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Photo Gallery Index


Date Trip (click on trip name to view photos)Photographer
September 2018 Temples in Thonburi Pinthip K
November 2017 Two National Parks in Chiang Mai Supanut H
November 2017 Ayutthaya Supanut H
October 2017 Bardiya National Park, Nepal Peter L
September 2017 Croatia and Montenegro Pisek I
September 2017 Northern Vietnam Supanut H
September 2017 Nan and Phrae provinces Supanut H
August 2017 Bangkrachao, Phra Pradeang Supanut H
July 2017 Five temples in Thonburi Pinthip K
May 2017 Rocket Festival - Bun Bang Fai Ruth G
March 2017 Uzbekistan Members
January 2017 Southern Laos Leslie W and Eckard K
September 2016 Myanmar Somlak C
August 2016 Ethiopia Ekkarin L
May 2016 Japan Members
May 2016 China Ekkarin L
April 2016 Luang Prabang, Laos Jumbhot C and Malai W
April 2016 Bhutan Ekkarin L
March 2016 Myanmar Navamintr V, Pimpraphai B and Peter L
February 2016 Morocco Navamintr V
February 2016 Yunnan, China Ekkarin L
February 2016 Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary in Loei Province Ekkarin L
December 2015 The special exhibition on masterpieces of traditional Thai art at the National Museum, the former studio and workshop of Corrado Feroci, the founder of the Thai modern art, the Prototype Sculptures Gallery of the Fine Arts Department and the permanent exhibition of contemporary art at the National Gallery Ekkarin L
December 2015 Hong Kong Members
September 2015 Georgia Chali & Celia S and Ekkarin L
March 2015 Darjeeling and Sikkim Peter L
February 2015 U Thong National Museum, The Largest Standing Bronze Buddha Image and Muang Singh Historical Park Somlak C, Supharat R and Arunsri W
January 2015 Loei province Members
December 2014 Nepal Grace H, Rosalyn JEAN, Suthidej T and Ekkarin L
October 2014 Melacca, Malaysia Ekkarin L
October 2014 Mount Huangshan in Anhui Province, China Ekkarin L
October 2014 Ayutthaya and Phra Phutthabat Pinthip K
August 2014 Ratchaburi province Ekkarin L
July 2014 Northern India Peter L
July 2014 Laos  
July 2014 Wat Ratchapradit Satitmahasimaram Ekkarin L
June 2014 Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia Ekkarin L
May 2014 Japan M.C. Mongkolchaleam, Mom Bongkojpriya, M.R. Uraratana Y / Somlack C and Kanitha K
May 2014 Samut Prakan province Ekkarin L
March 2014 Uzbekistan Vipavadee P and Jean J
February 2014 Doi Inthanon National Park Chris B and Ekkarin L
February 2014 Karnataka, southwest India Eileen D and Ruth G
November 2013 Ethiopia Ekkarin L
November 2013 Nakhon Pathom province Pinthip K
November 2013 Luoyang and Xi’an Ekkarin L
October 2013 Islamic Republic of Iran Chali & Siriya S and Euayporn K
October 2013 Luang Prabang, Laos Ekkarin L
September 2013 Northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa) Ekkarin L
July 2013 Ranong and Surat Thani provinces Ekkarin L
June 2013 Three Chinese temples in Bangkok and Nonthaburi provinces Ekkarin L and Pinthip K
June 2013 Nonthaburi province Ekkarin L and Pinthip K
May 2013 Poland Ekkarin L
May 2013 Three museums in Nakhon Pathom province Paul B and Pinthip K
April 2013 Langtang Valley, Nepal Members
April 2013 Uzbekistan Ekkarin L
March 2013 Nakhon Pathom province and U Thong National Museum in Suphan Buri province Pinthip K
January 2013 Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary, Loei Province Ekkarin L
December 2012 Tarutao Marine National Park Pinthip K
December 2012 North Sumatra, Indonesia Ekkarin L
November 2012 Ban Reng Khai, Surin Province Ekkarin L
November 2012 Prachin Buri and Sa Kaeo Provinces Ekkarin L
October 2012 Sichuan, China Ekkarin L
October 2012 Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo Peter L
