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Vol. 79.1 1991

In Commemoration: Celebration of the Centenary of H.R.H. Prince Wan WaithayakornDavis, BonniePDF
Gala Dinner Launches Fund Raising DriveRogers, PeterPDF
The Major Role of the Mons in Southeast AsiaNai Pan HlaPDF
The Ultimate Origin of the World or the Mula MuhGuillon, EmmanuelPDF
Notes on Mon EpigraphyBauer, ChristianPDF
Ceramic Wares of the Haripunjaya AreaDi Crocco, Virginia M.PDF
Thai History? What Thai History?Chand, Mom ChaoPDF
A Point of Correction (Notes)Edmondson, Jerold A., and Solnit, David B.PDF
In Memory of Mom Rachawongse Patanachai Jayant (Obituary)Rachit BuriPDF

Vol. 79.2 1991

The Third Cycle Birthday of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri SirindhornDavis, BonniePDF
Articles of Peculiar Excellence: The Siam Exhibit at the U.S. Centennial Exposition (Philadelphia, 1876)Taylor, Lisa McQuailPDF
On Traibhumikatha,Vickery, MichaelPDF
The Hantu Raya: a Malay DemonTajudin, Haji ZainPDF
The Bowring Treaty: Imperialism and the Indigenous PerspectiveTerwiel, B.J.PDF
Comparison of Transitional Bencharong and Probable Bat-Trang Enameled WaresRobinson, Natalie V.PDF
Notes on Mon Epigraphy IIBauer, ChristianPDF
Finger-Marked Designs on Ancient Bricks in MyanmarU Aung Myint, and Moore, ElizabethPDF
Mene: a Tai Dialect Originally Spoken in Nghe An (Nghe Tinh), VietnamChamberlain, James R.PDF
Religion and Religious Change in a Hill Karen Community of Northwestern Chiang Mai ProvinceYamamoto KumikoPDF
A Brief Guide to the Golden TanjurSkilling, PeterPDF
Alexander Brown Griswold (Obituary)Prasert na NagaraPDF

Vol. 80.1 1992

Her Majesty Queen SirikitDavis, BonniePDF
People and EventsPDF
Obituary Prakaipet IndhusophonPDF
A Contemporary Letter About the Events of 1688Davis, Bonnie, and Soame, WilliamPDF
A Revised Dating of Ayudhya ArchitecturePiriya KrairikshPDF
PhaulkonSioris, George A.PDF
Aspects of Siamese-French Relations During the Seventeenth CenturyVan Der Cruysse, DirkPDF
Madame Marie GuimardHada ReikoPDF
Ayudhya: Capital-Port of Siam and Its Chinese Connection in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth CenturiesCharnvit KasetsiriPDF
Ayudhya and Its Place in Pre-Modern Southeast AsiaWright, MichaelPDF
The Image of the Burmese Enemy in Thai Perceptions and Historical WritingsSunait ChutintaranondPDF
The Wat Sri Chum Jataka Glosses ReconsideredBauer, ChristianPDF
An Information Strategy for Economic ModernizationTorok, Steven J.PDF
Two of Ports of Suvanabhuumi: A Brief Note (Notes)Skilling, PeterPDF
Review Article: Buddhist LiteratureSkilling, PeterPDF
Kraisri Nimmanahaeminda (In Memoriam)Boeles, Jan J.PDF
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 80.2 1992

A Revised Dating of Ayudhya Architecture (II)Krairiksh, PiriyaPDF
Computer-Assisted Dating for Thai InscriptionsEade, J.C.PDF
Revitalizing the Law and Development Movement: A Case Study on Land Law in Thailandvon Mehren, Philip, and Sawers, TimPDF
Religion and Family Law in BurmaAye KyawPDF
Symbols on the Body, Feet, and Hands of a BuddhaSkilling, PeterPDF
K'la and the Catholics of Chiang Mai: Village Development in the Northwest of ThailandWebb, R.A.F. PaulPDF
The Buddha under Naga: Animism, Hinduism and Buddhism in Siamese Religion-a senseless pastiche or a living organism?Wright, MichaelPDF
Monks and Mediums: Religious Syncretism in Northern ThailandMuecke, Marjorie APDF
Dancing for Spirits: Lakhon Chatri Performers from Phetchaburi ProvinceGrow, Mary L.PDF
Cosmology, Forest Monks and Sangha Reconstruction in the Early Bangkok PeriodTaylor, James L.PDF
Silver Coins: Evidence for Mining at Bawzaing in the Shan State Circa 6th-8th Century AD.DiCrocco, Virginia M.PDF
Precept and Transgression: Alcohol and Addicts in Ancient and Modern Thailand as Reflected in Thai LiteratureWenk, KlausPDF
Far Eastern Cultural TransplantationsSioris, GeorgePDF
Thai Classical Music Comes to America: Cultivating a Rare Species in a Musical GreenhouseMiller, Terry E.PDF
Une Approche Ethnologique des Massages Traditionnels ThaIsBecquignon, NathaliePDF
Cognates and Loans among Aslian Kin TermsParkin, Robert J.PDF

