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Vol. 21, No. 1 & 2, 1966

Front coverPDF
Notes on the Butterflies of Khao Yai National Park–Part I.Philip A. ReevesPDF
Chromosome Cytology and Relationship of the Lowieaceae.Kai LarsenPDF
A Contribution to the Ornithology of North-Western Thailand.E.C. DickinsonPDF
Two Little Known Snakes from Khao Yai.Paul SoderbergPDF
Aim and Prospects of Teak Breeding in Thailand. Henrik KeidingPDF
On a Small Collection of Orchids from Laos.Gunnar SeidenfadenPDF
Flowering of Teak.Sa-ard BoonkirdPDF
The Germination of Teak.Knud BryndumPDF
Notes on Breeding the “Mouse Deer” (Tragulus kanchil) in Captivity.J.A. TubbPDF
The Vegetation of Doi Chiengdao a Limestone Massive in Chiengmai, North Thailand.Tem SmitinandPDF
Bryophytae Indosinicae. A Preliminary Contribution to the Bryophora of Angkhor (Cambodia).P. TixierPDF
Notes on Birds of Guam.J.A. TubbPDF
Notes and News
Some Corrections to Earlier Papers. E.C.D. & J.A.T.PDF
A Wild-caught Lonchura Hybrid. J.A. TubbPDF
Notes on Some Bornean Sphagna Collected by Tem Smitinand in 1963.Bertel HansenPDF
The First International Conference on Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources in Tropical South East Asia Bangkok. 29th November–5th December 1965.E.B. & T.S.PDF
Flora of Thailand Project.T.S.PDF
Birds of Prey of the World. by Mary Louise Grossman & John Hamlet.E.C.D.PDF
The Revision of the Genus Capparis.T.S.PDF
Screw Pines in Thailand.T.S.PDF
A New Porcupine from Thailand.T.S.PDF
Tree Ferns of Thailand.T.S.PDF
A New Lady’s Slipper from Thailand.T.S.PDF
Further Contribution to the Flora of Thailand.T.S.PDF

Vol. 21, No. 3 & 4, 1966

Front coverPDF
Teak Beehole Borer and the Control Research in Thailand.Dumrong ChaiglomPDF
Checklist of the Moss Collection in the Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, Bangkok.P.P. Tixier & Tem SmitinandPDF
A Note on the Toxicity of the Horseshoe Crab in the Gulf of Thailand.A.H. Banner & Betty Jane StephensPDF
A Botanical Ascent of Doi Inthanond.R.G. Robbins & T. SmitinandPDF
The Occurence of the Pied Stonechat (Saxicola Caprata burmanicus Stuart Baker) in Eastern and Southeastern Thailand.Kitti ThonglongyaPDF
Relationships of Certain Owls around the Pacific.J.T. Marshall, Jr.PDF
Notes upon a Collection of Birds Made by Frank Gill Esq. off the West Coast of Peninsular Thailand.E.C. DickinsonPDF
Report on the Flora of Thailand Project–I. Expedition.Kai Larsen & Esbern WarnckePDF
Notes on Breeding the Australian Black Swan in Bangkok.J.A. TubbPDF
Report on the Thai–Dutch Botanical Expedition 1965/1966.E. Hennipman & A. TouwPDF
Available Climatological Information for the Khorat Plateau Northeastern Thailand.Larry SternsteinPDF
Notes on the Island of Bawean (Java Sea) with Special Reference to the Birds.A. HoogerwerfPDF
Notes and News
The Flora of Thailand Project. Report on the Work in 1966.Tem Smitinand & Kai LarsenPDF
Confirmation of Two Colour Phases of the Tentacled Snake (Erpeton tentaculatum). Paul SoderbergPDF
The Proper Scientific Name of the Hamadryad or King Cobra.Paul SoderbergPDF
A Case of Death by Misadventure in the House Swift (Apus affinis).E.C.D.PDF
A Mixed Breeding Colony of Bee-Eaters and Sand-Martins.E.C.D.PDF
A Nest of the Red-Capped Forktail (Enicurus ruficapillus).E.C.D.PDF
Study on the Termites of Thailand.T.S.PDF
Nature Studies of Southeast Asia.T.S.PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 22, No. 1 & 2, 1967