August 2012 Peru Michael M and Visanu E
July 2012 Ancient Temples in and around Bangkok Ekkarin L
July 2012 Chayaphum province Peter L
May 2012 Baltic Countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) Kanitha K
May 2012 Suphan Buri province Jarunee K and Pinthip K
April 2012 Ayutthaya, Saraburi and Lopburi provinces Chanakit S
March 2012 Trekking in Bhutan Peter L
February 2012 Rakhine State of Myanmar Peter L and Jerrold H
February 2012 Udon Thani, Khon Kaen and Nong Khai Provinces Ekkarin L
February 2012 Kamphaeng Phet and Tak Provinces John T
January 2012 Phetchaburi province Ekkarin L
November 2011 Chon Buri province Pinthip K
October 2011 Sabah, Malaysian Borneo Members
September 2011 The Republic of Croatia Ekkarin L
September 2011 Chachoengsao province Jarunee K
August 2011 Ratchaburi province Pinthip K
August 2011 Lamphun, Lampang and Nan provinces John T
April 2011 Silk Road Ekkarin L
April 2011 Phra Racha Wang Derm Ekkarin L
March 2011 Doi Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai Geoff T and Ekkarin L
March 2011 Muang Sing Historical Park Ekkarin L and Jarunee K
March 2011 Artisanship and Aesthetic of Japan and Thailand Ekkarin L
February 2011 Tarutao Marine National Park, Satun HE Mrs Sirpaa M
February 2011 Phitsanulok, Uttaradit and Phrae provinces Donald D
February 2011 Si Thep Historical Park Kunjara K
February 2011 Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary, Loei province Weerachai N and Ekkarin L
January 2011 Ratchaburi province Ekkarin L
December 2010 Jim Thompson Farm Ekkarin L
December 2010 Mae Hong Son and Tak provinces Ekkarin L
December 2010 Syria and Lebanon Jakrapong W
November 2010 Phimai and Phnom Rung Historical Parks Ekkarin L
November 2010 Loei province Ekkarin L
November 2010 Trekking in Nepal Members
October 2010 Two temples and new museum in Bangkok Ekkarin L
October 2010 Bhutan Ekkarin L
October 2010 Phuket Peter L
October 2010 N.R.P. Sagres Pinthip K
September 2010 Fujian Tulou Ekkarin L
August 2010 Three Temples in Thonburi Pinthip K
August 2010 Bangkok's Historic Chinatown Ekkarin L
July 2010 Prachuab Kiri Khan and Chum Phon provinces Michele M
July 2010 Lao PDR Euayporn K
July 2010 Three Temples in Bangkok John T, Monique F and Gasama S
June 2010 Ayutthaya, Ang Thong and Sing Buri provinces Ekkarin L
June 2010 Chon Buri province Ekkarin L
May 2010 Samut Prakan province Ekkarin L
May 2010 Nepal Ekkarin L
April 2010 Nakhon Pathom, U Thong and Suphan Buri Ekkarin L
February 2010 Tea House and Garden in Patumthani Pinthip K
February 2010 Tarutao Marine National Park, Satun Peter L
January 2010 Doi Mon Lan, Chiang Mai Ekkarin L
December 2009 Kanchanaburi province Ekkarin L
November 2009 Trekking in Bhutan  
November 2009 Bang Nokkwaek, Samut Songkhram province Ekkarin L
October 2009 Spain Kanitha K
October 2009 Surat Thani Peter L
October 2009 Dvaravati Art at the National Museum Bangkok Ekkarin L
September 2009 Sri Lanka Peter L
August 2009 Saraburi province Ekkarin L and Pinthip K
August 2009 Suan Pakkad Palace and Three Temples Ekkarin L
July 2009 Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi and Samut Songkhram provinces Ekkarin L
June 2009 Doi Khun Tan Ekkarin L
June 2009 Prachinburi and Saraburi provinces Ekkarin L
May 2009 Khorat Ekkarin L
May 2009 Bhutan Ekkarin L
May 2009 Kalasin, Mukdahan, and Nakhon Phanom provinces Barent S
March 2009 Museums in Ratchaburi province Ekkarin L and Pinthip K
February 2009 Kamphaeng Phet and Tak provincesEkkarin L
February 2009 Phetchaburi provinceEkkarin L
February 2009 Doi Mon Lan, Chiang Mai Geoff T, Chris B, Ekkarin L, Sylvia R and Peter L
September 2008Silk RoadMike M
2007 JordanMike M
2007 Burma Peter L
2007 Chiang Mai Asnee T