Vol. 81.1 1993

A History of Sukhothai Art: A Framework in Need of RevisionKraikrish, PiriyaPDF
The Mangrai Buddha Image of Chiang Mai: A Computer-Assisted RereadingEade, J.C.PDF
Other Peoples' Pasts: Western Archaeologists and Thai PrehistoryGlover, IanPDF
Beads of Myanmer (Burma): Line Decorared Beads Amongst the Pyu and ChinMoore, Elizabeth, and U Aung MyintPDF
Robert Challe and SiamSmithies, MichaelPDF
Who Was Maha Thevi?Stuart-Fox, MartinPDF
Hill Tribes and CatholicsWebb, RAF. PaulPDF
Ancestors and Christians in Rural Northern ThailandFordham, GrahamPDF
The Kings' MikadoWyatt, David K.PDF
Some Comments on a Northern Phra Malai Text Dated C.S. 878 (AD. 1516) (Note)Brereton, BonniePDF
New Light on Shadows: The Use of Shadow Theater as a Technique in Psychotherapy (Note)Brereton, Derek P.PDF

Vol. 81.2 1993

The London Company's Envoys Plot SiamSternsteain, LarryPDF
Recent Data on Thanon Phra Ruang between Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai: Road or Canal?Godley, David; Bishop, Paul; and Thiva SupajanyaPDF
Jacques de Bourges (c. 1630-1714) and SiamSmithies, MichaelPDF
The Danes in Siam: Their Involvement in Establishing the Siam Commercial Bank Lt at the End of the Last CenturyEggers-Lara, A.PDF
Irregular Year Notation in the Historical RecordEade, J.C.PDF
Medical Memories of Bangkok at the Turn of the Century (Note)Smith, Malcolm, M.D.PDF

Vol. 82.0 1994

Geohydrology and the decline of AngkorHeng l. ThungPDF
A living Angkor in the Mekong valley regional implications of waterworks restorationTorok Istv an (Steven j. Torok)PDF
The precinct of the Thai uposatha hall (bot): a Southeast Asian spirit world domainPinna IndorfPDF
The making of an oriental despot: Louis xiv and the Siamese embassy of 1686Ronald S. LovePDF
Body ornamentation and penile implants in Siam and PeguMichael SmithiesPDF
The Burmese marionette theaterAxel BrunsPDF
New investigations on Franco-Siamese relations in the 17th century: For a rehabilitation of Father TachardRaphael VongsuravatanaPDF
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu- his last days and his legacyPeter A. JacksonPDF
Facing death with dignity: Buddhism's middle wayDavid GoslingPDF
Siam under siege (1893-1902): modern Thailand's decisive decade, from the Paknam incident to the first flowering of the Chakri reformationDean MeyersPDF
Conflicting conceptions of the state: Siam, France and Vietnam in the late nineteenth centuryMartin Stuart-FoxPDF
A stormy relationship: Phaulkon and Forbin, 1685-1687Michael SmithiesPDF
Simon de la Loubere: French views of Siam in the 1680sRonald S. LovePDF
The Tai before the thirteenth century a perspective from Chinese recordsLeshan TanPDF
Saint Tachard? A rejoinder to VongsuravatanaMichael SmithiesPDF
Some 16th and 17th century interpretations of Japan and Siam Frois-Alvarez-La Loubere-Gervaise: a layman's comparative readingGeorge A. SiorisPDF
Bhikkhu Buddhadasa, Dhammic Socialism. Second edition. Trans. and ed. Donald K. SwearerReviewer William J. KlausnerPDF
Robert J. Muscat, Thailand and the United States: Development, Security, and Foreign AidReviewer Ronald Bruce St. John"
Thongchai Winichakul, Siam Mapped: A History of the Geo-Body of a NationReviewer Ronald Bruce St. John"
Patrica M. Herbert, The Life of the BuddhaReviewer Donald M. Stadtner"
Graham Parkes, ed. Nietzsche and Asian ThoughtReviewer William S. Whorton"
Sulak Sivaraksa, A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society: Collected articles by a concerned Thai intellectualReviewer Donald K. Swearer"
Sulak Sivaraksa, ed., The Quest for a Just Society: The legacy and challenge of Buddhadasa BhikkhuReviewer William J. Klausner"
Craig J. Reynolds, ed. National Identity and its Defenders: Thailand, 1939-1989Reviewer Michael Wright"
Acta Asiatica, Foreign Relations of Tokugawa Japan, Sakoku ReconsideredReviewer George A. Sioris"

