Royal Gifts from Thailand



Treasures of Two Nations
Thai Royal Gifts To The United States Of America

By Lisa McQuail

The Thai Royal Gifts described and illustrated in this volume are deeply symbolic of the long and evolving friendship between Thailand and the United States of America. This beautifully illustrated book documents for the first time a group of artifacts whose meaning and significance have, until now, been inadequately understood by scholars, and sometimes even misunderstood by the recipients of the gifts themselves—the presidents and people of the United States. Yet for both Thais and Americans these gifts truly are historic, artistic, and scientific treasures, through which the Kings of Thailand represented their nation, and its alliances with America through time.

Treasures of Two Nations: Thai Royal Gifts to the Untied States of America will interest art-, social-, and diplomatic-historians; anthropologists, linguists, and ethnomusicologists; students of Thai theater and culture; and all those who will appreciate the aesthetic quality of the gift objects or the stories those objects were meant to tell.

Lisa McQuail is an archeologist, anthropologist, and writer who has conducted fieldwork at archeological sites in Central Thailand.

Hardbound (ISBN #: 1-891739-01-8) and softcover (ISBN #: 1-891739-02-6)

Published 1997 by the Asian Cultural History Program, Smithsonian Institution; 182 pages; 253 illustrations (233 in full color).

Note: The book is now out of print, but you can download a copy here (82MB) or lower resolution version here (28MB).