Front coverPDF
Nature and Distribution of Extractives in Teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) from Thailand.Thanom Premrasmi & H.H. DietrichsPDF
Notes on the Island of Bawean (Java Sea) with Special Reference to the Birds.A. HoogerwerfPDF
Orchids Collected during the Japanese Expeditions to Thailand in 1958 and 1965-1966.Tem SmitinandPDF
Notes on the Butterflies of Khao Yai National Park – Part II (including additions and corrections to Part I).Philip A. ReevesPDF
A Contribution to the Ornithology of Doi Suthep and Chieng Mai.E.C. Dickinson & Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
Notes on the Butterflies along the Kwai Noi between Sai Yok and Wang Po.Philip A. ReevesPDF
Notes on a collection of Herpetological Specimens Recently Donated to the Centre for Thai National Reference Collections.Paul SoderbergPDF
New Records of Thai Plants–III.T. SmitinandPDF
A Further Contribution on the Birds of Khao Yai National Park.E.C. DickinsonPDF
Note on Type Locality of Some Birds and Mammals Collected by Count Nils Gyldenstolpe in Thailand.Kitti ThonglongyaPDF
Ecology of the Red Jungle Fowl in Thailand and Malaya with Reference to the Origin of Domestication.Nicholas E. Collias & Pairath SaichuaePDF
Short Notes
Sight Observation of the Gadwall (Anas strepera) in Thailand. Ira J. AbramsonPDF
The Newt Tylototriton verrucosus Anderson, 1871, in Thailand.Paul SoderbergPDF
Studies in Thai Botany.T.S.PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 22, No. 3 & 4, 1968

Front coverPDF
Miscellaneous Notes on Thai Mosses.A. TouwPDF
Report on the Fifth Thai–Danish Expedition 1966. G. Seidenfaden, T. Smitinand & G. ThorsonPDF
Check-list of Fungi in the Forest Herbarium.Dhanee PhanichapolPDF
A New Variety of Bauhinia involucellata and Its Chromosome Number.Kai Larsen PDF
Note on Some Birds Apparently New to Northern Thailand.Kitti ThonglongyaPDF
Bryophytae Indosinicae: Reliquiae Pierreanae.P. TixierPDF
Vegetation of Khao Yai National Park.Tem SmitinandPDF
Notes on Thai Birds 1. On a small collection of birds from in or near Nakhorn Ratchasima province, Eastern Thailand.E.C. Dickinson & Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
The Ueang Sae Orchid (Dendrobium scabrilingue Lindl.)Phya Winit WanandonPDF
Localization of Latex in Rubberwood.Tasnee Rativanich & H.H. DietrichsPDF
Short Notes
Note on the Distribution of Pueraria mirifica.H.H.E. LoofsPDF
The Gregarious Dying of Dipterocarpus Trees.Dhanee PhanichapolPDF
Brief Note on Neuwiedia singapureana in Thailand.Kai LarsenPDF
Book Reviews
Flore du Cambodge du Laos et du Vietnam. by Mme Tardieublot.T. SmitinandPDF
Fig plants and Their Symbiotic Insects. T. SmitinandPDF
Literatures ReviewTem SmitinandPDF
Note and News
Flora of Thailand.T.S.PDF
UNESCO Regional Seminar of the Ecology of Tropical Highlands. T.S.PDF
Publishing Facility for Scientists.PDF
Facility for Xerox Reproduction.T.S.PDF
Herbert Deignan: Ornithologist.E.C. DickinsonPDF
" Bird Guide of Thailand" E.C. DickinsonPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 23, No. 1 & 2, 1969

Front coverPDF
FrontispieceThe Leaf-Warblers of Thailand painted by Joe T. Marshall Jr.PDF
Identification of Leaf Warblers in Thailand.Joe T. Marshall Jr.& Somsak PantuwattanaPDF
On the Ornithology of the Rhino Sanctuary Udjung Kulon in West Java (Indonesia).A. HoogerwerfPDF
The Distribution of the Dipterocarpaceae in Thailand.Tem SmitinandPDF
Report on the Second “Flora of Thailand” Expedition July–August 1968.Kai Larsen & Esbern WarnckePDF
Plants Named in Honour of the Late H.H. Prince Disakumara Krom Phraya Damrong Rachanuphap.T. SmitinandPDF
A Flora of Doi Suthep, Doi Pui, Chiang mai, North Thailand.J.O. Sawyer, Jr. & Chirayupin ChermsirivathanaPDF
Vertebrate Ecology of Bang Phra.Somsak Pantuwatana, Somchai Imlarp & Joe T. Marshall, Jr.PDF
On a Collection of Orchids from Laos.Allen D. KerrPDF
Recent Literature: Ornithology.E.C. DickinsonPDF
Recent Literature: Botany.T. SmitinandPDF
Recent Literature: Porifera.T. SmitinandPDF
Recent Literature: Entomology.T. SmitinandPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 23, No. 3, 1970