Vol. 83.0 1995

Thai Traditional Gabled Doors and WindowsPitya BunnagPDF
Chinese Temples in BangkokChuimei HoPDF
An Archaeological Assessment at Don Dong Muang, Northeast ThailandMoira Wood and Steven PerryPDF
The Landscape Context of Asia's MonumentsDavid H. EngelPDF
Female Renunciants (nang chi) in SiamPeter SkillingPDF
Seventeenth-Century Siam: Its Extent and Urban CentresMichael SmithiesPDF
Kosapan face aux intrgues francaisesMorgan Sports and Kanika ChansangPDF
A Pious Fable Reconsidering the Inscription I Controversy: A 'Domonic' ViewMichael WrightPDF
Piltdown3: Further Discussion of The Ram Khamhaeng InscriptionMichael VickeryPDF
Glimpses of Seventeenth-Century Currency and Mensuration in SiamLotika VaradarajanPDF
The Abdication of Phaya Ti6lkHans PenthPDF
Which Ratanapanna Composed The Jinakalamali?Hans PenthPDF
The Kingdom of Lanna and The HIV EpidemicCoos BeyrerPDF
On the Believability of Northern Thai Spirit MediumsJack BilmesPDF
A Short History of The Library of The Asiatic Society of Japan, 1872-1942Harold M. OtnessPDF
Volker Grabowsky, ed. Regions and National Integration in ThailandReviewed by Richard P. LandoPDF
Morgan Sportes, Ombres SiamoisesReviewed by Michael Smithies"
Francois-Timoleon de Choisy Journal du Voyage de Siam L'Abbe de Choisy, Androgyne et mandarinReviewed by Michael Smithies"
Charles F. Keyes The Golden Peninsular: Culture and Adaptation in Mainland Southeast AsiaReviewed by Michael Smithies"
Lorraine M. Gesick In The Land of Lady White Blood: Southern Thailand and The Meaning of HistoryReviewed by Michael Smithies"
Peter A. Jackson Dear Uncle Go: Male Homosexuality in ThailandReviewed by Howard Graves"
Obituary: Maj. Gen. Mom Rajawong Kukrit PramojPDF

Vol. 84.1 1996

Symbols on the Body, Feet, and Hands of a Buddha, (part II)Peter SkillingPDF
More Thoughts on the Ancient Culture of the Tai PeopleCheah YanchongPDF
The Thai Census of 1904: Translation and AnalysisVolker GrabowskyPDF
Chi (Ji) un mot d'origine khmere en usage dans la langue thaieOlivier de BernonPDF
Les manuscrits en thai: du Nord de la Siam SocietyFrançois LagirardePDF
Thai Stamps from 1883Helmut GrosPDF
Peter G. Warr, ed. The Thai Economy in TransitionReviewed by Ronald Bruce St JohnPDF
Hans Penth Jinakalamali IndexReviewed by David K. Wyatt"
Pasuk Phongpaichit Chris Baker Thailand Economy and PoliticsReviewed by M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn"
List of MembersPDF

