonakul (1894-1985)-an Appreciation (Obituary)Sulak SivaraksaPDF

Vol. 74.0 1986

Song Roi Pi Si SunthonAngkarn KalyanaphongPDF
200 pi duaiKhanchai Bunpan"
Sunthon PhuSujit Wongthet"
Les Moken: Literature Orale et Signes de Reconnaissance CulturelleIvanoff, JacquesPDF
The Episode of Maiyarab in the Thai Ramakien and Its Possible Relationship to Tamil FolkloreSingaravelu, S.PDF
Meta-Rhymes in Classical Thai PoetryHudak, Thomas JohnPDF
Merit and the Market: Thai Symbolizations of Self-interestO'Connor, Richard A.PDF
Thailand's Bare-headed Doctors: Thai Monks in Rural Health CareGosling, David L.PDF
Shammansand Rebels: The Batchai (MEO) Rebellion of Northern Laos and North-west Vietnam (1918-21)Gunn, Geoffrey C.PDF
Remnant of A Lost Nation and Their Cognate Words to Old Mon EpigraphNai Pan HlaPDF
The Last of the Princes: A Centennial Reflection on the Life and Work of Prince Dhani-nivat Kromamun BidyalabhSulak SivaraksaPDF
Some Remarks About The Life And Works Of Sunthon PhuWenk, KlausPDF
Reply to Michael Wright on Why Were the Jatakas 'Hidden Away' at Wat Si Chum? (Notes)Gosling, BettyPDF
Obituary: MC Pilailekha DiskulPDF

Vol. 75.0 1987

MaharajajayasiddhigathaNanasamvara, Somdej PhraPDF
Verses of Victorious Blessings to His Majesty King BhumibolSuchao PloychumPDF
The Pali Manuscripts kept at The Siam Society, Bangkok, a short catalogueVon Hinuber, OskarPDF
Thai SpiritualitySulak SivaraksaPDF
The Cosmology of Power in LannaRhum, Michael R.PDF
Calling the Spirits: an observation of its practice among the Kui in Thailandvan der Haak, FeikjePDF
New Ethnic Names For the Tin of Nan ProvinceFilbeck, DavidPDF
An Attempt to Fly in The Face of the Ordinary Laws of Supply and Demand: The British and Siamese rice 1945-7Tarling, NicholasPDF
The United States and the Coming of the Coup of 1947 in SiamThanet AphornsuvanPDF
Wat Fa DaedAnan WiriyaphinitPDF
Potters marks and other writing on Northern Thai or Lan Na CeramicsShaw, J.C., and Penth, HansPDF
Comments on CriticismPenth, HansPDF
Rev. E. Denis S.J. (Obituaries)Garaizabal, MiguelPDF
F.K. Brohm (Obituaries)Sharp, Lauriston"
John Blofeld (Obituaries)Damnern Garden"

Vol. 76.0 1988

A Possible Early Thai Route to the SeaGedney, William J.PDF
An Aesthetics of RiceOlson, Grant A.PDF
Some Observations on the map of the Ethnic Groups Speaking Thai LanguagesLevy-Ward, Annick et. a1.PDF
Consonant Mergers and Inscription OneDiller, Anthony V.N.PDF
From Wandering to Monastic DomesticationTaylor, J.LPDF
The Noen Sa Bua Inscription of Dong Si Maha Bo, PrachinburiRohanadeera, MendisPDF
Black Tai and Lao Song DamSams, Bert F.PDF
World Super Power and Regional ConflictsMayoury Ngaosyathn and Pheuiphanh NgaosyathnPDF
Red, Black, Yellow and Striped BannersForbes, Andrew D.W.PDF
Political Participation Among the Hmong of ThailandTapp, NicholasPDF
Household and Marriage in a Thai Highland SocietyLee, Gary Y.PDF
Ayurveda, Congenital Disease and Birthdays in Thai Traditional MedicineMulholland, JeanPDF
Acceptance and Rejection: The First Inoculation and Vaccination Campaigns in ThailandTerwiel, B.J.PDF
The Gabled Roofs of Thai TemplesHanks, Jane R., and Hanks, Lucien M.PDF
Crimes Against Religion in the Penal Codes of Burma, Thailand and the PhilippinesAye KyawPDF
The Ancient Culture of the Tai PeopleYanchong, CheahPDF
Where have all the People Gone? Urbanization and Counter-Urbanization in ThailandAngel, ShlomoPDF
Ramkhamhaeng or Ramkamhaeng (Notes)Sommai PremchitPDF
Where is Ram Khamhaeng's Stupa ? A consideration of past and present topographical identifications (Notes)Gosling, BettyPDF
Notes on two Types of moated settlement in Northeast Thailand (Notes)Moore, E.PDF
Sao Saimong (Obituary)Kaset PitakpaivanPDF
Klaus Rosenberg (Obituary)Wenk, Klaus"
Phya Anuman Rajadhon (ObituarySomchai Anuman Rajadhon"
Review Article: Religious CultsWalker, Anthony R.PDF
Review Article: Three World of Phra RuangKeyes, Charles F."
Review Article: BuddhadasaSombat Khrueathong"