Front coverPDF
Frontispiece (PlateXIX)PDF
We Remember Bert.Pue RochanapuranandaPDF
In Memoriam: Herbert Girton Deignan.Herbert FriedmannPDF
Variation in the Trachea of the Cracidae (Galliformes) in Relation to Their Classification.Dean AmadonPDF
Remarques sur les affinités des Avifaunes Forestières en Asie et Afrique Tropicales.J. BerliozPDF
A Selection of Notes on the Broad Trends of Dispersal Mostly of Old world Avifauna.Leon CroizatPDF
The Contribution of Gilbert Tirant to Indochinese Ornithology.J. DelacourPDF
Three Notes on Thai Birds.H. Elliott McClurePDF
A Revision of the Philippine Trogon (Harpactes ardens).Kenneth C. ParkesPDF
Species Formation in the Blue Monarch Flycatchers Genus Hypothymis.A.L. RandPDF
A New Form of Rail from the Celebes.S. Dillon RipleyPDF
On the Generic Classification of the Weaver Birds of the Malimbus–Ploceus Group.H.E. WoltersPDF
A Comparison of Asiatic and North American Sapsuckers.R.L. Zusi & J.T. MarshallPDF
An Annotated List of the Publications of the Late Herbert Girton Deignan (1906-1968).E.C. DickinsonPDF

Vol. 23, No. 4 & 5, 1970

Front coverPDF
On the Ornithology of the Rhino Sanctuary Udjung Kulon in West Java (Indonesia).A. HoogerwerfPDF
Mammals of Samui Island, Thailand.Joe Marshall & Vandee NongngorkPDF
Contribution to the Studies in the Flora of Thailand, I. The Synnematous Fungi–with Two New Species.Bermin F. WeilbacherPDF
Notes on Thai Birds 2. A First Contribution to Our Knowledge on the Birds of Thung Salaeng Luang National Park, Phitsanulok Province.E.C. Dickinson & Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
Report on the Sixth Thai–Danish Expedition 1968.Gunnar Seidenfaden & Tem SmitinandPDF
Bryophytae indosinicae: Bryophytes from Thai Tenasserim.P. TixierPDF
The Progress of Thai Botany No. 1.Bertel HansenPDF
Short Notes
A Third Edible Marine Algae from Thai Waters.Jinda ThiemmedhPDF
The Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis Milne Edwards).Jinda ThiemmedhPDF
A New Pomatocalpa (Orchidaceae) from Laos. Gunnar SeidenfadenPDF
Finsch’s Bulbul (Criniger finschii Salvadori): A New Bird for Thailand.Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
Bird Notes from Sukhotai – March-April 1970.D.A. HolmesPDF
Two Cases of Egg Deposition in the Snake Oligodon quadrilineatus.Paul SoderbergPDF
The Genus Nicolaia in Thailand. Kai LarsenPDF
Euphemia Cowan Barnett.Elizabeth BarnettPDF
Reviews & Recent Literature
Reviews & Recent Literature: Botany.T. SmitinandPDF
Reviews & Recent Literature: Entomology.N. RatanaworabhanPDF
Reviews & Recent Literature: Herpetology.Paul SoderbergPDF
Reviews & Recent Literature: Ornithology.E.C. DickinsonPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 24, No. 1 & 2, 1971

