Study Trip

A visit to a little known mural painting in five temples in Thonburi

Sunday, 22 July 2018
Leader: Mr. Euayporn Kerdchouay


Painting at Wat Dusitaram


The traditional painting of Thailand is an art of great interest as well as of remarkable beauty. To the western eye the most striking paintings are the murals done during the early Bangkok period. There are several different forms of painting. The most important are the murals which may be found in one or more of the buildings which make up the wat complex. Many of these have vanished in the last few decades, but typically a hall would have its walls covered with murals from a shoulder-high dado to the dim reaches of the high ceiling. The top part of the wall facing the main Buddha image is generally painted with a representation of the unsuccessful temptation and attack by Mara, an allegory of the victory over evil. Behind the image will be scenes of Hell. The life of the Buddha or Jataka stories are pictured on the other two walls. They are often surmounted by rows of seated Buddhas or heavenly beings. The style of Thai painting has the basic elements of all Asian painting. There is no western perspective which uses a fixed view and a vanishing point on the horizon. In Thailand painting, like sculpture and architecture, was in the service of religion from its earliest days, and still is to a largest extent. The western perspective were brought into use during the middle of the 19th century.

Thonburi was a capital of Thailand for only fifteen years, from 1767 until 1782. For several years Thonburi remained officially an independent city and province until it was merged into Bangkok in 1971. Thonburi, however, boasts many admirable temples built by the kings of the Chakri dynasty and members of the nobilities which remain among the best examples of Rattanakosin architecture and decoration. Some are adorned with admirable mural painting and well worth exploring.


Painting at Wat Dao Wadungsaram


Under the leadership of Khun Euayporn Kerdchouay, the Siam Society will arrange a study trip for members to visit mural painting at Wat Dusitaram, Wat Dao Wadungsaram, Wat Bang Yi Kan, Wat Chaiyatit and Wat Chinoros on Sunday, 22 July 2018. The mini van will depart from the Siam Society at 8.30 a.m. and expected to return to the Siam Society at 6.30 p.m.


The contribution of Baht 1,900 (Baht 2,200 for non-members) will cover transportation, lunch and other costs incurred to make this trip possible. There is a 4% surcharge for credit/debit card payment to cover bank charges. Payment in full is required by Saturday 14, July. Please pay by cash or cheque payable to ‘The Siam Society’. Alternatively you can deposit/transfer the money to the Siam Society travel account at the Thai Military Bank, Asoke Branch saving account no. 053-2-18000-7. Please fax or e-mail the deposit or transfer docket to us. In case the tour has to be cancelled due to insufficient participants, a full refund of the deposit will be made.

The Siam Society reserves the right to change the programme as necessary. Seats are limited. Please book your place as soon as possible. For further information and bookings please contact Khun Prasert or Khun Supanut.