Vol. 84.2 1996

The Date of the Wat Bang Sanuk InscriptionHans PenthPDF
Metamorphosis: The Sacred Gable in Siamese and South Indian ArchitectureMichael WrightPDF
Pnji and Inao: Questions of Cultural and Textual HistoryStuart RobsonPDF
The Kingdom of Red Earth (Chitu Guo) in Cambodia and Vietnam from the Sixth to the Eighth CenturiesTatsuo HoshinoPDF
European Trade Between Macao and Siam, from Its Beginnings to 1663Rui D' Avila LouridoPDF
Urban Thai Buddhist Attitudes to DevelopmentDavid L. GoslingPDF
Note: On the Strangeness of Inscription 1: Comments on Michael Wright's A Pious Fable: Reconsidering the Inscription 1 Controversy: A 'Demonic' View and Michael Vickery's Piltdown 3: Further Discussion of the Ram Khamhaeng Inscription JSSBetty GoslingPDF

Vol. 85.0 1997

Little things mean a lot: pots and cloth in Northeast ThailandH. Leedom Lefferts Jr. and Louise CortPDF
The Phuket Project revisited: the ethno-archaeology through time of maritime-adapted communities in Southeast AsiaRichard Engelhardt and Pamela RogersPDF
The swinging pendulum: from centrality to marginality -a study of southem-Tenasserim in the history of Southeast AsiaJanell MillsPDF
The Siam of Mendes Pinto's TravelsMichael SmithiesPDF
The view from the outside - Nicolas Gervaise, Simon de la Loubere and the perception of seventeenth century Siamese government and societySven TrakulhunPDF
A warrior-ruler stele from Sri Ksetra, Pyu, BurmaJohn GuyPDF
Two engraved gems with combination monsters from Southeast AsiaSheila MiddletonPDF
Circular sites at Angkor: a radar scattering modelElizabeth Moore and Anthony FreemanPDF
Archaeological research in the Malay PeninsulaMichel Jacq-Hergoualc'hPDF
The discovery of clay-lined floors at an Iron Age site in Thailand - preliminary observations from Non Muang Kao, Nakhon Ratchasima ProvinceDougald O'ReillyPDF
The Khmer kilns of Ban Ya KhaDawn Rooney and Michael SmithiesPDF
Excavation at Bang Wang Hi, Lamphun Province, ThailandJean-Pierre Pautreau, Aude Matringhem, and Patricia MornaisPDF
The excavations of J.-Y. Claeys at Tra Kieu, Central Vietnam, 1927-28: from the unpublished archives of the EFEO, Paris, and records in the possession of the Claeys familyIan GloverPDF
Dharmakirti's Durbodhiiloka and the literature of SrivijayaPeter SkillingPDF
Northeast Thailand from Prehistoric to Modern Times by Peter RogersReviewed by Ian MorsonPDF
Angkor Life by Stephen O. MurrayReviewed by Dawn Rooney"
Reporting Angkor: Chou Ta-Kuan in Cambodia, AD 1296-1297 by Robert PhillpotsReviewed by Dawn Rooney"
The Manchus by Pamela Kyle CrossleyReviewed by Peter Skilling"
Aerial Nationalism: a History of Aviation in Thailand by Edward M. YoungReviewed by Peter Rogers"
Burmese Manuscripts Part 3 by Heinz BraunReviewed by Peter Skilling"
Handbook of Pali Literature by Oskar von HinuberReviewed by Peter Skilling"