Front coverPDF
A Preliminary Survey of the Pandanaceae of Thailand and Cambodia.Banjamin C. StonePDF
The Caecilian Fauna of Thailand with an Examination of Scale Characters.Edward H. TaylorPDF
The Sale of Birds at the Bangkok “Sunday Market” ThailandH. Elliott McClure & Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
On the Ornithology of the Rhino Sanctuary Udjung Kulon in West Java (Indonesia).A. HoogerwerfPDF
The Piculets: Picumnus and Sasia a Notable Case of Avian Dispersal in Thailand.Leon CroizatPDF
Alkaloids from Thai Trees Used in Folk Medicines.Tasnee Rativanich & H.H. DietrichsPDF
Further Notes on Laotian Orchids.Allen D. KerrPDF
The Genus Cycas Linn. (Cycadaceae) in Thailand.Tem SmitinandPDF
The Geological History of Khao Yai.Leonard WoodPDF
Common Bittern and Black-Winged Stilt Records from Viet Nam.Michael GochfeldPDF
Sight Observations of Some South Vietnamese Birds.Ira Joel AbramsonPDF
Recent Literature: Ornithology.PDF
Recent Literature: Botany.T. SmitinandPDF
New Book: Botany.T. SmitinandPDF
Notes for contributorsPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 24, No. 3 & 4, 1973

Front coverPDF
On Eleven Asian Elapid Snakes with Specific Reference to Their Occurrence in Thailand.Paul SoderbergPDF
Bibliography of Thai Botany.Bertel HansenPDF
A Study of the Orange-breasted Niltavas Represented on Mainland S.E. Asia.E.C. DickinsonPDF
Notes on Thai Birds 3. Selected Records from Northern Thailand.E.C. Dickinson & Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
Contribution to the Knowledge of Genus Cololejeunea in South-East Asia: III. Some New Species.P. TixierPDF
Bryophytae Indosinicae Liverworts Collected in ThailandP. TixierPDF
Chemical Constitutions of Teak (Tectona grandis) and Their Influence on the Attack of the Bee-hole Borer (Xyleutes ceramicus).Tasnee Rativanich & G. WeissmannPDF
Fauna of North Thailand.Wheaton BruverPDF
New Locality for Tylotriton verrucosus.A.S. ChekePDF
The World’s Smallest Mammal. A.S. ChekePDF
Marbled Cat in Chiang Mai.A.S. ChekePDF
Snakes at Chiang Mai University. A.S. ChekePDF
Two Lizard Records for Chiang Mai Province.A.S. ChekePDF
A Record of Vandeleuria oleracea, and a Note on Its Food.A.S. ChekePDF
Nest and Eggs of the Wire-Tailed Swallow, (Hirundo smithii filifera Stephen; Aves, Passeriformes, Hirundinidae) from Northern Thailand.Kitti ThonglongyaPDF
Pommereschea lackneri Found in Thailand.Kai LarsenPDF
Temmodaphne Genus Novum lauracearum.A.J.G.H. KostermansPDF
Recent Literatures: Mammalia.A.S. ChekePDF
Recent Literatures: Ornithology.A.S. ChekePDF
Recent Literatures: Reptilia.A.S. ChekePDF
Recent Literatures: Botany.T. SmitinandPDF
Recent Literatures: Entomology.Niphan RatanaworabhanPDF
Recent BookT. SmitinandPDF
Letter to EditorJoe T. Marshall, Jr.PDF
EditorialTem SmitinandPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 25, No. 1 & 2, 1973

Front coverPDF
The Genus Bauhinia in Thailand.Kai Larsen & Supee S. LarsenPDF
Chromosomes of Rats and Mice of Thailand.Amara Markvong, Joe Marshall & Alfred GroppPDF
Notes on Thai Birds 4. Birds Collected in Phu Kradueng National Park, Loei ProvinceE.C. Dickinson & Somtob ChaiyaphunPDF
Bird Notes from Southernmost Thailand, 1972.D.A. HolmesPDF
Bryophytae Indosinicae, Lists of Western Indochina Mosses (Assam, Chittagong, Burma)P. TixierPDF
The Avifaunal Complex of an Open-billed Stork Colony (Anastomus oscitans) in Thailand.H. Elliott McClure & Puntipa KwanyuenPDF
Some New Bird Records for Burma and Thailand. Ben King, Ira Joel Abramson, Allan R. Keith, William J. Weiss, Jr. & Judson CarrottPDF
Note on the Validity of Scotophilus castaneus, (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae).Kitti ThonglongyaPDF
Recent Literature: Botany.PDF
Recent Literature: Entomology.Niphan RatanaworabhanPDF
Rudolf Schaller. T.S.PDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 25, No. 3 & 4, 1974

