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Bulletin Contents (click on PDF to download)

Vol. 11, No. 1, 1937

Front coverPDF
The Riddle of Cervus schombergkiFrancis H. GilesPDF
Composition of the Dry Evergreen Forest on Kaw Tao.A. KerrPDF
A New Genus of Siamese Catfishes.Sunder Lal HoraPDF
Behaviour Research on free Ranging Primates.C.R. CerpenterPDF
A Note on the Habits of May-Fly and the Damage Caused by its Nymphs.Nai Prayoon VejabhongsePDF
Visit of the Asiatic Primate Expedition.C.J.H.PDF
Miscellaneous Notes
A Bangkok Python.Malcolm SmithPDF
Breeding Habits of the Indian Cobra.Malcolm SmithPDF
African Lungfish.A.G. Ellis PDF
Proceedings of the Natural History SectionC.J. House PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 11, No. 2, 1938

Front coverPDF
The Butterflies of SiamD.M. Noel-Davidson & J.J. MacbethPDF
Malayan Species of Butterflies found on Khao Sabap Prov. of Chantaburi. S.E. SiamJ.J. MacbethPDF
Turdus aureus angustirostris Gyldenstolpe and Oreocincla horsfieldi affinis Richmond.H.G. DeignanPDF
The Pygmy Woodpeckers (Dryobates nanus subspp.) of Siam.H.G. DeignanPDF
Miscellaneous Notes
A New Avine Family for Siam.H.G. DeignanPDF
A Fine Sambhar Stag's Head.K.G.G.PDF

Vol. 12, No. 1, 1939

Exploring and Explorers of Plant Life
Early Botanists in Thailand.A. KerrPDF
Exploring Hills near Chantabun and Krat.Hayes A. KerrPDF
Bladderwort (Utricularia) as an " Insect Trap" Boon Chuay IndrambaryaPDF
Development of Soil and Land Resources
Some Interrelations Between Argiculture and Forestry Particularly in Thailand.Robert L. PendletonPDF
Natural Treasures and Their Utilization.Arno ViehoeverPDF
Records of Animal life
Thai Earthworms.G.E. Gates PDF
Neue Staphpyliniden aus Thailand.Max BernhauerPDF
Description of New Coleoptera and Note on Eletica castanea Thom.Hamburg BorchmannPDF
Errata. Vol. XI No.2, The Butterflies of Siam.D.M. Noel-Davidson & J.J. MacbethPDF
External Sexual Characters of Pla Salid (Trichopodus pectoralis).Boon Chuay IndrambaryaPDF
The Value of Wild Life.Ambrose PrattPDF
Birds from Siam and the Malay Peninsula in The U.S. National Museum.J.H. RileyPDF
Antlers of the Malayan Sambar.U.L. GuehlerPDF
Molar of a Mammoth (Elephas primigenius?)Arno ViehoeverPDF
Progress in Human and Animal Welfare
Leprosy in Siam.J. Martin OberdoerfferPDF
Modern Medicine Men.Arno ViehoeverPDF
The Life-Story of " Tua Chid" (Gnathostoma spinigerum owen).Svasti DaengsvangPDF
Table of Contents Volume XIII No. 1.PDF

Vol. 12, No. 2, 1940

Progress in Human Welfare
Milestones in Leprosy.Douglas R. CollierPDF
Toxins, (Their Sources, Preparation and Neutralisation).Chaloem PurananandaPDF
" Stone Formations in the Human Body." (Particularly Bladder, and Kidney Stones as found in the Thai).Luang Binbakya BidyabhedPDF
Record of Animal Life & Pest Extermination
Orang Utang Development (Brandes).-Review.Arno ViehoeverPDF
Mosquito Control.Phra Jan VidhivejjPDF
Survey of Land Resources
Soils of Thailand.Robert L. PendletonPDF
Utilization of Plant Products
Plant Fibres (Jute and others) of Thailand.Nai Ariyant ManjikulPDF
Vegetative Propagation of Useful Plants.Arno ViehoeverPDF
Development of New Tools for Science
Development of New Tools for Science, I. From Hollow Sphrer to Super Microscope.Arno ViehoeverPDF
Development of New Tools for Science, II. From Hollow Tree to Stethographone.Arno ViehoeverPDF