Vol. 86.0 1998

Diplomatic missions to Tai states by David Richardson and W. C. Mc Leod 1830-1839: anthropological perspectivesAndrew TurtonPDF
The origin of the Sek: implications for Tai and Vietnamese historyJames R. ChamberlainPDF
Lue ethnicity in national context: a comparative study of Tai Lue communities in Thailand and LaosPaul T. CohenPDF
Coudee magique, eau lustrale et baton enchante: rites et croyances dans la construction de l'habitat traditionnel des Jawi (Patani, Thai:lande du Sud)Pierre Le RouxPDF
La formation des reseaux d'echanges reliant l'Asie du Sud et l'Asie du Sud-Est à travers le materiel archeologique (VIe Siecle Av. J.-C.-VIe Siecle Ap. J.-C.-le cas de la Thailande et la Peninsule MalaiseBerenice BellinaPDF
Siamese Mandarins on the Grand Tour, 1688-1690Michael SmithiesPDF
Portuguese and Spanish sources for the history of Ayutthaya in the Sixteenth CenturyJohn VilliersPDF
The ethnoarchaeology of Southeast Asian coastal sites: a model for the deposition and recovery of archaeological materialRichard A. Engelhardt and Pamela Rumball RogersPDF
Recent Mani settlements in Satun Province, Southern ThailandGerd Albrecht and Johannes MoserPDF
A 10,600 year pollen record from Nong Thale Song Hong, Trang Province, South ThailandBernard K. MaloneyPDF
Thai literature as reflected in Western reports during the 17th to the 19th CenturiesKlaus WenkPDF
Round-number reckoning in Thai for the 5000 years of the BuddhaJ.C. EadePDF
A Trang cave text of 1614 ADAnthony DillerPDF
The work of George Coedes: views of a young manFrederic MaurelPDF
Comments on Christian Bauer's 'The Wat Sri Chum Hitaka glosses reconsideredBetty GoslingPDF
Thailand's Boom and Bust by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris BakerReviewed by Ronald Bruce St JohnPDF
Khmer Mythology: Secrets of Angkor by Vittorio RovedaReviewed by Ronald Bruce St John"
Loyalty Demands Dissent: Autobiography of an Engaged Buddhist by Sulak SivaraksaReviewed by Ronald Bruce St John"
Loyalty Demands Dissent: Autobiography of an Engaged Buddhist by Sulak SivaraksaReviewed by William J. Klausner"
The Dvaravati Wheels of the Law and the Indianization of South East Asia by Robert L. Brown.Reviewed by Peter Skilling"
Singhalesische Handschriften, Teil 2, Die Katalognummern 199-376 (Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland Band XXII, 2) by Heinz BechertReviewed by Peter Skilling"
Obituary Achille ClaracPDF

Vol. 87.0 1999

A Tribute To His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej On The Completion Of His Sixth CyclePDF
Photograph of His Majesty Visiting the Society"
Thai Poetic Tribute: Boromorachasianwat, by Dr. Saksi Yaemnadda"
Obituary: William J. GedneyThomas W. GethingPDF
Thai Women in late-Ayutthaya Style Paintings.Napat Sirisambhand and Alec GordonPDF
The Gardens of the Royal Palace at Ayutthaya.Keith Branigan and Colin MerronyPDF
Time in Transition: King Narai and the Luang Prasoet Chronicle of Ayutthaya.Ian HodgesPDF
Forced Resettlement Campaigns in Northern Thailand during the Early Bangkok Period.Volker GrabowskyPDF
The Image of Chiang Mai: the Making of a Beautiful City.Ronald D. RenardPDF
Moving House: Migration and the Place of the Household on the Thai Periphery.Hjorleifur Jonsson.PDF
Note: Notes on an Article by Rui d' Avila Louirdo.Michael SmithiesPDF
Note: Response to a Question Asking the Meaning of Vientiane (Vieng Can).Michel LorrillardPDF
Note: On Wat Sa Bua Kaeo.Ronald D. RenardPDF
Waldon Bello, Shea Cunningham and Li Kheng Poh, A Siamese Tragedy: Development and Disintegration in Modern ThailandReviewed by Michael SmithiesPDF
Charles Higham and Rachanie Thosarat, Prehistoric Thailand - From Early Settlement to SukhothaiReviewed by Ian Glover"
Craig A. Lockard, Dance of Life: Popular Music and Politics in Southeast AsiaReviewed by Terry E. Miller"
Michael Vickery, Society, Economics, and Politics in Pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th and 8th CenturiesReviewed by David Chandler"
Penny Van Esterik, Women of Southeast AsiaReviewed by Nicola Tannenbaum"
Hiromu Honda and Noriki Shimazu, The Beauty of Fired Clay: Ceramics from Burma, Cambodia, Laos and ThailandReviewed by Peter M. Ahn"
John Guy, Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the EastReviewed by John Villiers"
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, In the Realm of the Diamond QueenReviewed by Ronald D. Renard"