Front coverPDF
First Record of Mobula japonica (Müller Et Hentle) A Little Known Devil Ray from Gulf of Thailand (Pisces: Mobulidae).Thosaporn WongratanaPDF
Contribution to the Bryological Knowledge of Malaysia II. Kedah Peak.P. Tixier PDF
New Species and Combinations of Lauraceae from Thailand.A.J.G.H. KostermansPDF
Report on the Thai-Dutch Botanical Expedition 16 April-5 August 1973.R. GeesinkPDF
The History of Mammalogy in Thailand.Kitti ThonglongyaPDF
A Systematic List of Birds to be found in a Lowland Area of Chanthaburi.David OglePDF
Some Bionomics of the Birds of Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.H. Elliott McClurePDF
Some Additions to the Preliminary List of Birds of Khao Yai National Park.David E. PfannerPDF
Pine Sawflies in Northern Thailand.Roger A. Beaver & Danee LaosunthornPDF
Short Notes
A New Record of Schisandra in Thailand.Hsuan KengPDF
Note on the Genus Cassia.Kai Larsen & Supee S. LarsenPDF
Preliminary Inventorial Study of Two Plots of Dry Dipterocarp Forest near Bo Luang (Chiang Mai) Thailand.R. GeesinkPDF
Second Record of the Sea Snake Laticauda colubrina in Thailand Waters.C.B. FrithPDF
Recent Literature: Botany-Embryophyta.PDF
New books: Botany.Dhani PhanitchapolPDF
Kitti Thonglongya.H. Elliott McClurePDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 26, No. 1 & 2, 1975

Front coverPDF
Map of Chiang Dao Cave: Tripod-mounted Compass and Tape Survey 1972-73.Richard C. Windecker, Nikorn Mangkrontong, Sittisak Siriwitayakorn & Supachot ChiraprapoosakPDF
Bryophytae Indosinicae.–XXIII. A Preliminary Contribution to the Knowledge of the Coastal Southern Bryoflora of Cambodia.P. TixierPDF
Observations on the Use of Natural Licks by Ungulates in the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand.J. Seidensticker & J. McNeelyPDF
Effect of Cool Weather upon a Rain Forest and Its Inhabitants.H. Elliott McClurePDF
A New Species of Cranocephalus (Amphipoda, Hyperiidea, Oxycephalidae) from the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.Suraphol SudaraPDF
Longicorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from Northern Thailand.R.A. BeaverPDF
Further Observations on the Birds of South Thailand.D.A. Holmes & D.R. WellsPDF
Planning Breeding Programme for Tropical Hardwood.Lert ChuntanaparbPDF
Description of a New Jaw-fish, Opisthognathus rex from Thailand (Pisces: Opisthognathidae).Thosaporn WongratanaPDF
Notes on the Behaviour of Hog Deer in an Enclosure.Richard MillerPDF
Gibbon Populations and Their Conservation in Thailand.Warren Y. BrockelmanPDF
A Case of Snake Bite by the Shore Pit Viper, Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus (Viperidae).C.B. & D.W. FrithPDF
Re-discovery of Riopa haroldyoungi Taylor, 1962.William K. WayPDF
An Interesting Spider Found in Thailand.W.S. BristowePDF
Unusual Aerial Bathing Behaviour by a Drongo, Dicrurus annectans (Aves: Dicruridae).C.B. FrithPDF
Book Reviews: Botany
Flora of the West Pakistan. eds. by E. Nasir & S. l. Ali. PDF
Flora Malesiana Series I-Spermatophyta. eds. By C.G.G.J. Vans Steeris. PDF
Flore du Cambodge au Laos et du Vietnam. eds by H. Aubréville & Jean-F Leroy.PDF
Literature Review: BotanyT. SmitinandPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 26, No. 3 & 4, 1977