Vol. 13, No. 1, 1941

Impressions of the Philippines and of the United States.Robert L. PendletonPDF
Mineral Resources of Thailand.Smak BuravasPDF
Notes on the Scented Woods of Thailand.A. Kerr PDF
Another Note on the Schomburgk-Deer.U. GuehlerPDF
Some Synonymic Corrections of Thai Buprestidae.C. Tongyai PDF
A Bibliography of Thai Ornithology, 1758-1939.H.G. DeignanPDF
Helminth Parasites of Man and Animals.F.W. WithersPDF
Helminthic (intestinal worm) infection in Rural ChiangmaiU.D. SandhninandPDF
Experiences with the Percutaneus Bee-Poison Therapy in ThailandRudolf HofbauerPDF
Reviews of Books
Birds from Northern Thailand. by James C. Greenway, Jr.Arno ViehoeverPDF
Revision of the Eastern Asiatic Myrsinaceae. by E.H. Walker.Arno ViehoeverPDF
The Gibbons of Northern Thailand. by H.J. Coolidge, Jr.Arno ViehoeverPDF
Mammals (Men and Plants) of Northern Thailand Mountains. by G.M. Allen & H.J. Coolidge.Arno ViehoeverPDF

Vol. 14, No. 1, 1944

Front coverPDF
Glimpses of the Pepper Cultivation in Thailand.Ariyant ManyikulPDF
Thai Cardamom.Rudolf SchallerPDF
Occurrence and Appearances of Malaria in South Thailand.Rudolf HofbauerPDF
Pharmacognosy and its Importance for Thailand.Rudolf Schaller PDF
The Danger of Mercury-Evaporation and the Amalgams.Rudolf HofbauerPDF
" Mai Ragam" ไม้ระกำ (Zalacca wallichiana) as an Aid in Botanical Handsectioning.R. SchallerPDF
La Pêche dans les eaux douces du Combodge. by P. Chevey & F. le Poulain.L.C.PDF
Obituary Notice
Manfred Oberdoerffer.U. GuehlerPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 14, No. 2, 1947

Front coverPDF
The Formation, Development, and Utilization of the Soils of the Bangkok Plain.Robert L. PendletonPDF
Manures and Manuring of Pepper.Ariyant ManjikulPDF
New Researches and Experiences in the Treatment of Malaria.Rudolf HofbauerPDF
Beitrag zur Pharmakognosie der Arznei-und Wirtschaftspflanzen Siams.Rudolf SchallerPDF
Pharmakognostische Identifizierung Von Siamesischen Drogen Mittels Mikro-Schmelzpunkt-Bestimmung.Rudolf SchallerPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 15, Part 1, 1952

Front coverPDF
The Mammals of the Rush Watkins Zoological Expedition to Siam.Colin Campbell SanbornPDF
Some Non-Marine Mollusks from Northwest and Southwest Siam.Fritz HaasPDF
A Contribution Toward A Bibliography of Thai Botany.Egbert H. WalkerPDF
Climates of Tropical Forests and Savannas.Felix Rawitscher & Robert L. PendletonPDF
Annual Report of The Smithsonian Institution for 1950.RLPPDF
" Siamese Plant Names" A.W.PDF
Note on Pencil-Rock.H.B. GarrettPDF

Vol. 16, 1954

Front coverPDF
A Report on Plans and Progress with Rice Improvement in Thailand.H.H. LovePDF
Observations on The Male Coloration of Banteng in Thailand.Y. SiahPDF
A Small Collection of Agridoidea (Orthoptera) from the Agricultural Department, Bangkok, Thailand.D. Keith McE. KevanPDF
Khoi = Streblus asper. R. SchallerPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 17, 1958

Front coverPDF
Generalized Key to the Soils of Siam.Robert L. PendletonPDF
On the Nymphaeaceae of Thailand.Kasin SuvatabandhuPDF
A Preliminary Study of the Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Thailand.A. Penyapol PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 18, 1957

Front coverPDF
Poisonous Snakes in Siam.Chaloem PurananandaPDF
The Poultry Industry in Thailand.Luang SuwanPDF
The Forest Resources of Thailand.Sukhum ThirawatPDF
The Coconut Palm, the Kalpavriksha of India.Luang Saman WanakitPDF
Siamese Crocodile.Y. SiahPDF
In Memoriam: Robert Larimore Pendleton.Kamhaeng BalankuraPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 19, 1958

