Royal Gifts from Thailand


This updated revision of of the virtual exhibition, Royal Gifts from Thailand: Selected Masterpieces from Thailand's Royal Gifts to the United States of America, was designed and produced by Peter Laverick and Chris Baker for The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage, and was adapted from the website jointly produced in 2000 by:

Asian Cultural History Program, Department of Anthropology
Smithsonian Institution
(Washington, D.C., USA)
The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage
(Bangkok, Thailand)
In cooperation with Vajiravudh College

Virtual exhibition design and production (2000 edition) by: Mr. Randy Scott Tims
Thai version layout and production (2000 edition) by: Dr. Nyle Spoelstra
English version adapted for Siam Society website by: Mr. Peter Laverick

Text by Paul Michael Taylor, based on the book by Lisa McQuail, “Treasures of Two Nations: Thai Royal Gifts to the United States of America” (Asian Cultural History Program, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA, 1997)


The Siam Society

Under Royal Patronage


President (1998-2002):
Mrs. Bilaibhan Sampatisiri
Project Manager and Organizer:
Mrs. Monita Singhakowin
"Royal Gifts" Working Committee, Council of 2000-2002:
Mrs. Monita Singhakowin
Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti
Mr. Vora-Poj Snidvongs
Mr. Michael Wright expertly reconciled the English and Thai versions of the text.

Special thanks to Siam Society Staff:
Mr. Euayporn Kerdchouay, General Manager
Ms. Kanitha Kasina-Ubol, Assistant General Manager

Asian Cultural History Program

National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution


Director, Asian Cultural History Program:
Dr. Paul Taylor
Virtual Exhibition Design and Production (2000):
Mr. Randy Tims

Vajiravudh College

Director (2000):
Professor Dr. Chai-Anan Samudavanija
Project Manager and Virtual Exhibition Production:
Dr. Nyle Spoelstra
Special thanks to the students, instructors and resource persons in the Thawi Panya Program at Vajiravudh College for their assistance in preparing the Thai text and in producing the Thai web site layout.