Vol. 77.1 1989

On the History of Chiang RaiPenth, HansPDF
Did Kublai Khan's Conquest of the Dali Kingdom Give Rise to the Mass Migration of the Thai People to the South?DuYuting and Chen LufanPDF
A Preliminary i\nalysis of Important Cultural Relics of the Nanzhao-Dali KingdomChen LufanPDF
Two Dharani Inscriptions from Tombs at Dali (Yunnan)Von Hinuber, OskarPDF
Rebellion in Northern Laos: The Revolts of the Lu and the Chinese Republicans (1914-1916)Gunn, Geoffrey C.PDF
International Politics and the Transformation of Folk Crafts-The Hmong (Meo) of Thailand and LaosCohen, ErikPDF
Continuities in Highland and Lowland Religions of ThailandDurrenberger, E. Paul, and Tannenbaum, NicolaPDF
Difficulties with Inscription No.1Penth, HansPDF
Archaeology in Thailand-What's New?Pornchai SuchittaPDF
Review Article: Lua of NanFilbeck, DavidPDF
Lucien B. Hanks (Obituary)Klausner, William J.PDF
Elizabeth Lyons (Obituary)Warren, William"

Vol. 77.2 1989

The Pong Tuk Lamp: A ReconsiderationBrown, Robert L., and MacDonnell, Anna M.PDF
Architectural Composition in Java from the Eighth to Fourteenth CenturiesDumarcay, JacquesPDF
A Note on Thai Tattoos- Note Sur le Tatouage en Pays Thai Jusqu'a la Fin du XVIle SiecleLagirarde, FrancoisPDF
Technical Study on the White-Glazed Wares with Green Patterns Excavated in the Tak Area, ThailandKazuo Yamasaki et. al.PDF
Bangkok in 1883: An Economic and Social ProfileWilson, Constance M.PDF
The Travels in France of the Siamese Ambassadors1686-7Smithies, MichaelPDF
Blockprinted Fabrics of Gujarat for Export to SiamArchambault, MichelePDF
On the Origin of the Urak Lawoi' - A response to J.lvanoffPattemore Stephen W., and Hogan, David W.PDF
History and Archaeology in Thailand-What's NewPornchai SuchittaPDF
Index to the Siam Society Newsletter 1985-1989Smithies, MichaelPDF

Vol. 78.1 1990

Low's Description of the Siamese Empire in 1824Sternstein, LarryPDF
The Prussian Expedition to the Far East (1860-1862)Martin, BerndPDF
Sacrifice and the Underworld: Death and Fertility in Siamese Myth and Ri tualWright, MichaelPDF
Church and Temple: Socio-Economic Developments in Northeast ThailandPaul Webb, R.A.F.PDF
The Mong (Green Miao) and Their Language: a Brief CompendiumLyman, Thomas AmisPDF
From the Human Body to the Humanized Space: the System of Reference and Representation of Space in Two Villages of Northeast ThailandFormoso, BernardPDF
Economic Activities of Women in Bangkok, 1883Wilson, Constance M.PDF
Mandala, Segmentary State and Politics of Centralization in Medieval AyudhyaChutintaranond, SunaitPDF
Musical Notation in ThailandMyers-Moro, PamelaPDF
Problems in the Stone Age of ThailandReynolds, T.E.G.PDF
Soedjatmoko-An Appreciation (Obituary)Sulak SivaraksaPDF

Vol. 78.2 1990

H.R.H. the Princess Mother Celebrates Her 90th BirthdayDavis, BonniePDF
The Sab Bak Inscription: Evidence of an Early Vairayana Buddhist Presence in ThailandChirapat PrapandvidyaPDF
The Old City of 'Chaliang' - 'Satchanalai' - 'Sawankhalok': a Problem of History and HistoriographyVickery, MichaelPDF
A Prop os de Dessins de Charles le Brun Lies a la Venue d'Ambassadeurs Siamois a Paris en 1686Jacq-Hergoualc'h, MichelPDF
Performances by National Living Treasures at the Siam SocietyRaikes, Dacre F.A.PDF
The Opium of the People a Brief Survey of Some Protestant Development Strategies in Northeast ThailandWebb, R.A.F. PaulPDF
Metallographic and Lead Isotope Studies on Metal Objects Unearthed in the Tak Area, ThailandKazuo Yamasaki et al.PDF
Place, Power and Discourse in the Thai Image of BangkokO'Connor, Richard A.PDF
Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) and the Social Psychology of Religion in Chinese, Thai and Japanese ThoughtTorok, S.J.PDF
Banbhore, an Important River Port on the Ceramic and Glass Routes: a Transit Area for Art Styles from the West to Thailand and Burma Circa 1st c.B.e.-13th c. A.D.DiCrocco, Virginia M.PDF
Siam and Surrounds in 1830 (Notes)Sternstein, LarryPDF
Obituary: In Memory of Mom Rajawongse Chirie Voravarn (Obituary)Davis, BonniePDF