Front coverPDF
The Flowering of Teak (Tectona grandis) in Aspects of Tree Breeding. Based On observations in Thailand.K. Gram & C. Syrach LarsenPDF
The Genus Eria Lindley (Orchidaceae) in Thailand.Tem SmitinandPDF
Thailand Forest Soils.P. BlochPDF
Identification Keys to Genera and Species of the Dipterocarpaceae of Thailand.Tem SmitinandPDF
Short Notes
On a small Collection of Ferns from Thailand.Gunnar SeidenfadenPDF
Florae Siamensis Enumeratio. PDF
On the Distribution of Burrettiodendron esquirollii (Lev.) REHD.Tem SmitinandPDF
Additions to the Library of the Society.G.S.PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 20, 1961

Front coverPDF
Some Birds of the Mae Ping River in Northern Thailand.H. Elliott McClure & Boonsong LekagulPDF
New Species of the Gesneriaceae from Thailand.E.C. BarnettPDF
Budding and Grafting of Teak (Tectona grandis).H. KeidingPDF
Some Noteworthy Plants from Thailand (Siam).Tem SmitinandPDF
Danish Naturalists in Thailand 1900-1960.Anton F. BruunPDF
Short Notes
Remarks on Dr. A.F. Kerr's new taxa in Flora Siamensis Enumeratio Vol. III.Tem SmitinandPDF
Symplocos (Cordyloblaste) henschelii new for Thailand.Van SteenisPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 20, No. 2, 1962

Front coverPDF
A Contribution to the Preservation of the Sumatran Rhinoceros.Hakon SkaftePDF
Taxonomic Study on the Lancelets Found in the Gulf of Thailand, from the Specimens Collected by the Naga Expedition in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea (1959-1961).Twesukdi PiyakarnchanaPDF
Preliminary Report on the Thai–Danish Botanical Expedition to the Kanchanaburi Province 1961/62.Kai LarsenPDF
New Records of Plants from Thailand – II.Tem SmitinandPDF
Short Notes
A New Name for a Chinese Turtle Genus Clemmys.Kraig K. AdlerPDF
The Pagination of the Florae Siamensis Enumeratio III.EditorsPDF
The Distribution of the Himalayan Ivy (Hedera himalaica Tobler) in Thailand. T.S.PDF
The Genus Actephila Bl. (Euphorbiaceae) in Thailand. T. SmitinandPDF
Study on the Flora of Thailand, a Review.T.S.PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 20, No. 3, 1963

Front coverPDF
Notes on Fishes along the River Kwae Noi in Western Thailand.Palle JohnsenPDF
A Preliminary List of the Orchids of Khao Yai National Park.P.F. Cumberlege & V.M.S. CumberlegePDF
A Preliminary List of the Birds of Khao Yai National Park.E.C. DickinsonPDF
A Contribution to the Ornithology of Doi Khun Tan.E.C. DickinsonPDF
A. F. G. Kerr (1877-1942).EditorsPDF
The Waders (Limicolae) of Thailand.EditrosPDF
Study on the Flora of Thailand.Tem SmitinandPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 20, No. 4, 1964

Front coverPDF
Report on the Third Thai–Danish Botanical Expedition.Kai LarsenPDF
Report on the Fourth Thai–Danish Botanical Expedition.Gunnar SeidenfadenPDF
Chromosome Numbers of Sarcanthine Orchid Species of Thailand.H. Kamemoto, R. Sagarik & S. KasemsakPDF
Progress Report on the First Teak Tree-Show in Thailand.Sa-ard BoonkirdPDF
Notes on Fishes along the River Kwae Noi in Western Thailand. 2.Palle JohnsenPDF
Notes on Fishes along the River Kwae Noi in Western Thailand. 3.Palle JohnsenPDF
Some Additions and Corrections to the Preliminary List of the Birds of Khao Yai National Park.E.C. Dickinson & J.A. TubbPDF
An Account of the Doi Intanon Expedition 1963.E.C. DickinsonPDF
English Vernacular Names of the Birds of Thailand.E.C. Dickinson & J.A. TubbPDF
Notes on Terns Nesting in the Gulf of Thailand.E.C. Dickinson & J.A. TubbPDF
The House Swift Nesting in Bangkok.J.A. TubbPDF
The Birds of Borneo. by Bertram E. Smythies.E.C.D.PDF
Checklist of the Birds of Thailand. by Herbert G. Deignan.M.PDF
A New Genus of Oak.T. SmitinandPDF
Further Contribution to the Flora of Thailand.T.S.PDF
Further Notes on Dr. Kerr's New Taxa in Florae Siamensis Enumeratio Vol. III.T.S.PDF
Back coverPDF