Natural History Bulletin

of the Siam Society

VOLUME 62     No. 1      July 2017

Research articles:
Additions to the Moss Floras of Mindanao and the Philippines with a Focus on the Rediscovery of Euptychium setigerumBenito C. Tan, James R. Shevock, Andrea G. Azuelo and Lesley LubosPDF
Diplycosia kitangladensis sp. nov. from Mindanao, the Philippines, and a Taxonomic Reassessment of D. trinerviaPeter W. Fritsch and Victor B. AmorosoPDF
A New Species of Strobilanthes (Acanthaceae) from Western ThailandJ. R. I. Wood and R. W. ScotlandPDF
J. F. Maxwell’s Contribution to Botanical Specimen Collection and the Taxonomy of MelastomataceaeLahiru S. WijedasaPDF
Memecylon maxwellii (Melastomataceae), a New Species of Limestone Endemic Woody TreeLahiru S. WijedasaPDF
Revisiting Astrocalyx Merr. (Astronieae: Melastomataceae): New Morphological Observations on the Philippine Endemic, Enigmatic, Endangered and Monotypic GenusJeffrey P. Mancera, Darin S. Penneys and Fulgent P. CoriticoPDF
Economic Importance of Oleoresin (Dipterocarpus alatus) to Forest-Adjacent Households in CambodiaAnne-Mette Hüls Dyrmose, Nerea Turreira-GarciaPDF
Diversity, Knowledge, and Use of Leafy Vegetables in Northern Thailand—Maintenance and Transmission of Ethnobotanical Knowledge during UrbanisationNerea Turreira-García, Anna M. Vilkamaa, Anja Byg and Ida TheiladePDF
The Aroid Scarab Peltonotus nasutus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Thailand and its Association with Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Araceae)Robert W. SitesPDF
The Published Works of James F. MaxwellPDF
Cover photo: A memorial portrait of the late James F. Maxwell, renowned botanist who contributed to Southeast Asian botany for more than 40 years, hanging at the top of the stairs in the herbarium of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University (CMUB). The present issue is dedicated to him.PDF

Note: This issue was printed on 24 July 2017.