Front coverPDF
Front cover: Frontal View of Therapon jarbua (Forsskal, 1775) Feeding in Mangrove Forest.PDF
A Preliminary List of the Amphibia of Phuket Island and Adjacent Mainland, Peninsular Thailand.Dawn W. FrithPDF
On Some Fresh-water Algae from North Surin Island.Prasit BuriPDF
Preliminary Survey and Biogeographic Analysis of the Birds of the Surin Islands, Thailand.Warren Y. Brockelman & Nivesh NadeePDF
A Preliminary Study of the Vegetation of Surin Islands.Tem SmitinandPDF
To What Fate, the Surin Islands?Warren Y. BrockelmanPDF
Restriction of Type Localities of Some Fresh-water Mollusca Described from Thailand.William H. HeardPDF
Sillago intermedius, a New Species of Sand Whiting from the Gulf of Thailand (Pisces: Sillaginidae).Thosaporn WongratanaPDF
A Survey of the Snakes of Phuket Island and the Adjacent Mainland Areas of Peninsular Thailand.C.B. FrithPDF
A Study of the Waterfowl at Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve Area.Philip J. StorerPDF
The Sea Snake Hydrophis spiralis (Shaw): A New Species of the Fauna of Thailand.Clifford B. Frith PDF
New Species of Ebenaceae from Thailand.Chamlong PhengklaiPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 27, 1978

Front coverPDF
On Some Edible Aquatic Flora and Fauna of Northern Thailand–Their Morphology, Ecological Distribution and Their Utilization.Prasit BuriPDF
A Key for the Identification of Scolopsis from Thailand (Pisces: Nemipteridae).Thosporn WongratanaPDF
Notes on Ten Asian Hornbill Species (Aves: Bucerotidae); with Particular Reference to Growth and Behaviour.Clifford B. Frith & Velvet E. DouglasPDF
The Birds of Phi Phi Le Island, Krabi, Thailand.Jeffery Boswall & Supradit KanwanichPDF
A Biological Survey of a Lowland Evergreen Scrub Forest and Meadowland in Southern Thailand.Philip J. StorerPDF
Opiliaceae of Thailand.Paul HiepkoPDF
Bats over Bangkok.H. Elliott McClurePDF
Field Observations on Incubation and Roosting Behaviour of the Greater Golden-backed Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes lucidus, in Thailand.C.B. & D.W. FrithPDF
Additions of the Snake Fauna of Phuket Island, Peninsular Thailand.Clifford B. FrithPDF
Cantor’s Water Snake, Cantoria violacea Girard, a Vertebrate New to the Fauna of Thailand.Clifford B. Frith & Jeffery BoswallPDF
The Crab-Eating Water Snake, Fordonia leucobalia (Schleg.); Another Snake New to Thailand.Clifford B. Frith & Donaldo MacIverPDF
First Record of the Japanese Sparrowhawk, Accipiter gularis, on Phuket Island.Jeffery Boswall & Clifford B. FrithPDF
Weaver Ants, Oecophylla smeragadina, Systematically Predating Worker Sweat Bees, Trigona sp., by Snatching Them from Flight.Clifford B. Frith PDF
The Short-tailed Shearwater, Puffinus tenuirostris (Aves; Procellariidae) a New Bird to Thailand.Clifford B. Frith PDF
Overlooked and New Birds for Phuket Province, Thailand.Jeffery BoswallPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 28, 1980

Front coverPDF
A New species of Sunipia (Orchidaceae) from Thailand.Gunnar SeidenfadenPDF
Vegetation of Khao Khieo Game Sanctuary, Chonburi Province, Thailand.J.F. MaxwellPDF
A Preliminary Biological Survey of Khao Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary.Philip J. StorerPDF
Notes on a Trip in Peninsular Siam.F.W. Foxworthy PDF
Scarab Beetle Communities in Deciduous Dipterocarp and Dry Evergreen Forests in Northeastern Thailand.Vasana SukapanpotharamPDF
The Birds of Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary, Southwestern Thailand.Gary J. WilesPDF
Faeces Deterioration Rates of Four Wild Ungulates in Thailand.Gary J. WilesPDF
An Additional Species of Squirrel, Petinomys vordermanni, in Thailand.Illar MuulPDF
An Occurrence of Thyrsitoides marleyi Fowler in the Andaman Sea (Pisces: Gempylidae).Thosaporn WongratanaPDF
A Checklist of the Clupeoid Fishes of Thailand (Pisces: Clupeidae, Engraulidae).Thosaporn WongratanaPDF
Annotated Key to the Genera of Zingiberaceae of Thailand.Kai LarsenPDF
Literature ReviewsT. SmitinandPDF
Book Reviews
Flora of Thailand. eds. by Tem Smitinand & Kai Larsen.Benjamin C. StonePDF
Flore du Cambodge, du Laos et du Viet-Nam. eds. by A. Aubreville & J.-F. Leroy.T. SmitinandPDF
Plants of Khao Yai National Park. ed. by Tem Smitinand. Kasin SuvatabundhuPDF
A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia. by Ben King, Martin Woodcock & E.C. Dickinson. Robert L. Fleming, Jr.PDF
Bird Guide of Thailand. by Boonsong Lekagul & Edward W. Cronin, Jr.Robert L. Fleming, Jr.PDF
Primates of South Asia: Ecology, Sociobiology, and Behaviour. by M.L. Roonwal & S.M. Mohnot. Jeremy RaemaekersPDF
A Field Study on Sumatran Orang Utans. by H.D. Rijksen.Jeremy RaemaekersPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 29, 1981