Vol. 88.0 2000

PoemPhaitoon Phromwichit"
Obituary: Professor Anthony Thomas KirschO. W. WoltersPDF
Obituary: Professor Gehan WijeyewardeneJames FoxPDF
Notes on the History of the Art of Mother-of-Pearl in Thailand with Particular Reference to the Doors on the Ubosot of Wat Phra ChetuphonKlaus WenkPDF
Love Poems in Modem Thai NiratSuchitra ChongstitvatanaPDF
Ayedawbon Kyan, an Important Myanmar Literary Genre Recording Historical EventsUthaw KaungPDF
Excavations of Kilns Near the Old City of Si sat ch anal ai, Thailand: Prompt Redevelopment of Pottery ProductionKaren RandolphPDF
Phu Phra Bat: A Remarkable Archaeological Site in Northeastern ThailandNandana ChutiwongsPDF
Historical Writings, Historical Novels and Period Movies and Dramas: An Observation Concerning Burma in Thai Perception and UnderstandingSunait ChutintharanonPDF
Changing Power and Positions of Mo Muang in Northern Thai Healing RitualsAnan GanjanapanPDF
Intellectual Aspects of Strong Kingship in the Late Nineteenth CenturyAttachak SattayanurakPDF
The Ancestral Spirit Forest (Don Pu Ta) and the Role Behavior of Elders (Thao Cham) in Northeastern ThailandBoonyong KettatePDF
Madame Constance's JewelsMichael SmithiesPDF
New Light on Early Cambodian BuddhismNancy DowlingPDF
Creative Engagement: SujavalJlJa Wua Luang and Its Contribution to Buddhist LiteratureJustin McdanielPDF
Shanguo is not a Shan Kingdom: To Correct a Mistake Related to the Early History of Tai-speaking Peoples in China and Mainland Southeast AsiaHe PingPDF
Persian Religious and Cultural Influence in Siam/Thailand and Maritime Southeast Asia in Historical Perspective: A Plea for a Concerted Interdisciplinary ApproachMuhammad Ismail MarcinkowskiPDF
Rules for Interpolation in the Thai Calendar: Suriyayatra Versus the SasanaJ.C. EadePDF
Note: Dedication for the Ubosot at Wat Sa Bua KaeoPDF
Note: An Approach to the Study of Contemporary Earthenware Technology in Mainland Southeast AsiaLouise Cort And Leedom LeffertsPDF
Note: Thai Ceramics, Lan Na and Sawanakalok: An Interview with John ShawRay HearnPDF
Note: The Incredible Journey of the Wa From 1949 to 2005John DaltonPDF
Hjorfeifur Jonsson, Yao Design of Northern Thailand, Jacqueline Butler-Diaz; Patterns on Textiles of the Ethnic Group of Vietnam, Diep Trung Binh; Lao Mien Embroidery: Migration and Change, Ann Yarwood Goldman; Botschaften an die Gotter: Religiose Handschriften der Yao; Siidchina, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Thomas O. HCillmann and Michael Freidrich; Yao Ceremonial Paintings, Jacques Lemoine; Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes of Thailand, Paul Lewis and Elaine Lewis.PDF
Ronald D. Renard, The Haw: Traders of the Golden Triangle, Andrew Forbes; The Aka: Guardians of the Forest, Jim Goodman; Children of the Jade Dragon: The Naxi of Lijian and Their Mountain Neighbors the Yi, Jim Goodman; Khon Muang: People and Principalities of North Thailand, Andrew Forbes David Henley; The Kachin: Lords of Burma's Northern Frontier, Bertil Lintner."
Don McCaskill and Ken Kampe, editors, Development or Domestication? Indigenous Peoples of Southeast AsiaReviewed By Susan M. DarlingtonPDF
Michaael Smithies, A Siamese Embassy Lost in Africa 1686: The Odyssey of Ok-khun ChamnanReviewed By Dhiravat Na Pombejra"
Robert Challe, Journal du voyage des Indes Orientales Monsieur Pierre Raymond, suivi de la relation de ce qui est arrive dans le royaume de Siam en 1688Reviewed By Michael Smithies"
Shigetomi, Shin'ichi, Cooperation and Community in Rural Thailand: An Organizational Analysis of Participatory Rural DevelopmentReviewed By Michael M. Calavan"
Luo Yongxian, A Dictionary of DehongReviewed By Pranee Kullavanijaya"
Fleur Brofos, Laos RootsReviewed By David Snellgrove"
Bruce Reynolds, Thailand and Japan's Southern Advance 1940-1945Reviewed By Ronald D. Renard"
Alain Forest, Les Missionnaires francais au Tonkin et au Siam XVIIe-XVIIIe siecles: Analyse comparee d’un relatif succes et d'un echec totalReviewed By Michael Smithies"
Hans Penth, Phanphen Khriiathai, Silao Ketphrom, Corpus of Lan Na Inscriptions, Vol. 3Reviewed By Peter Skilling"
Heinz Bechert, editor, Sanskrithandschriflen aus den Turfanfunden, Teil 8, Die Katalognummern 1800-1900Reviewed By Peter Skilling"