Front coverPDF
Elephant Populations in Thailand.Philip J. StorerPDF
Reactions of Captive Gibbons to Natural Habitat and Wild Conspecifics after Release.Markpol Tingpalapong, William T. Watson, Richard E. Whitmire, Frank E. Chapple & Joe T. Marshall, Jr.PDF
Abundance and Habitat Preferences of Small Mammals in Southwestern Thailand.Gary J. WilesPDF
Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f) Its Natural Distribution and Related Factors.Apichart Kaosa-ardPDF
Notes on the Pegu Sparrow, Passer flaveolus.D. Summers-SmithPDF
The Spices and Essential Oil Crops of Thailand.T. Smitinand & T. SantisukPDF
The Agile Gibbon in South Thailand.Joe T. MarshallPDF
Population Genetics and Demography of the Domestic Cat (Felis catus L.: Carnivora, Felidae) in Thailand.Robert Fagen & Kumpol MeeswatPDF
Insect Pollination of Bamboos.J.K. JacksonPDF
Miscellaneous Bulbul Field Notes (Aves: Pycnonotidae) from ThailandC.B. FrithPDF
Utilization of a Single Brief Termite Eruption by PredatorsC.B. FrithPDF
Some New Bird Records from Phuket Province, Thailand.D. Summers-SmithPDF
Literature ReviewsT. SmitinandPDF
Book Reviews
Pheasants in Asia. by C. Savage. Jeffrey A. SayerPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 30, No. 1, 1982

Front coverPDF
Notes on Breeding Birds in North-West Thailand.Philip D. RoundPDF
Notes and New Distributional Information on Birds in Western Peninsular Thailand.Philip D. Round, Robert J. Dobias, Kamol Komolphalin & Surapon DuangkhaePDF
Dry Dipterocarp Forest as a Barrier to Gibbon Dispersal: A Survey in Phu Phan National Park, Northeast Thailand.Sompoad Srikosamatara & Surapon DuangkhaePDF
Observations of Animals Feeding in a Strangler Fig, Ficus drupacea, in Southeast Thailand.Warren Y. Brockelman PDF
Notes on Bats in Bangkok.Boonsong Lekagul PDF
Sight Record of the Eastern Curlew Numenius madagascariensis in Central Thailand.David S. MelvillePDF
Diurnal Observations of Bird Migration in Central and Western Thailand.D.S. Melville & W.E. FletcherPDF
A “Mottled” Jungle Crow Corvus macrorhynchus.David S. Melville PDF
Book Review
Malayan Forest Primates: Ten Years’ Study in Tropical Rain Forest. ed. by D.J. Chivers.Warren Y. BrockelmanPDF
Literature ReviewsT. SmitinandPDF
Back coverPDF

Vol. 30, No. 2, 1982

Front coverPDF
Birds on Ko Libong, Southern Thailand.Roland Eve & Ann-Marie GuiguePDF
Ichthyological Observations made During the Andaman cruise of the " Nagasaki-Maru" , 1-14 November 1981.Thosaporn WongratanaPDF
Bait Fishes obtained from Night Light and Life Net Experiments in Phang-Nga Bay, Andaman Sea, ThailandThosaporn WongratanaPDF
The Vegetation of Tarutao National ParkGordon CongdonPDF
Further Records of the Asian Dowitcher Limnodromus semipalmatus from Thailand, with Notes on Its Distribution and Identification.David S. Melville & Philip D. RoundPDF
Lesser Crested Tern, Sterna bengalensis, a New Bird for Thailand.Nivesh NadeePDF
Literature ReviewsTem SmitinandPDF
Back coverPDF